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Whom do you need to forgive? That’s the topic of today’s talk and the reason is because today I looked at a little token that I have. A little token right here. And it’s this, this right here, guys. It says, “Whom do you need to forgive and why do you need to forgive him or her?” You see? This little token here and I keep up here on my wall reminds me not every day, but I probably look at least once a week. 

And it reminds me of so many things. But this whole idea of forgiveness, this whole idea of forgiveness is something that has never really talked to us. It is something that is required due to the variables and situations of life. 

You see? I received this token. I received that token years ago and it was given to me at just the right time. I’m not gonna go into any particular details but I had just come out of a situation that I was gravely wounded spiritually, physically, mentally, physiologically, psychologically, everything above. It had come at just the right moment and it had sparked in me the desire to forgive this individual years ago and it set me free. 

You see? Forgiving is so powerful! The idea of forgiveness is such a powerful idea but the process of forgiveness is so dadgum painful. It’s almost as if the amount of power that forgiveness has in your life is a function of how much resistance you’ll get to not to forgive because you have to overcome yourself to forgive this individual. This individual has power over you. They have hurt you, they have, maybe, even in some ways destroyed part of your identity, destroyed part of who you are, destroyed years of work, years of sacrifice or maybe you just need to forgive someone who came into your life randomly and left a wake of destruction. 

You see? There is—and I wanna be fundamentally clear here—there is so much power in forgiveness and that’s why I have that token that I’ve kept from years ago to remind me of the power of forgiveness but again, let us not be under any illusion here. The process of forgiveness is painful because you have to overcome yourself. 

You see? There is a mystery that I have found in life around forgiveness. It’s like you don’t ever need forgive this in everyday slights and when that individual cuts you off in traffic or your daughter, your son says something snarky or your wife or your husband says something that you’re just like that was kind of like whack. I mean, you don’t need forgiveness in these everyday slights. 

It’s only needed when you’ve been deeply hurt, deeply wounded. And I highly suggest if you’ve been in a situation like that and you need help, go back, search in my other podcasts, my other videos, go search for Reprogramming Pain. We should probably listen to that.

But forgiveness is never something that is trained in us. It is something that we—in many of us—we just fall into this we kind of need to figure it out. We kinda need to forgive this individual. We don’t know really how, but we know that it’s been way too long. This individual has been ruminating in our mind. The situation, the scenario has been in our mind for way too long. Week, months, for some of you guys, for years, you’ve let this forgiveness go. You see, again nobody teaches us how to forgive. It’s only after we fucking need it and in some scenario or some event where we got fucked.

I look at forgiveness in many different vantage points but forgiveness in many ways is like, or not forgiving is like, jealousy. It’s like jealousy. Jealousy is one of the stupidest emotions to have. And the reason is because, if you ever have jealousy, you just have to realize that, that is a completely self-induced, completely self-induced. The other person ain’t thinking about you. The person that you’re jealous about, they’re not thinking about you. They’re not even considering you. You’re not even within the realm of their conscious right now. 

Anything that doesn’t affect them. Jealousy doesn’t affect them. Jealousy only affects you. It’s all in your head and that’s the issue, the same issue with not forgiving someone. It’s all in your head, it doesn’t affect them. They might have moved on and they might have not even remembered how they have slighted you.

They might never ever revisit that scenario, that scene, that event, ever again. And you are sitting here, in the wake of that event, of that hurt, of that slight, years ago and you’re still all in your own mind. When I was writing notes down for this talk about forgiveness and the value of forgiveness, a quote came to mind it comes from Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius said, “We can choose to have no opinion about a thing and not to be troubled by it. For things themselves have no power of their own to affect our judgments.” Let me say that again. Marcus Aurelius said, ‘We can choose to have no opinion about a thing and not to be troubled by it.” What he’s saying here is, it is okay, actually it is mature for adults to think about things and not let it affect them.

This is one of the problems with the world today in mainstream propaganda media, mockingbird’s media. Because people watch TV and it affects them in the real world. You see? So many people, especially in the political arena, the crazies who get caught up in the political game, the political shenanigans, the political fakery, the fake news is they have chosen to have an opinion about a thing and to have that thing, trouble them. You see? When I highly secure, self-aware, responsible and mature individual does is they can choose to have no opinion about a thing and do not be troubled by it. For things themselves have no power of their own to affect our judgments.

Forgiveness is such a thing. Forgiveness is something that is totally self-induced in you, in me, not in the perpetrator, not in the other individual who slighted you, who hurts you. They don’t think about it. They don’t care about you. They don’t consider you. You know, I hate the idea of a–forgive and forget, you’ve heard that, I’m sure. I think when people say “forgive and forget” it cheapens the event. It cheapens to hurt, and it cheapens the real pain of that event. It cheapens it, it’s ridiculous.

Howfaulty? How pitiful, for someone to tell you,“Hey just forgive and forget.” You know what I’d say? Fuck you. You forgive forget,fuck you.Forgetting removes the opportunity to heal or to reprogram yourself from that event. Again I highly reminds you, if you’ve been hurt by pain, go search for my other podcast called ‘reprogramming pain’, you probably should watch that in tandem with this particular video.

But forgetting doesn’t remove the opportunity to heal and reprogram, it also forgetting–it also doesn’t change the fact that something happened. A hurt happened, a scenario happened. You were fucked. You were hurt. Someone did you a disservice. Someone broke their promise. Someone didn’t live up to what they said they were gonna live up to. You were left in the dirt, in the muck, in the mire. You were hurt. And, if we try to forget these things they don’t move us into denial. I can’t tell you how many times I have counselled individuals in which they are completely in denial of life because they have not forgiven individuals who have fuckedthem and they have allowed that to fester. They have allowed that to boil. They have allowed that to grow in them to the point where it has consumed them. Where they no longer, and this is the scariest part, is that they no longer know how to live outside the context of that pain.

When you don’t forgive and you let it boil and fester, you know what happens? That non-forgiveness, that non-healing, what it does is it retards your growth forever. You will continue to be a man-child. I can’t tell you how many times I have met grown-ass men above 40 who are actually still man-child, men shot. And the reason is because they are in denial of the hurts and the pains in the past. They can’t get over it. They literally cannot operate outside the context of that pain. That pain has become their identity, it’s become their crutch and they have become victims to it.

Some of the most–and this is not to slight anyone out there that’s listening, but I will say the most weak minded individuals I have ever met, mostly men, the most weak minded men I’ve ever met are men who can’t forgive. They’re in denial,they ain’t let that shit go. Forgiving also means that you’re not condoning, this is important. Like, forgiving also means that you’re not condoning what happened, know that does it mean that you should accept that the fact the person had the right to hurt.

They didn’t have a right to hurt you. Just because you’re forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you’re condoning the fact that they did something to hurt you. It also–forgiving someone also… doesn’t mean that you’re accepting, that it was right for them to hurt you. No. It was wrong. You werefucked, you were hurt, it was unfair within the situation. Despite forgiving someone it does not remove the consequences of the other party.

It never removes the consequence. And I think so many men, and I’m just gonna talk about men for here, ‘cause I don’t know women. I don’t knowshit about women. But with so many men, they feel like forgiving is a weakness. They feel that it is something that shows weakness in them. Fuckthat.I have this token up on my desk, up on my wall here that says,“Whom do you need to forgive? Why do you need to forgive him and her?“ That makes me stronger. And I’ll tell you the reasons why in just, a little bit. But I hate that, I fuckinghate that whole forgive and forget. It’s pithy, it’s shitty,it’s bad advice. Don’t forget, reprogram that pain. But do, forgive, for your sake.

As I was writing a couple notes down of how to round at this all out. I thought probably the two examples that came immediately to my mind, and this is just natural so forgive me, but I have to talk about him. Jesus on a cross. Could be just a story to you, don’t care. But you see Jesus on a cross when he was on that cross, you might remember how the story goes. He looks over to his left he looks over to his right of these other thieves and another unworthy individuals while he’s up there suffering and he cries out to God. Do you remember what he says in context and in regard to the other two men who are destined for death? He says to God says,“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Forgive them for they know not what they do. You see, Jesus… understood forgiveness.He really did. Is Jesus condoning these two individuals? These two individuals who are damned to a very painful death? No. 

When Jesus is saying “God forgive these individuals and forgive the individuals that are that are doing this nasty stuff to us, I got to make a little mixed up here, right? He’d say–he said to the two thieves, right? The two thieves that one of them is gonna see us in paradise and he says forgive the people that are hurting us, right? All the soldiers and the Romans, I apologize it was not just towards the thieves. But he’s not condoning what’s happening. He doesn’t agree with what’s happening why these individuals are getting killed and why especially he is getting killed for doing basically nothing.

He’s not condoning them nor he’saccepting the fact that what they’re doing is wrong. And he’s certainly not forgetting their sins, he’s not forgetting what is happening. But he knows that forgiveness is so powerful. And for him, with all of his influence, with all of his power, with all of his godliness and perfection… he can look down at those Roman soldiers who were–who have lifted him up high, nailed him to the cross and he can look at them and says to God forgive those soldiers, forgive these people for they know not what they do.

Jesus is the example of forgiveness, said it’s greatest form. Because he gave, what many of us if we’re intellectually honest, would not. The second example that comes to me is from Isaiah 43. Now, I don’t need to give you any context and frankly, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that is important from this particular passage is God is forgiving. And what does God say in Isaiah 43? He says,“I forgive them for my own sake.“ I’ll tell you guys, this, when I had finally read that, years and years and years ago and it really hit me to the core, I finally understood the value of forgiveness. You see? In Isaiah 43, God is saying, “I will forgive them from my own sake” 

Okay wait, hold up, pump the brakes. Wait a minute, God, you’re all good, you’re all knowing,you’re all just, right? How can you say such a thing? How can you say that you are willing to forgive these stupid people, these unrepentant people, these unfaithful people, these nasty, nasty humans? HowGod could you look at them and say that you are willing to forgive them for your sake? God what are you talking about? For your sake? You’re God. You don’t need. And then it clicked and then it clicked.

Because God is so great, because God is so good, because God is all loving, he forgives them for his own sake because he understands the value and purpose of forgiveness. It’s not for the Hebrews. It’s not for the Israelites. It’s not for the people. It’s for him. And you might say,“Well, hold the brake, bro.”God needs to forgive, for his own sake because he doesn’t want to be burdened by it? And the answer is exactly. 

God in Isaiah 43 is proving the model. He says, I’m forgiving these motherfuckers for my sake. Not for their sake, for me. And you say,“God, but why?” How do you get parted? And God says,“Because I don’t want to burden myself with your sin, your evil, your wrongdoing. No I’m not condoning it, no I’m not gonna accept it as it is. It’s still wrong, but you know what? I’m not gonna hold on to–it is of no value to me. 

That’s why we need to forgive, it’s for your sake. Five things guys, as I round this out. Five things, five reasons why you should forgive. And keep it on your mind, every time you’re deeply slighted. 


  1. It sets you free mentally. 

It set you free mentally it allows you to finally move forward. Don’t forget it, forgive them… so that you can move forward mentally, physically, move forward. Be free. Why do you want to be under the bondage of this negativity? This negative vibration. This negative juju. Fuck’em. They ain’t thinking about you, trust me, they ain’t thinking about you today, they ain’t thinking about you tomorrow, they’re probably not gonna think about you tomorrow but you’re the only one thinking about it. They’ve moved on. Call it their ignorance, call their naiveté, call whatever you want, be free.

  1. Removes anger and malice.

Forgiving begins the healing process. It removes anger and malice from your heart. You wanna know what eats away at people? I would know. I’ve been through phases, anger, malice ooh feeling slighted, feeling like shitsunfair, wanting to take on an a victim hood mentality where he should have, she should have, they put off, they did, he wouldn’t, it didn’t happen get over it. When Robert Frost say, “Life moves on, our life goes on.”  That’s all. The guy knew… life goes on, life goes on. Begin the healing process, remove yourself from it, forgive so that you can be set free and removed the malice and anger. 

One of the last times that I was ever seriously angry, was in my teenage years. There was a moment, maybe I’ll tell you guys his story in the future, but there was a moment when I was a teenager when I had let go of anger. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, the best decisions I have ever made. I consciously decided… to never tap in to the emotion of anger. I just said it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it. Likewise in my life, I’ve had to program things. Like, you know what? If you’re slide to, Peter, forgive, so you can move on. Do it for your sake, please. 

  1. No longer live with someone controlling you or having authority over you. 

Why would you want to be a prisoner of pain? Why would you want to someone else, who doesn’t care about you, is not thinking about you has probably moved on, why would you want them to have authority over your life today? Your life today has no relevance, no context of that pain of the past. Move on, stop letting them control you. They’re not you, they’ll never be you. Don’t let them in. 

  1. Gives you peace.

The reason why you should forgive is it will give you peace, it will give you peace. You’ll have stretched the muscle, the forgiveness muscle. The more that you forgive, the more that you will claim the power to forgive. Meaning, you’ll be able to forgive easier, you’ll be able to move on faster. Some people in my past have actually noticed and they think that they think that I’m superficial. They think that I just don’t care. They think that I just don’t have… much depth to me because I move on so quickly. My answer, to them is “why you still hang it on? Why are you still hanging on? I’m moving on, I’m moving up.“

And this is something I’ve talked about so many times in these types of podcasts is, your friends will be your biggest constraints. Because if as long as you’re continuing to move up and move forward and forgive and get overshit, you will move faster than any of your peers and they will end up looking at you strange and wondering why he doesn’t care? I mean, that was kind of fuckedup. What happened? Is he really all righty? He’s moving on pretty damn fast. It’s because time is of the essence and time is now. 

I don’t have time to waste. I don’t time to let someone else control me because some something shitty happened in the past. Why? I’ve talked about this, go back to one of my other podcasts. Being a prisoner of the past. Don’t be a prisoner of the past. And number five, which is the most important, at least for me. 

  1. Use your hurts for good. 

Now you can use your hurts for good. Some of the greatest moments of human experience that I have ever had, of human me–connecting deeply with another individual is through the act of revealing to them a pain in my past. So that they can see, they’re not alone. They’re not alone, that this has happened to others. It’s happened to me. I’ve been fuckedjust like you.

None of us are any different here, we’ve all been fucked. We’ve loved it ridiculously hurt, guys. But now, only when you can forgive, please don’t miss this, only those that have been able to forgive the pains of the past, the individual of the past can use that pain for good. You know what I’m talking about. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of the greatest testimonies, some of the greatest television program, some programming, some of the greatest moments in media history…have been when individuals who have suffered on calculable pain. 

Forgive the individual, forgive the person, forgive the entity, the group. Reminds me of trials, any type of trial. Where the mom or the dad or the brother or sister standing there in the courtroom facing the murderer of one of their relatives, friends, family members. 

How many times have you heard of that? How many times have you seen that? And in with all the pain, with all the hurt, it’s rare. But when that individual–let’s say it’s the mama or the daddy, they stand there and they look at the murderer who killed their son and they look at them and they say,“I forgive you” may you go with God. That’s all they have to say. Because they are of a higher vibration. These individuals are a higher maturity. They’ve learned the value of forgiveness because it sets them free. 

  1. Begins the healing process. Number two, it—t
  2. Remove pain and malice.
  3. Never allow that murderer, that pain to have control and authority over them
  4. To have peace and even more power to forgive others. 
  5. Now they can have a life testimony of how they survived… pain and hurt and suffering like no one else, and they’re still alive, and they are now, an encouragement to me and you. 

So the question for me and the question for you and the question for anyone listening today, whom do you need to forgive? Why do you need to forgive him or her? 

This is Peter, the Bitcoin Lambo. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe, smash the like button, and send this to someone in your network who needs to forgive to be set free. Peace out. 

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