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Continuous yield platforms over single products.
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StaaS Fund is a Web3 venture studio that invests in continuous yield platforms in digital currency staking and Bitcoin mining.
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Venture Media Deployment Focus

Platform Market Fit

• Multi-opportunistic, world changing applications based on Web3 principles.

• Open source platforms are proven to outperform single products.

• Platforms stay profitable under any market condition.

People Market Fit

• Investment into people who specialize in specific and niche markets.

• Operators that possess the skill and knowledge to generate revenue streams.

• Driven individuals that sustain, build, and serve through highs and lows.

Technically Focused

• Code is law. Value appreciation derives from function of code.

• Focused on consistent delivery and solving real world problems.

• Data driven decisions that generate steady income over long periods of time.


• Community and social media are the forefront. People matter.

• Infinite deal flow derives from true fans over long periods of time.

• Platforms and products are improved exponentially through community engagement.

Radical Transparency

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Web3 Vision

Understand our capital deployment focus and our asymmetrical venture media advantages.

Select Investments

We are a team of investors, entrepreneurs, and operators investing in
cryptocurrency staking platforms, media, Bitcoin Mining Operations, and Web3.
Bitcoin Mining Platforms


METAFI is North Carolina's center for Bitcoin Mining sitting on 23 acres. 100MW is just the beginning.
Venture Media

Decentralized TV

The ultimate platform for all things crypto, news, and venture media. We're the only venture fund to livestream everyday.
Cryptocurrency Staking

Prosperity Wallet

A Web3 Wallet for staking, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency. Create a wallet and stake in 3 clicks.

Everywhere You Go There We Are:

We've been in the news for over a decade. You can find us making appearances on popular media platforms weekly!

About Us

StaaS Fund is a US based Web3 project investment firm and blockchain-focused venture studio. Founded in Atlanta, USA in 2022 by Peter Saddington, to date it has supported over 20 projects across 3 continents leveraging blockchain technology to reshape myriad industries such as finance, education, sports, supply chain, and consumer goods. StaaS Fund utilizes blockchain technology and tokenomics to unleash the potential of early stage companies built for the community, by the community. We incubate, advise, and invest in Web3 continuous yield platforms.

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