Venture Marketing

We need great ideas, now. Venture Capital Funds need to do better.

Eliot Durbin

Being a VC is all about helping founders scale their company. If you’re a founder, prove it, nail it, and scale it! We’d love to help!

Michael Staton

I’m the ed-tech entrepreneur you need to know. I’m changing the homeschooling game with Colearn.Club!

Paul Veradittakit

Bitcoin is magic and only getting stronger! If you’re in crypto as an entrepreneur, let us know!

Rohit Bhatia

Live a life of grit and meaning and you’ll always be on a grand adventure. Venture Capital is my next epic quest!

Henri Pierre-Jacques

I want to create the most millionaires of color and I’m starting with funding 1000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. Are you one of the few?

Tyler Tringas

I fund bootstrappers with radical transparency. Our SEAL model is exactly what venture needs!

Max Marine

I’m the VC rapper from Israel. We’re not afraid to take risks, just like our founders. If you’ve got the swag, I got your money!

Vanessa DiMauro

I’m a leading authority on B2B social business strategy and have built 250 communities. Love on people and you win!

Jay Kapoor

I’m bringing all-star athletes and venture capital together! Let’s find your unfair advantage!

Sarah Kunst

Cleo Capital | Early Stage Fund Twitter – @sarahkunst | 21,000 followers Medium Blog | Instagram | LinkedIn | Wikipedia Relates everything to her love life 🙂 Listen to “When Women Invest, You Make More Money! – Diversity is Strength with SARAH KUNST | CLEO CAPITAL” on Spreaker. LISTEN ON: iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podcast Chaser [Shoutout to […]

Danielle Strachman

We back college dropouts and those who choose a non-tracked educational route. We fund grit. Do you have it?

David Goldberg

I built our venture firm based on what I know first-time founders need most. Self-inquiry is the beginning of success.

Charlton Cunningham

I am the keyholder for Atlanta Startups as the #1 go-to entrepreneurial ecosystem builder. Know me, know Atlanta and beyond!

Turner Novak

I’m living proof of how someone with no requisite experience can become a venture capitalist. Let me tell you how!

David Mullings

I represent the Caribbean future of early-stage startups. Access to me is access to the future for Jamaica and beyond!

Roy Bahat

AI is the future of work. I’m a student of people and entrepreneurs. Teach me what you know, I’m all ears.

Sean Byrnes

I know what you don’t. Let us take a look at your data and tell you a story. Stay awhile and listen.

Heidi Roizen

I understand the VC game better than most. Follow my advice and you’ll become empowered and unleashed!

Tim Draper

I’m pro-bitcoin and pro-villain. Can Peter’s race car beat my Tesla?

Frederik Groce

Purpose-driven action. I’m the millennial VC. You should know me.

Sofia Garcia

From immigrant to venture capitalist. I’m showing those like me the way to success! Lead by serving!

Caitlin Bolnick

If you’re an expansion-stage B2B company, we have your back. PLG baby all the way!

Lee Edwards

We’re engineers who seed bold engineers. Are you a technical founder who needs a technical Yoda?

Ravi Belani

I’m bringing the sexy back to B2B startups at my accelerator. Join the B2B revolution!

Season 1 Complete!

We’ve hunted and we’re learning, fast. I’m here to build venture media, join me.

Shiyan Koh

I’m leading Singapore and beyond in venture. Show me your home screen, I’ll show you what it’s worth.

Shawn Cheng

Decentralized finance is changing the venture game forever. HODL on!

Henry Kaestner

Faith, family, work, fitness (in that order). That’s how God wins.

Ian Rountree

I seek to be part of the defining stories of our time. What’s the price you’re willing to pay for glory?

Danielle D’Agostaro

I run the best B2B accelerator in the world. Are you a billion dollar opportunity?

Ryan Floyd

With 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS, we know how to win. Show us traction, we’ll handle the rest.

Bill Bryant

I’ve been involved in more successful Seattle software companies than anyone. Know what I know.

Jeff Haynie

Humility is the key to success. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Ash Rust

I’m a mechanism to stop failure for my startups.

Eric Bahn

Diversity is a game-winning strategy.