Have your identity be internal. – AUDIO NSFW

So we’re just gonna get talking here. No notes. No notes here guys. I’m greasy as fuck and that’s just the way it is. It’s been a long night. We’ve been working hard. We’ve been working exceptionally hard and there is something that I am really excited to do. It is it is a big part of our launch. It’s a big part of what we’re doing and it’s going to be an amazing experience. 

Now, what is so interesting about—I apologize for the non-descript just you know conversation here, but it is what it is. We’re just turning on the mic and I’m just talking because I just want to let you guys know that this is what I’m thinking about. This is what’s going on in my mind and I like that I’m able to do that on this channel freely. And frankly, if it helps, yeah, if it’s just entertainment, I’m okay with that. So be entertained. 

Someone I’m relatively close to asked me a question. He said, hey, you know, this thing is changing in your identity and he said it in the way where the context was that it was like a negative like you’re losing something. I’m losing part of my identity. I immediately responded back and I said, “No, no, no, no, no. That’s for weak-minded individuals.” That’s for weak-minded individuals. It really is. I see weak-minded individuals. What they do, what they do is they allow for any peripheral tangible asset to be part of their identity. That makes you weak. 

That makes you weak because when that peripheral outside entity, that outside artifact, that outside thing is part of your identity and that thing is lost or taken or destroyed, then part of you are destroyed as well. That puts you in such a weak position. That’s the way that I want to phrase it. I’m not saying that people who have artifacts or items in their possession and they have taken on that as part of their identity. I get it. I think it is natural to do so. 

I’m not saying that those individuals are weak, but what I am saying is that it puts them in a position of weakness in which the fragility the fragile nature of the world, the fragile nature of the unknown has such a way, life has such a way of biting you in the fucking ass. Nothing can prepare you, nothing can ever prepare you for what is going to happen. You have no crystal ball. There’s no known outcome here. 

I responded to him and I said, hey, that just makes for putting yourself in a weak position. I don’t want to be in that position. I said that what makes you strong as your identity is 100% internal because if you have your identity at 100% internal, then nothing in this world, no tangible item, no artifact, no nothing outside yourself can ever destroy you. Unless, you know, they kill the body. If they kill the body, then it is what it is. You got 187ed. You is dead sucker. 

I think that’s so important and I think this is something to remind myself about from time to time certainly because life doesn’t life have a way of the more time that you have something, the more overtime it becomes just a part of you. It becomes part of your routine. It becomes part of your natural behaviors. It becomes part of your daily behaviors. In so much as that type of experience together, you and that item, you and that artifact, you and that thang.

Like a Lambo, the more that you spend time with that, it becomes part of who you are. People recognize that outside artifact, that outside car as who you are. It’s just natural especially in the car world if you show up without your daily driver. This is kind of my daily driver when it comes to doing anything fun. If I don’t show up in this, people wonder. They say, hey man, you’re not driving in the in the Lamborghini Flamethrower today? What’s up? It’s like well, I got other cars. I got other interests. I got other things I enjoy. I enjoy driving the race car. I enjoy driving the Mini Cooper. I enjoy driving the Q7. I enjoy driving lots of different things. 

That’s the idea. The more time that you spend with something and that something is just part of your outward reflection. It’s part of your daily engagement with other individuals. Other individuals work on symbols. We all work on symbols. They see you and they recognize this common symbol or this consistent symbol with you and they associate it with you. It is only natural over time that that gets ingrained into your identity. But that’s what I’m talking about. We have to be careful of that. 

I think regardless of situation, I think it might even be and I know I haven’t thought through this, I’m just kind of riffing here. I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but I think a lot of people are put in situations where they have to react. They have to react to something in life. They’re not prepared or they’re not mentally prepared. They’re not you know fully prepared for life. Maybe it’s just experience. They have been punched in the fucking face as many times as other people. I can tell you right here. I’ve been punched in the face so many times. I got a thick skin exceedingly. 

I don’t mind getting punched in the face. It means I’m moving forward. Fuck, if you’ve never get punched in the face then what are you doing? It just becomes part of your identity over time. I think a lot of people react. They react to situations in life that they’re not prepared for. Then things have to go. Artifacts, cars, things have to go. 

Maybe you’ve been financially irresponsible. Maybe you’ve made poor relationship decisions. That’s pretty much it. Those two things. You either make really shitty financial decisions or you make really shitty relationship decisions. Then you could say oh, well, there’s a job. Well, who do you have to work with? It’s a relationship. It’s always relationship. I mean if you fuck up, financially or fuck up relationally, then sometimes, things have to change. 

If you identify with those things and you have to react to now the imminence of change, the abruptness of that change, it feel like a true you know abortion of your identity. It can be completely like a severing. That’s a really fucked up word to use because that shit’s nasty. But you know, it’s just like a true severing of part of you and I can tell you. I don’t mind admitting this to anyone out there. It doesn’t mean anything to me. But I have had real shedding events in life. I’m sure you guys have too, but I don’t mind saying it on camera. 

I have had real shedding moments like moments where you feel grafted, you’re just grafted to the fucking bone. You’ve just lost a significant chunk of your side of your leg, your arm, your heart, mostly your fucking heart. That’s what you’ve lost a piece of. I’d go even deeper because I’ve experienced this. 

Sometimes the savagery of the event can be so severe that you feel like your soul has been pierced, completely pierced beyond repair. I can use this language. I have words to describe this because I have been there. If you have too, then you know exactly what I’m talking about—soul piercing, grafting to the fucking bone, a ripping of the soul. Experience where you have been something has been taken or destroyed. That type of wounding. That type of deep wounding. 

And then where are you because you put so much of your identity into this thing, into this outside thing? That’s the key. If you put so much of your identity into this outside thing, then you aren’t a fragile and frail and high-risk individual for a mental breakdown, soul breakdown, energy breakdown, physiological breakdown. Because when that thing gets destroyed, whatever it is outside you, when that thing gets removed, taken, stolen from you maybe, then you feel the absolute blunt force trauma incomprehensible. 

There’s no way that I can fully describe the feeling and I’m going back and I want to go back. It’s depressing. But that’s what I’m trying to describe to you. Don’t let it be so. Don’t let it be so. Don’t let it be so because I have experienced that and if you’re younger than me, then fuck, please don’t allow for things outside yourself to be your identity. Don’t let it be so because those things will only burn you. They will only burn you in the end of days. That’s just how life works. 

So what’s the answer? Your identity has to be inside. It has to be in here because as the world fucking burns around you, sometimes life feels like that. As the world burns around you, you can be firm in your place in the universe on this plane. You can be firm on the firmament. You can be firm because as the world changes you don’t. 

What is this identity? If you’re in a religion, if you want to call it that, then your identity is in that Messiah, that God. That could be a very valid mechanism for amazing power in your life. I believe it. Especially if you really take on the great aspects of that religion. Only the good. There’s bad shit. But if you only take the good, then good can come from that. I believe. 

But forget the faith aspect for a second. Under understand where I’m going. That it has to be in here. I don’t care what you call it—faith, identity, how you see yourself, your internal world view, your third eye, your third eye perspective, the inside you, the inner mind, the inner voice, the inner spirit, whatever you want to call it. I don’t care. But it’s here. It’s hidden. It’s safe. 

Now you can open up your identity, your internals to the world. Frankly, what I am doing right now is an extension of that, of being able to as best I can, communicate these types of ideas from my heart internally outward. And you know what the risk is? A revealing part of that identity that that you you, that real you, that internal you, that internal voice, the risk is always being hurt too if you give a fuck about what other people think. 

Now if you’re a smart person, if you’re a smart person, then you would know because you listen to my podcast, episode on 5 reasons why not giving a fuck about what other people think is the best way to live, but go back and listen to that so you can’t be hurt because you don’t give a about what other people think. You can give out your identity all you want. Gotcha! Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t it awesome because you’re listening to me? You’re listening to me right now. 

I’m talking about this thing kind of a meta way. I’m talking about this thing kind of in a third-person perspective of sorts. I don’t mind talking about it. You can’t hurt me. It’s the Internets. Do you want to know a belief that I have? I believe that the world needs more people that are willing to just share their heart no matter what it is. I could be wrong. I’m wrong a lot and I’m corrected a lot mostly by people who like to send me emails and tell me how I should have done X, Y, and Z. Sure. 

When your identity is internal, it’s in here and nothing out there can hurt you. You know this because it’s all just words. Why would you let words hurt you? That’s crazy talk. How would you like text hurt you? It’s the real world of flesh and blood, baby. Flesh and blood, baby. 

Have your identity be internal and have it be firm. Who are you? Who are you really? What do you really care about? Where do you want to put your time? What do you want to end up living for? That should be your identity. What are you willing to live for? Man, I know what I’m willing to live for. I’m willing to live for myself and my family. Easy, I’m willing to live for myself and my family. I’m willing to live for building things that will change – I hope – will change the world. I like building new shit. I like trying new things. I like experimenting in life because I have a short time in life and so do you. 

I really want to learn as many things as I can before I die. I just think that’s a worthy cause. I think that’s a worthy thing to pursue. I think that’s a worthy place to put my time and what’s great is I have found that the more that you experiment in life and the more that you learn in life, the more doors and more opportunities come about, emerge show up, show their face. 

It’s a fascinating thing and you know what? I won’t lie here and be fake humility. I receive emails, DMs, texts, and other means of communication. Not often, but sometimes, I receive emails of such heart churning, heart burning stories that just set my heart on fire because of something I said or something I did.

I received a note the other day. This just makes me feel so good. I received a note the other day of a guy who’s a CTO of a blockchain company that’s doing very successfully. This guy pinged me and he let me know that my cryptocurrency video, from like three years ago, helped get him in to this technology market, to this new demographic, to this new technology, stack, this new world. To hear that three years later whatever, I don’t know what it is really and I don’t even know what video. It doesn’t even matter. That that person’s life was changed because of something I said and the diligence that I had to not quit and keep working and keep talking and keep doing in the space that I believe in. Something will happen, someone will notice, someone will say hey, Peter, I could use that guy. He could help me. He could help me do something great. Shit! That’s how opportunities arise. Does this make sense guys? 

This is your Sunday sermon guys. Don’t allow outside things to become your identity. I believe that a lot of people react to shit that happens in life financially or relationally. Then part of our identity is grafted, is changed, is ripped, is destroyed, and then they can’t deal with life. It’s because you put yourself at risk because your identity on something on the outside. Don’t do it, guys. Put your identity in the inside, which I have explained to be. 

What are you willing to live for? What are you willing to do in life, to experience in life? Put yourself towards that it. It doesn’t have to be permanent. It could be temporary, but it needs to be in here. It needs to be the internal driver that’s going to persevere you when times get fucking tough, when the really matters. When you get to the decision point of fuck, am I at the cliff? Do I have to jump off? Is that what it’s gonna take to do this, to make this a reality, to make this thing work? It’s so easy to turn around or quit or go back to the old life of slavery. 

Put your identity in that and working towards that life-changing decision. That’s a great way to round this out. I’m saying it mostly to hear myself talk, to reinforce me, to self-program me to greatness in this life. What is the personal identity? I’ll tell you mine because it just emerged to me as I spoke. My personal identity is to grind and work as hard as I can to those life-changing decisions. 

Am I gonna quit or am I gonna see this fucking thing through? Am I gonna jump off the cliff? Am I gonna give it my all? Am I gonna put it all in, all the chips in, everything? And you say fuck! That’s what you want to live for? Yeah if you show up, if you show up to life, if you show up to life, on game day, on that decision that life changing decision and you show the fuck up, you’ll never regret it. You’ll never regret the decision to jump! You’ll never regret it. I haven’t. It’s been fucking hard. It’s been fucking hard, but I never regret the decision to jump.

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