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Staas Fund I, L.P. Subscription Document – 2022.12.28 Updated

StaaS Fund LP – Amended and Restated Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) – 2022.11.17 Updated

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StaaS Fund I Close - July 2023
Funded 100%
We are looking to raise $15M with amazing partners who want to compound yield with us.
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ALPHA 1: Mining Platforms

StaaS Fund & Partners have fulfilled $15M in Bitcoin mining contracts (BTIPs) since October 2022.
$ 0

We know how to deploy capital-efficient turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions in-house. We have the partners and multi-variant solutions. A balanced portion of LP funding to StaaS Fund will yield outsized results in 2023+.

ALPHA 2: Staking Platforms

StaaS Fund Node Platform Needs LP Investment
At Capacity 100%

*See Stats page for how you can increase our Seed amount to increase overall fund performance.

AUM node portfolio goal by 2025
$ 0

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