You can feel it right? Venture capital has been evolving. Slowly. Surely. Imminently. It’s on the cusp of something amazing. With more access to information on venture capital than ever before, decentralized funding, and new models of finance being announced endlessly… something, or someone, will emerge.

Do a google search for the words ‘venture media,’ one comes up with a venture fund, a multi-media agency, and a bunch of randomness. What doesn’t come up is this idea of venture capital media “industry.” Nobody has really defined it yet!

I see a ripe opportunity to establish what will be considered the venture capital media industry, or for short, venture media. But wait. What is venture media? Simply put (as a bad first pass definition):

“Venture media” is the industry of communicating the world of venture capital to a global audience using all available technology platforms.

– Me.

Ok ok. These words have been thought of before. They’ve probably more than once been used in the exact same context I’m using it in.

What I don’t see happening is execution. Who’s doing it? Who’s doing it for the next generation? Who’s pushing the ideas of venture capital to generation Z, the 12-year-olds who will be the next founders to invest in? I am. Me and GaryV. 😉

Want to know two of my favorite bookmarks on my iPhone?

Definitely take those two articles for a read, but I’ll give you the TL;DR – One-person shows (podcast/video) covering their chosen market is a-boomin’ my friends. I don’t even have to tell you about the rise of online-shows, podcasting, and media empires built on a single personality.

Oh, I’ve done this before 😉
Even John McAfee showed up…

I know all of this. I’ve seen it happen in my lifetime. I’ve also done it before, twice. My first experience doing this was acquired in 2014. This took me 7 years to build!

Then it took me 3.5 years of fanatical experimentation on trial #2 and now we have a venture backed company that’s about to go big-time… I professionalized the world of cryptocurrency media. But you see! That’s exactly what it takes. 3.5 years to figure out how to make the perfect system with 6 other apps built along the way! Science all day. Every day. For years. That hustle tho.

I averaged 6.2 videos per day. Covering every topic in the blockchain world, bringing founders, entrepreneurs, and more onto our show, expanding the reach and message. My time in the crypto-world enabled me to build, build build. Learn. Learn. Learn.

What would you do with the knowledge you could gain from talking to thousands of people?

I talked to thousands of engineers, founders, venture capitalists, and even world leaders while sending that recon to a team at home base building it all. We created a full-blown 2000+ person living and breathing digital community spread out over (too many) platforms and finally landed on the yenicorn with the best team on the planet backed by the best venture on the planet.

Oh these people? Just the best on the planet.

I’m doing in again. A third time. But the reticle is on venture.

I heading in this direction, now. I’m beginning slowly, iterating, inspecting-and-adapting, learning, growing and improving. I’m small now, but I’m not going away.

Shhh… I’m coming.

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