Have an attitude of gratitude – AUDIO NSFW

Give thanks in all circumstances. Give thanks in all circumstances. You know, I am thankful and grateful today. I had a great day, by the way. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is awesome! I got to drive the Lambo a couple times today. Perfect! Man, there’s just something about perfect driving weather when there’s like you can sit at a light for two solid minutes with the windows down and the sun sitting on you and you don’t get hot. There’s a cool breeze going on. Sun shining and just a couple clouds. Do you know I’m talking about guys? I mean it doesn’t hurt it and certainly it helps when it comes to being thankful and grateful. 

I had a lot of great conversations today. My day started out fanfuckintastic guys. I woke up. Got to it. Sweated it all out. Got in the gym, knocked it out, had a great day. I had this one guy, Juan, at the gym. He probably doesn’t listen so it doesn’t matter. Juan at the gym—he’s just one of these really nice guy. He’s such a nice guy. He’s the type of guy that like when you’re doing sets and you might not be struggling on your reps and your set, but he’ll just come over and spot you just because he was in the area. 

It’s not like “I’ll spot you. Let’s go.” None of that. It’s just a simple hey, I’m here. My hands are here and I’m just gonna help you. We’ve built up enough relational equity where we’ve talked a little bit now and again in the gym and there’s just there’s just enough where he can really leverage his personality. His personality is the type to come right up next to you and be your spot even though you didn’t ask him. The thing is, he’s not like all up in your grill. He’s not like grinding all up on you. You know what I’m saying? He’s back. He’s pushed back just a little bit, but it’s clear that he wants to be of service and of help. 

That’s how I started out my day. Then I got a call from a friend. I am so happy for him. I have been telling this motherfucker for three years probably longer that he needs to go off and do his own shit. He needs to go off and get away from the man, get off sucking from the teat of corporate slavery, and he needs to go roll his own. He gave me a call this morning guys and I was ecstatic. Of course being the humble man that I am, I rubbed it in his face at least twice just to verify that he does remember I told him to do this thing years ago. 

He is now crushing it. He is now crushing it. He is calling me and he would like a little bit of advice and help. Frankly, I didn’t have a lot of advice or help for him because he is crushing it. He is doing amazing things. Guys, it might sound like from another world. It might sound like it’s from the nether world or it just couldn’t happen, but I’m telling you guys this guy is making about $40,000 a month now, $40,000 a month now and it’s recurring revenue and I’m just like screw the $120,000 you’re earning a year on salary slavery that took you 14 years to get to. Fuck that man! Let’s make $40,000 a month.

It was just awesome. I was just grateful and thankful, so grateful and thankful that he thought of me. He called me, was able to give me such an awesome update guys. How could you not be happy for the brother? I actually I just don’t know how people can’t not be happy, but I am so excited for his success. Another thing that I’m grateful for and I am thankful for in all circumstances is that a lot of the projects that I’m involved in are going well. 

There’s a lot to be grateful for there’s a lot to be content about there’s a lot to be thankful for. As I was thinking about today, I was rolling out, you know, finishing out the day a little bit here and had a moment to journal. I wrote down “gratitude and contentment go together”. They like feed each other, don’t they? Doesn’t gratitude and contentment feed each other? 

We usually use the phrase “I’m grateful for” and “I’m content with”. We never talk about stuff like Lambos and houses and all that bullshit. Stuff is always secondary in these conversations of what we’re grateful for and what we’re content with. I mean we may never have what we want or deserve. We might never have what we want. Let’s be honest, you don’t have what you deserve. I can be the first one to raise my hand and say exactly I do not have what I deserve because I deserve far less. I deserve nothing. I deserve wrath. I will leave it there. That’s what I deserve. I deserve wrath. 

But I have and I am grateful for and I have content with and I am thankful for what I have received, what I have achieved, what I have been blessed with. We already have everything that we need for success, contentment, and a grateful life. We already have everything we need. We got a shirt on our back. We got food in our bellies. We got water. We might just might have a friend or two and maybe even a lover. 

Contentment isn’t a passive thing. I wrote this down. It’s not passive and uninformed. Contentment is something that we have to engage in, we have to engage with. Contentment needs to be educated. Does that make sense? You can’t be content if you’re not educated in that which you are content in. You can’t. You have to know what the value that’s deep inside that contentment. If you’re content with life, then all is well. 

I’ll tell you guys, the moments of deepest contentment for me. This probably isn’t hard for some of you guys to imagine since you listen to me all the time and you know I love to go to the sauna. You guys know I love to go to the sauna. But got some of the greatest moments of contentment for me is right after I’m done and I have burned it all with fire. I have burned it all off. I’ve scrubbed off the first and second layer of my skin and I absolutely sweat it out. 

I get home and I get in my garage. I look at the computer and do a little bit. I never want to stay around the computer or outside after I get the sauna, I want to go straight inside. I want to be as clean as fucking possible. I just like plop right on down in the couch and just soak in the juju. The juju of the experience of burning it all with fire feeling great and all is well. It might be like 10:30 at night which is perfect right when I get out of this thing because I can go straight to bed. I already brushed my teeth at the sauna so I just go straight to bed. 

This contentment is of life when everything feels right, when the world is all good. This contentment isn’t uneducated. I know exactly why I’m content because I’ve had the ability to have a wonderful fucking day, a day that in which I was in charge of the decisions that I need to make. Now, is it always that way? No, because there are days in which I must compromise. But some days and I’ll tell you, today is turning out to be one. It’s not done yet, but it’s turning out to be one of those days. It started with the weather, started with a great workout, started with a call from a friend who was just crushing it, talking with the other projects that I’m involved with. Everything is going well. 

Actually, there’s actually a lot. I don’t want to paint the picture this way. I mean I started this whole podcast off out with give thanks in all circumstances, which means you should give thanks even when things are shitty and I’ll tell you not everything’s perfect in my life. There’s a lot of things that are shitty. I got people fucking dying around me. The people I care about dying around me. I got people who want to hurt me and do me harm online. I produce content every day in multiple places, all over the place. There’s investors to deal with. There’s people to answer to because I’ve hooked myself onto those types of wagons. 

The whole world isn’t great all the time. I think we can all agree with this. I don’t want to paint the picture that just because today was perfect and everything’s perfect. No, things are never perfect. Let’s put it that way. I think it feel perfect in a moment in time, of absolute contentment, but nothing is ever truly perfect. 

One of the things I wrote down here and I really want to extrapolate on is that discontentment, not being uneducated. You know why you’re content. You know why you’re content! I don’t know what that answer is for you. But for me and the experience and the example I just gave, it’s because I have the ability to have autonomy and mastery over my day and I got to choose. I got nice, little, random variables like my friend calling me and the weather and driving the Lambo a couple of times. These are just great! It worked out excellent! 

Even when life is not perfect, we can be content because being content and grateful because remember they go hand in hand. When we’re content and grateful, we don’t have to ever be anxious. Being content means that we can be patient. We can be patient with what life is giving to us now, which could be a shank in the side of your body or a fucking kidney shot or we can be patient through the good times too because those will never last forever either. 

Gratitude and contentment—I wrote this note down and I want to end with this. I came up with four ideas around gratitude and contentment. I believe that gratitude and contentment are daily life savers. Let me say that again. Gratitude and contentment are daily life savers. 

As I thought about my day and I wrote notes down of what I did and who I met with and thinking about gratitude and contentment and being thankful for life, I realized that gratitude and contentment are daily life savers. They really are! I’m the one talking here, but I don’t do it enough and I’m a pretty positive guy. Yeah, I drop F-bombs, but golly, I’m fucking positive. I’m passionate and positive. You can say it that way. Actually, there’s a great way probably to ridiculously oversimplify who I am – I’m passionately positive. Which means I’m always positive, but my passion can sometimes sound like I’m pissed off. 

Reasons why gratitude and contentment are daily life savers:

  1. Shifts focus to the good.

I’ll give you the first reason why because whenever you are having feeling of gratitude and remember, this is not an uneducated thing, it’s not an uninformed thing. This is a very engaged thing to be grateful and to be content. These are active things. Your mind must be actively engaged in this process when you are grateful and contentment because they’re daily life savers.

When you are grateful and content, your focus shifts to the good. Your focus shifts to the good, to the greater things in life. Isn’t life all about focus? We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we guys? Whatever you focus on is what you’re gonna become. Whatever you think about all day is what you’re gonna become. 

If you’d like to program negative in your brain, then that’s what your life’s gonna be. Life is about focus and with having a grateful, gratitude and contentment, these life savers, thinking about them all the time and every day constantly shifts your focus to the greater things in life. It’s almost never about stuff and Lambos and big houses and shit like that. 

It’s always about people, relationships. It’s all about the focus. Whatever you focus on, being grateful for, it can breathe, you breathe positive energy into your life every day. Man, I’ve probably told you this before, but there are mornings when I wake up and God, thank you for reminding me. The first thing that I do, I don’t know what reminds me in the morning. I’m thanking God, but I’ll tell you first thing I do is I try to smile. I am like just waking up. Life is coming back into the body I just like okay, okay smile and then I smile. 

I’ll tell you, that small action for me, it goes a long way. It immediately directs my focus to an intentional act of smiling and it breathes life positive juju. You guys know I’m all about that positive juju. It breathes positive juju in to the day. Shifting your focus guys. Reminding yourself to have an attitude of gratitude and to be content in life every day. It will constantly shift your focus to the good juju. 

  1. Improve quality of life. 

Gratitude and contentment are daily life savers, you can actually improve your quality of life by thinking about being grateful being content about what relationships you have, what opportunities you have. the job you have, the people that surround you, the support groups that you have, the food in your belly, the place that you’re gonna be in during the weekend. 

I mean there’s so much to be thankful for and it actually can improve your quality of life. Studies have shown a link to gratitude and contentment to satisfaction in life. There is a clear link in my opinion. Now, I haven’t studied this formally and I certainly haven’t researched it formally, but I will tell you that it makes sense. That there is a deep, deep link between gratitude and contentment and satisfaction in life. Again, it’s never about the bullshit, your cars, the money, the job, things, houses, even your worldly success, like those things never register for me. 

It’s always about people. People bring me alive. The great thing about being part of so many projects it allows me to smash my atoms, my ideas against a lot of different people. These people don’t always agree with me. That’s great because chemistry is made there. Explosions happen when people disagree and people rub each other wrong and there’s friction and there’s tension. That’s good! I don’t run from that. It’s good. 

I’ll tell you, man, focus on it. Focus your time sometime today, create a behavior pattern. Maybe focus your efforts on smiling during lunch. It actually improves your quality of life. 

  1. Reduce anxiety.

I like this I wrote this down. Having an attitude of gratitude and having contentment and reminding yourself of how content life can be in life reduce anxiety. It reduces stress. It reduces fears. It truly does. Are you anxious about something? Think about what good you have. Are you anxious about something coming up? A job interview, a conversation that you don’t want to have, a presentation you’re not prepared for, a project that’s not completely ready yet? 

Are you anxious about something? We’ll think about the good that you do have. It kind of level sets you. It’s like okay, I’m anxious about this project or this conversation or whatever, but you know I got it pretty damn good right now. It level sets you. It brings you back to reality. 

What about a stress or a fear that you’ve got? One of the biggest problems with fear is fear immediately moves you into a scarcity mindset. When you’re scared, what do scared people do? They clam up. If What do scared people do? What’s the image of a scared person? They bunch up. They get small. They tense up. They close themselves off. When you’re scared, you don’t open your arms wide. When you’re scared, you close down. That creates a scarcity mindset that there’s not enough. I need to I need to save myself. I can’t do it. 

When have an attitude of gratitude and you think of what is so great with your life, what you can be thankful for, the abundance that you have, then you can be released from that fear. Because when you think about it, you’re like damn, I am resourceful and I actually have a lot of resources at my disposal. I have more than I need actually. 

I talked about this previously, but you already have everything that you need. You have life. You got blood running through your veins, unless you a fuckin’ vampire. 

  1. Becomes a platform and a foundation for launching.

I like this one. I like this one a lot. Having gratitude and contentment being a daily lifesaver for you, thinking about it every bloody day, please do, a content and grateful life becomes a platform and a foundation for launching. Boo-yah! I like it I like that guys. I like it a lot. I like it. 

Being content and grateful in life becomes a platform because your launching pad, your foundation, the strong firm architecture, the firmament for launching. What do I mean by launching? Going and doing crazy-ass shit! Going and doing amazing things with your life because you have an internal success, eternal solid foundation. Let’s call it your solid success foundation. It’s internal. No one could steal that from you. No one can rob, kill, and destroy that from you. It’s internal. It’s in the heart. It’s in the mind. It’s in the soul.

When you’re content and grateful about life and you see that your life is a life of abundance, you’ll have more resources and you could be more resourceful than you think. It shifts your focus to the opportunities rather than a scarcity mindset. You can go and achieve amazing things because the internal platform is ready. It’s ready for the world, guys. 

That is my best way of describing how I felt today, by just being inundated today and maybe I just got lucky today. It’s not like this every day guys. Don’t get it twisted. Trust me. I ain’t this jovial every day. But I’ll tell you, today is a day that made me think that I could conquer the world because people around me were conquering their demons. They’re conquering their fears. They’re launching into the atmosphere. I don’t know if they’re gonna hit the moon, but they’re certainly gonna land among the stars. 

Give thanks in all circumstances. That’s how I started this, guys. Give thanks in all circumstances. Have a fucking attitude of gratitude please. It’ll make your life better. It’ll shift your focus to the good things. It’ll actually improve your life. It will reduce anxiety, stress. It will reduce fears. Having a grateful attitude, having a content life, it becomes a platform for you to achieve amazing things because you have no fear, because nothing can rob you of what they can’t get. 

So what behaviors, what time of the day, what note do you need to write down so that you are reminded to be more grateful every day? It’s a fucking lifesaver. 

This is Peter, The Bitcoin Lambo. If you appreciated this, man, send this to someone. Be grateful, be gratitude in all whatever that means. I like you guys. Smash like button, subscribe, share, whatever.

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