The Three Level Process of Change-Implementation

1. Planning of Change – what we want to change and why (remember metrics, as well as the reasons why we’re doing Agile). The desire of the leadership is to bring about change as effectively as possible. A measure of effective change is that things remain stable. While there is some value in ‘breaking things up’ and creating some dissonance for positive change to take affect, we need to be careful, as coaches, to balance the approach.

2. Developmental Level – plans are solidified and a strategy is put into place as to how we are going to execute the change. Incremental change is good here. Start small, start effective. Prioritizing change is important. There is a lot of work to be done, and we can get to all of it in due time.

3. Announcement Level – the revelation of the change to the company and teams. The change has been decided in due process through the planning of the change as well as the development of the change. It’s time to announce it.

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