Venture Capitalists seem to be pouring out of the woodwork these days.

Neck deep for the past 3.5 years building a crypto-startup-turned-B2B, I got an even closer look at the growth of the venture capital market and learned even more about the underbelly. It’s clear we no longer have any issues on the supply side. There is more than enough. For example, I have a personal list of just under 1000 venture funds that merely cater to the early-stage or seed-stage founder. And this is MY personal list. I’ve been around my friends. I’ve seen some “ish.” But I know there are even more…

There are no problems with the supply of VC’s… and even more are coming out even in these strange times!

The demand side, well, that’s another story. The TL;DR is that there aren’t enough mechanisms used by VC’s to reach all of the great ideas in every location. Oh, and trust me. All the good ideas aren’t in San Francisco.

There is DEEP demand for venture funding… in so many places in the world!

I maintain that VC’s need to do better marketing, especially using video. We need more of the “people behind the money.” Since there are SO many people now…

We need to reach more people, with all these people (VCs).

We need great ideas, funded, now.

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