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What’s up guys? What’s up? What’s going on? I am hyped! I look tired. The reason is because I just finished an entire day of karting. Yes, that’s right an entire day of karting with my son in the cold rain. So let’s me just tell you about my day first. How about that? How about I put away put away the notes hereby and just tell you about my day? Only if you’re interested. But I had a great day, guys. I had a great day carding with my son in the cold rain. 

First, learning how to drive in the rain is awesome. It’s awesome. You learn car control. You learn how to put on the gas at the right time. You learn more about this idea of smooth aggression when it comes to racing. It was great. It was great. You know what was one of the things that just really brought me alive today? Do you want to know? What really brought me alive is that when—and I’ll show some video of this maybe in the future—I was following my son’s line and the rain’s pouring down, there’s puddles, there’s fully wet areas. I mean it is just brutal. You’ll see the video when he cuts in front of me. The water coming off of his tire are just going right into my face. 

Here’s the point. Twice. Twice, while I was trying to follow his line, I spun out. Appa, spun out, man. I spun out. I couldn’t I couldn’t keep up with my little boy. My six-and-a-half year old son, I couldn’t keep up with him. I mean, you know, there’s just physics involved here in these types of things, but I mean he hit the lines so hard and I was like I don’t know I can’t go that fast. I can’t go that fast around these corners. I can’t do it. Does that make me an old man? Have I lost the edge guys? Is that what I’ve lost? 

What do I want to talk with you guys about today? I am super-hyped. I am super-excited. Not just only because I had a great day with my son karting in the cold fucking wet, but I loved every moment of it. It’s fascinating I can hold these two seemingly sounding contradictory things in complete balance and tension at the same time and be true and get absolutely truthful in both regards. 

We are finished guys. We are done with the things you didn’t learn in school project. Now, many of you guys might be like wait, wait what? I thought this was just your thing. I think this is going to continue. No, no, no, no you guys, many of you guys have been tracking with me for 2-3 plus years now? You guys know that everything is a project and we move on and we try new things. So this was a very powerful project that I had planned out and I am super happy to say that I’m finally completed with. 

Let me tell you what the things you didn’t learn in school podcast project was all about. I wanted to write another book so I’ve written a couple books. You could look me up Amazon, The Agile Pocket Guide one that’s published by John Wiley and Sons. I’ve wanted to write another book. I had already written out tons and tons of sticky notes on a book on decentralization and the value of decentralization and how we can take from the ideas of decentralization, the philosophies of decentralization and how we can utilize those for greater advancement and greater building of projects, of systems, of governance. Look at these guys. These are all my notes, all my sticky notes of this book. 

What I just showed you right there is… How many have I got on each page like a hundred sticky notes? More of all of the things that I needed to write down or write about in this book of decentralization and you might say, damn, that’s a lot of great ideas. Looks like a lot of stickies there. Let’s put it that way. It doesn’t mean there’s all great ideas. 

But anyway, when it came to writing this book on decentralization, I got all the ideas written down. I got a framework, I got the skeleton, I got the chapters, I got the ideas and the points that I want to make in each chapter. I got frame worked it all out. It’s basically there from a skeleton standpoint. That might be just enough motivation just fucking finish it. But the problem is that it wasn’t coming from the heart. I’ll just say it plainly. It wasn’t coming from the heart. I know all of this stuff intellectually. I know all of this stuff intellectually. I know the values of decentralization. 

I understand the values of how people can come together in decentralized manners to create amazing things and do amazing things together. I believe that in this complex world, and this is kind of the thesis of this book, is that we can actually exact to better change using the principles of decentralization over the methods of the past of organization and especially on organization of companies and how to optimize these organizations. 

Anyway, the point is like there wasn’t enough passion in this book. There wasn’t enough me. There wasn’t enough heart in there. This is all like an intellectual pursuit. So I didn’t want to do that, but I still wanted to write this book. So I decided that I wanted to do a book on 101 things that you didn’t learn in school. The whole idea is for me to outline all of the things that have helped me become successful and helped me have a fuller and happier life. I wanted to create chapters around each of those. Kind of principles and the lessons. 

I wanted to write this book 101 Things That You Didn’t Learn In School. Now, remember on YEN, when I posted all the sticky notes out. They’re all over here. I created about 120 or 130 or so but as I began executing against these chapters, I found that I didn’t have 101 lessons of life that you didn’t learn in school.

What I really mean by that was is that there was just too many ideas that were just too close together and too nuanced and we’re only separated by maybe a vague context or difference in context. So I began combining them and what I ended up coming up with is about 52-53 and I kind of forced fit a couple in there. So I ended up with is 50 which is a great number to end up with. I ended up with 50 chapters of 50 things, and this is just me, Peter, my experience, 50 things that I didn’t learn in school but were so important for my success. The reasons for my success that school didn’t give to me at all. 

I’m kind of losing my words here just thinking about it, but I believe and this is kind of in the beginning of my book here, but I’m kind of writing out my thesis, but essentially this, is that education is failing, okay? It is failing. -ing is a progressive thing. It is constantly failing and moving towards that that negative trajectory of sorts. School hasn’t failed. It is failing all the time and unfortunately, it just keeps getting worse. I believe that I am in a position in which I can speak intelligently about this and the reason is because I have a bachelor’s degree and I have three master’s degrees and I have a fuck ton of professional certifications like beyond count. I mean I was a Certification King, guys. I could rack them up and because I have a great memory. I’m great with data. I can remember all data type stuff. For me, passing tests, getting certifications, getting master’s degrees, guys? I can do this. 

My wife also master’s, lawyer. We’ve been through enough education to understand and been behind those walls to know the kind of the real deal of education. If you’ve been behind those walls as long as I have. It’s not merely just as a consumer, a student. You get to see the culture. You get to see the inside culture of the educational system and these types of things. The cancer that is inside. 

I wanted to write a book that I believe in terms of the way that the world is seeing education, the value to cost ratio of education today. I thought that this would be a timely topic to spend time on and create 50 lessons, 50 chapters of things that I didn’t learn in school, that I don’t think most people learn in school, that really are far more important than the memorization bullshit that you get in today’s educational system. 

What’s really neat about this is I did 50 videos. Now, there’s more than 50 on this project timeline, I think I did 70 or so, but there’s 50 that really aligned to 50 chapters. So I’ve written out the chapters and what’s really cool about the chapters is that each chapter is gonna have a video link which is really cool because you can read the chapter or you can get the podcast version, the 20-minute version of the chapter coming from moi. I think that’s really cool. 

I’m gonna be running this through a couple publishers, one publisher really. They have the first right of refusal. But if they don’t like the idea, I might self-publish it. It might be one of those things where you can buy it, if you guys want to buy it from me or it could be one of those things that we can do in like a private group setting maybe on That could be part of the paid private group or something like that. Kinda like patreon. 

I’m still trying to think about how that’s gonna go down, but really excited guys that this project has ended. That I’ve written at least the framework and the chapters, essentially the framework and the skeleton of the chapters and I’ve already done all 50 of those videos. So the videos are done which is really cool. I hope you guys have enjoyed that. Thanks so much by the way for those who have hung out and enjoyed what I’ve shared. 

I will never say that what I’ve shared is correct or right for you or for anyone, but really it’s an opportunity for me to share my heart and my perspective on this life, which I don’t have a broad perspective of life considering how young I am. But I’ve seen some shit and I’ve done some shit and I think that shit matters. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments if you didn’t or if I was wrong or whatever. Leave a comment below on all of this stuff I’m talking about. 

What’s gonna happen next? That’s the question. You’re thinking, man, it took this long? It took him 14 minutes and 27 seconds to finally talk about this Jeep Gladiator Rubicon fucking beast of a car? The story behind it? It took him now 14 minutes and 40 seconds for him to finally get to it? Yeah, I know, guys, I know. I was leaving you in suspense, guys. By the way, this is day 2 of ownership, not even, it’s like 26 hours. I purchased this thing basically 24 hours ago, yesterday evening. It’s awesome guys. I’ve already put over a hundred miles on it driving it up to the race track and back, guys. 

So why do I have a 2020 awesome car? I used to have a Jeep back in the day. Why do I have this awesome new ride? Because guys, there’s a new project happening. Many of you guys know that as I started into the crypto game and started doing cryptocurrency and building cryptocurrency apps, part of that was to get eyeballs. One of the best things that I know is that you can use very, very powerful marketing opportunities to get eyeballs on your project, what you’re doing so that you can be recognized in the market. This is just what marketing is all about. 

When it came to the crypto game, I had the Lambo. We got the Bitcoin Lambo. The world’s first Lamborghini Huracan, not the world’s first Lamborghini, but the world’s first Lamborghini Huracan purchased with Bitcoin. That was a great marketing opportunity to get eyes on the projects and the different applications that I was building in the cryptocurrency world from my best estimation and some consultants estimation in terms of reach where people have told me and consultants have told me that we’ve reached over a quarter billion, so like 250 to 300 million people have seen an article or a video or some sort of thing about the Bitcoin Lambo or Bitcoin and Lamborghinis and you boy Peter. 

I think buying the Bitcoin Lamborghini was a great opportunity to tell the world about the validity of cryptocurrency and get eyes on the projects that we’re building, the cool applications in crypto that we have the opportunity to build. It was really cool. It was even cooler is auctioning off—some of you guys were there—the Bitcoin Lambo which is now moved on to a new owner because we’re trying something new guys. Finally to the Rubicon. Finally to the Rubicon. 

Cars are a reflection of what you’re doing, at least for me, they are. This Rubicon is like going on a safari. It’s going on a new adventure. With new adventure, with waters that you have never dipped your toe into, to lands you’ve never been to, to soil you’ve never set foot on, and to rocks that you might have to climb, you need better gear than a Lambo. Uou need you need this thing. You need this thing. You need a rock crawler. You need something that can drive through the mud. 

We’re going on Safari guys. We’re going VC hunting. We’re going adventure hunting. We’re going big-game hunting. We’re going hunting in the venture capital world. That’s right. My next project guys is VC hunting with me, Peter Saddington. I’m going to be interviewing venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in that world because I am so interested. 

I’ve been on the receiving end mostly. Let’s be honest. I’ve been mostly on the receiving end when it comes to venture capital because I’m an entrepreneur. I’m in zero to A, zero to one type of builder. I love building new stuff. I love being the first person to do it. I love creating new things and then I like handing them off to people who want to take it to the next level. That’s just who I am. I’m zero to a, zero to one entrepreneur. I love building new shit. 

I’ve been on the receiving end of that funding, but I want to learn more about the other side. The reason is because I love giving. I love giving. I love helping. The last 50 videos or 70 plus videos or so, around things you didn’t learn in school was an opportunity for me to give of my heart and my soul of what I think is important to help people succeed. I want to impact more and I want to start investing not only my time which I can do in podcast form or video form and these types of things. I want invest money. I want to invest my money. I want to go hunting and learning more about the other side of venture capital. What better way than to interview some of the most successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the world. 

I’ve been blessed as the receiving end to have such great contacts on the giving end and so I’m gonna be inviting them and their network and maybe their extended network however far we can go because I’m really excited about this. I’m gonna learn as much as possible and you guys know that I love learning new stuff. I’m just gonna interview as many these guys as I can and learn as much as I can so that I can begin deploying my capital and impacting the world for greater, greater good. 

This is a really exciting for me. We’re done with the Lambo, guys. You know I’m getting another one, right? I still have the race car. This is the Safari time, guys. We’re back on a search. We’re going into unknown lands—VC world. I wanted to get something that would kind of symbolize that but also it’s awesome because I get to use it from with my son’s karting. So double booyah! Double win guys! 

It’s just awesome. I’ve been tooling around in it. I drove my son and myself today up to the karting track and it was a hoot. I loved it. I love the feeling. There’s an aesthetic to a Jeep that it’s just a different machine. It transports you to a different—I became a bro! We went to dinner in this thing and I had my baseball hat on backwards and my sunglasses on and this jacket. I looked like a bro. I had suddenly transformed into this. I looked like a bro. I hope you guys are excited. I hope you guys are excited about this transformation. 

By the way, I have to show you. The serendipity, guys, last page. Last page of this moleskin on the day that I finished this project. I mean I go through these moleskins. I don’t usually show you these things, but part of my opening up in my podcast was showing you guys that I do journal and I do take lots of notes. I crush these mole skins. Look at this, guys. I finished this one all the way to the last page, on the day that I was done. 

I don’t plan these types of things, guys. This is beyond the calculus that I could create. It’s like a sign. Like Fight Club. Done. Chapter closed. I just need to put some polish on it. I need to polish up the book and create a cool web page or something like that. Well, if my publisher pick it up, then they’ll do all that stuff. They’ll do all that stuff. They’ll just keep sending me edit for fucking months. 

Guys, thanks so much for being on this journey with me. I can’t wait to go on this new journey where we hunt for the untold stories of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs and learn the inside game of how they deploy money so that I can learn how to deploy money better and make better informed decisions. So I can learn, which is just really what I care about. That’s all I care about. I just care about learning guys. 

Guys, like, subscribe, leave a comment. Let me know how you’re doing. By the way, if you’ve lasted this long, this is actually really important about what I’m about to say. I’m going to continue to do life lessons of things you didn’t learn in school, but I’m not going to publish them publicly on YouTube anymore. I’m only going to be publishing them on the Behind-the-scenes group, Things You Didn’t Learn In School Community Page. There’s going to be comments in the future I know. Peter, what happened? It’s because they didn’t last 25 minutes. I’m gonna be delivering content to the behind-the-scenes people only on The Things You Didn’t Learn A Community Page on You probably sign up so you can get all my free content guys. Peace. 

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