Investment Portfolio

We incubate, advise, and invest in Web3 continuous yield platforms.

Our distinct Venture Media model ensures all investments meet platform-market-fit, people-market-fit, technological engineering focus, and community engagement.


North Carolina's largest bitcoin mining facility built by StaaS Fund. We know how to earn no matter the market conditions.

Prosperity Wallet

A digital currency wallet for the Web3 world. Create multiple wallets in 3 clicks. Stake and earn immediately.

Decentralized TV

The ultimate platform for all things crypto, news, and venture media. Our venture fund streams daily. Does yours?

School Nodes

Every University and educational institution should have a node. We're making it a reality.

Athlete Nodes

Support your favorite athlete forever, while earning yield as they grow in notoriety and fame. Sounds like a recipe for compounding gains.


Web3 Death Tech blockchain platform for personal data and finance inheritance. It's frontier, and first in the category.


From provenance to reputation, the soulbound token has enhanced certification verification on the blockchain.

Node Gen

The node platform for 1-click node creation for any user of any level. We're in the Web3 world now, it's time for everyone to have a node.

Simon Oxley NFT

NFT event from the creator of the original Twitter bird, Simon Oxley.

Non Profit Nodes

Every non-profit in the world should be generating infinite yield in the node economy. We've already begun.


The bitcoin mining game is well known. We're here to help the world learn and earn.

Sponsor Athletes

Every single aspiring athlete needs financial support. It's time to give every soccer mom a node for her special little one.

VIN Legends

Car vehicle history on the blockchain. The model is already proven, time for scale.

Green Check NFT

The first generation of NFTs were mostly scams. We ensure NFTs are verified.

GiftCards Node

Fund your nodes with giftcards. There are hidden bonuses too!

SMB Nodes

The world runs on small businesses. Our goal is to ensure all small businesses have passive income generators that help them grow and scale their dreams.

Family Nodes

Families care about financial education, financial education, and financial growth. The Web3 world enables all families of all types to earn together.

GiftCard Crypto

Convert your gift cards to cryptocurrency. This is a first in it's class.

Global Exposure

Venture Media means that where ever you are, StaaS Fund is already there. We have millions of subscribers, followers, and community members waiting to hear about your idea, investment, or profitable enterprise. We are the megaphone.

Venture Media

Decentralized TV
Subscribers: 64,367
Mo Impressions: 381,893
Mo Hours Watched: 1,558
StaaS Fund
Subscribers: 337,000
Mo Impressions: 35,900,000
Mo Hours Watched: 228,600

Media Partners

Own The Chaos
Subscribers: 4,959
Mo Impressions: 18,600
Views: 7,600
Own The Chaos
Subscribers: 45,900
Mo Impressions: 45,800
Mo Hours Watched: 437

StaaS Fund Media

Mo Impressions: 10,785
Views: 8,014
Subscribers: 23,385
Mo Impressions: 23,385
Views: 12,000

Racing Media

Subscribers: 4,959
Mo Impressions: 18,700
Mo Hours Watched: 71,000
Subscribers: 130,000
Mo Impressions: 1,600,000
Views: 780,000

General Partner Media

Subscribers: 85,500โ€‹
Mo Impressions: 190,000
Subscribers: 29,385
Mo Impressions: 19,323
Views: 17,500

Professional Media

Mo Impressions: 23,385
Subscribers: 6,091
Mo Impressions: 18,227
Subscribers: 5,155

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