We are the Venture Media Studio for the Web3+ Future.

Calculus, not guesswork.
Continuous yield platforms over single products.

Over a decade of successful digital currency investing. Why stop now?

Venture Media Deployment Focus

Platform Market Fit

• Multi-opportunistic, world changing applications based on Web3 principles.

• Open source platforms are proven to outperform single products.

• Platforms stay profitable under any market condition.

People Market Fit

• Investment into people who specialize in specific and niche markets.

• Operators that possess the skill and knowledge to generate revenue streams.

• Driven individuals that sustain, build, and serve through highs and lows.

Technically Focused

• Code is law. Value appreciation derives from function of code.

• Focused on consistent delivery and solving real world problems.

• Data driven decisions that generate steady income over long periods of time.


• Community and social media are the forefront. People matter.

• Infinite deal flow derives from true fans over long periods of time.

• Platforms and products are improved exponentially through community engagement.

Radical Transparency

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Web3 Vision

Understand our capital deployment focus and our asymmetrical venture media advantages.