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Kevin Lee #VCHunted Twitter Story – Solent is people!

What a great conversation with Kevin Lee! I really enjoyed his description of his journey into venture capital. Starting off in product management and deciding to share it with the world through his Product Management HQ website!

Being an extrovert, Kevin realized that he really should be spending more time externally, working with as many people as he can! Deciding to not do sales, or business development, he decided to help others through venture capital with Pear VC because it was much more aligned to his personality.

“We understand what it means to build something from nothing. That journey defines each of our life stories. We are immigrants, having come to America penniless, but with big ideas.

We’ve been entrepreneurs, determined to build great companies. We know now that success emerges only for those who have endured setbacks and overcome hurdles. We’ve learned from our failures, and we know what it takes to succeed. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building something extraordinary. All of this finds expression in our work.” Webpage

Going deep with 1 individual is great… but helping more people is even better! With venture capital, Kevin can go deep and wide with his desires to help!

I like this very much! – Self-education FTW!

“The philosophy I try to take in life is to teach everything you know. Don’t prove yourself. Improve yourself and share it with the world.”

Kevin Lee – VC Hunting S1E2

Working with early stage companies is something Kevin really enjoys. As a founder himself, he says he has a lot more sympathy for the plight of early stage companies and really has a personal desire to help them get through the early phases.

When it comes to his current work at New Food CPG Co. and immieats he loves the fact that his cofounder, also named Kevin is so complimentary to him in that both of them can cover the internal and external needs of his company. He believes that this type of dynamic is crucial to helping companies succeed as well as reminding each other to stay open to all things when it comes to the VC game.

“I’ve always strived to keep an open heart when it comes to venture capital and give people the benefit of the doubt, when you do that, you allow for more serendipitous opportunities to build relationships with people. This is what really matters in VC!”

Kevin Lee – VC Hunting S1E2

Keeping an open mind in all things and not letting age or (bad) experiences close you out to opportunities, is what Kevin believes has helped him the most succeed in his own investments and his own startups!

Sometimes those events just don’t work out…

“If you are trying to prepare for a VC interview in the next two weeks, you’ve already failed. Venture capital is a relationship-business. If you haven’t been spending the entire life of your project building relationships in a genuine and authentic way, it’s not going to work.”

Kevin Lee – VC Hunting S1E2

What I found so refreshing about Kevin’s perspective is that it’s exactly the right way to think about your project. Great ideas are great. Great relationships, built over time, are even better.

“Venture can no longer be an automated industry driven by software and data, the human and personal relationships in the VC industry are so important and the importance of trust is so hard to quantify.”

Kevin Lee – VC Hunting S1E1

On a funny note, soylent (maybe) had some reason for the current startup that Kevin is working on with Ramen: to make the healthiest choice in ramen ever and more!

Sorry. Not sorry?

I wish Kevin Lee the best in all of his food endeavors, and can’t wait to have him on the show again!

Kevin Lee Retrospective

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