Michael Staton

I’m the ed-tech entrepreneur you need to know. I’m changing the homeschooling game with Colearn.Club!

Tyler Tringas

I fund bootstrappers with radical transparency. Our SEAL model is exactly what venture needs!

Max Marine

I’m the VC rapper from Israel. We’re not afraid to take risks, just like our founders. If you’ve got the swag, I got your money!

Danielle Strachman

We back college dropouts and those who choose a non-tracked educational route. We fund grit. Do you have it?

Charlton Cunningham

I am the keyholder for Atlanta Startups as the #1 go-to entrepreneurial ecosystem builder. Know me, know Atlanta and beyond!

Turner Novak

I’m living proof of how someone with no requisite experience can become a venture capitalist. Let me tell you how!