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[Want to see the roster for Season 1?]

Season 2 is wrapped up! It’s been a whirlwind of a time and I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with an All-Star guest roster. My quest to build my very own venture fund is growing closer day-by-day, and I love that I have so many supporters who are rooting me on! I’m so very glad I’m documenting the journey, it’s going to be a wild 2020!

Season 2 Roster of #VCHunting

Each season gets better and better!


We are now two full seasons into my learning adventure into venture capital. While these interviews have been crucial to my learning regimen, I’ve had countless of in-person conversations with VCs that have been absolutely powerful as well (see below for more Twitter takes on whom I’ve met this season)!

Let’s get onto some learning from Season 2:

I am absolutely delighted to be in a position where I can bootstrap the early beginnings of the infrastructure of my own venture fund. Consulting with startups and companies in Agile is something that I’ve always been passionate about as Scrum and Agile changed my life!

I look forward to what 2020 Q2 brings. It’s amazing that so much has happened already in such little time. I’m telling you, with dedication, persistence, and assertiveness to the goal, all things can be achieved.

Thanks so much to all my supporters out there who are coming along on this journey with me. To infinity and Bitcoin!


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Hanging out with the Service Provider Capital LPs and GPs in downtown Atlanta!
Service Provider Capital’s other investments (like me)!
I also did my first live stream #AskaFounder – Was a good experiment!
Always teaching Agile and Scrum to startup companies! – This is up in Minnesota!
Spent some time with the guys to see how Agile for startups can help them grow quickly!
Hanging out with Daley Ervin of EngageVC!
Is this the first venture funded Radical SR3 race car? Me thinks so!

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