Resistance comes from within. – AUDIO NSFW

So let’s just jump right in. The title of today’s Sunday Sermon with the dogelord, guys. The title of today’s Sunday sermon with the dogelord is No One’s waiting on you. And that’s the title of today’s sermon. 

I think it’s self-explanatory but I wanna go through some of the facets that I have emergently discovered. I have emergently discovered through building start-ups and going through the suck and the grind to make this happen. 

The inspiration for this particular idea was born out of some notes I was taking from my trip out in California last week. And as you could probably imagine, I stood in a fuck ton of lines. Having all those flights back and forth. Atlanta to LA. San Francisco, LA. LA, San Diego. San Diego, LA. San Francisco, LA. LA, Atlanta. Man, it was crazy. I to observe the patterns of the lines. SoI spent a lot of time waiting. I spent a lot of time in these lines. And that was essentially the inspiration for this particular idea today. 

Waiting can be defined as ‘being inactive’. It’s essentially what you could say waiting is being inactive.  But I think we need to dive a little bit deeper in the heart of the matter. Why do we wait? And what is the force that creates us or puts us in a position of waiting? 

Now, we could look waiting can be considered in multiple vantage points. We can look at waiting as merely functional, objective function that you do, but we can also see waiting through a multiplicity of lenses like procrastination. Like being too quick, jumping the gun, right? We can look at this idea of waiting from different vantage points with different contexts and I think for many of us, waiting is less of a perfunctory thing that we do in the world. 

Obviously, in many ways, I don’t think we give much thought to the waiting that we do or at publics where shopping is a pleasure, or Kroger, or Walmart, or if you’re even richer you’d go to Tarjay. Because you wouldn’t go to Target, but you’d go to Tarjay.

I don’t think we think about the perfunctory waiting that we do within these systems. I think where waiting spends most of its time in our lives is in the negative context—procrastination, analysis paralysis, fear, anxiety, mistrust, distrust. These I think truly as I began to think about it, I think these truly are the enemies that we face that create the function of waiting in the negative context which you could call anything. Procrastination, analysis paralysis, fear, I mean, all that stuff, the function is that we wait but the deeper seeded issue, I think, is what we need to address. 

And what creates this waiting? What’s great about these Sunday service is I can interact with you guys. And so Trilamanila says, “I see waiting in the positive, faith on manifesting thoughts.” I understand where you’re coming from. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think if I were to take the context of what you’ve just said which is I see waiting in the positive, faith on manifesting thoughts. Faith is a spiritual term, my friend. And I’m going to leave it there.

But I think based on this spiritual term that you used using the word faith. I think if we were to take a deeper look into how faith was manifested through many of the religious texts out there. Faith was manifested not by waiting. Faith was manifested through action. Consider that. 

But I think what creates this function of waiting is an idea around resistance. That’s really what we struggle with. And so if you’re sitting down and you’re listening tonight, now is the time to wake up. It’s resistance. Resistance is the enemy. Resistance reveals itself. Resistance reveals itself at every angle of life. 

If you have a desire of your heart to write or paint or do music, or some sort of creative endeavour, if doing a new entrepreneurial enterprise, if you wanna start a new start-up, or a new idea,or a new company, whether you’re going on a diet, whether you’re trying to lose weight. Whether you’re trying to improve some sort of your spirituality.  Any type of endeavour. Anything that you endeavour on has this idea that emerges out of nowhere. 

It’s this idea of resistance. Resistance will always come. It’s this invisible entity. It’s this evil that we struggle with. I think the resistance will come every time, every single time. I think resistance will always come every single time. When we act or we desire to act, that comes from a higher nature, higher purpose. I think that’s when resistance comes. 

Now, what is this resistance? It’s invisible. It is unseen. It can’t be touched or felt or smelled or tasted. Well, it can be felt. It is within this context. It is completely negative. It is that element, this resistance in your life. It’s that element that distracts you. It’s your time bandit. I have mine. I have my time bandits. It could be anything. It could be too much even of a good thing. 

I think what we’ve seen or at least I’ve seen within the context of my life, I don’t see everything, but I think what I’ve seen–so let’s just leave it at me, but what I have seen my friends over the period of my short life on this earth is that we have moved in a perception, an idea of resistance that it comes from outside ourselves, let that sink in. 

I think the older generations now, obviously I wasn’t there so I can’t speak intelligently about how the social systems of the time and the media influences of the time. But based on what I think I know about the older generation and I’ve had the benefit of being able to have some pretty powerful talks with my grandparents before they died. And you know, let’s go on tangent there for a second. 

If you got some old people… So both my grandparents are dead, but I’ll tell you, some of the most powerful conversations that I have ever had is with my grandma, my grandpa, my haraboji, halmoni because they know some shit. They might not be whiz-bang with the tech, I’ll tell you guys. But I’ll tell you, there’s something wonderful about the stories of old. 

And now I’ll tell you one of the most powerful conversations that I’ve had in the last five years before my grandmother passed was I was travelling, some of you guys remember seeing my schedule. I was traveling two cities a week, many years. And I would always make time whenever I’m up northeast to see my majima, my halmoni.

The best conversations were with my grandmother when I visited her up north. I’d ask her questions about what was it like then. How do you see this now? What has changed about X? What has changed about Y? These are some of the most fascinating conversations I’ve ever had because it gives you an insight to a world that you’ll never experience and yes, it’s one piece of anecdotal evidence but it’s a fascinating one at that. 

And trust me, when you’re old, you’ll love telling stories. You guys know how many fucking great stories I’m gonna be having when I’m old and gray, when I’m an old haraboji dogelord. The stories I’m gonna be telling my grandkids, guys? Man, I hope I remember your names. 

So what was the point of all that? The point of all that is that my experience, my perceived understanding of the old world, of the old guard, the traditional way of life is they took a lot more personal responsibility over their lives. And what I’ve seen or at least within my realm of perception of society and how society has changed is that we have moved to believing that the issue is outside ourselves and that resistance comes from outside ourselves and this gives us a fantastic opportunity to blame. 

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to dismiss. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to skirt responsibility, to skirt accountability. No, it’s not my fault. It’s X’s fault. It’s Y’s fault. It’s society’s fault. It’s Trump’s fault. It’s Barack Obama’s fault. It’s the education’s fault. It’s my car’s fault. It’s my skin color’s fault.” But what has happened?

And so we’ve moved to the issues outside ourselves. Resistance is not a peripheral entity. Resistance is from within. Let’s take personal responsibility for the resistance in our lives, in the waiting that it creates, the negative waiting that it creates, the procrastination that it creates, the inaction it creates, the analysis paralysis that it creates. Resistance comes from within, my friends. It is your fault. 

It is 100% my fault every stinking time and I acknowledge this. I’m not under any illusion that this is anybody’s fault but mine. I’m not faking anybody out. And trust me you’re not faking anybody out either. You ain’t faking anybody out. Resistance arises from within. It is self-generated. You create it. It’s self-perpetuated. You’re the one that keeps it going. I’m the one that keeps it going. Resistance is not a peripheral entity, my friends. Own it. 

Resistance comes from within and resistance is insidious, it is toxic. I know. Guys, I know. I fight every resistance every fucking day. And you guys every time I get into this mode which is pretty much anytime you guys give me an opportunity to just do this stuff is I always sound like I’m complaining about it—no, I want you to know that I’m real. 

I’m the same as you guys. I have the same flaws, I have the same fuck-ups, I’m imperfect in every bloody way. I’m just like you and so when I tell you that I don’t wanna do this it’s coming from the heart. Guys,I–let me tell you, I want the desire of my heart, the desire–the deepest desire of my heart is to let every fucking person I know–you guys remember that stream when my hairdresser from Super Cuts ‘cause I get these cheap-ass haircuts, guys? Remember she joined the stream? 

Guys, please believe I talked to everybody about that Bitcoin. I don’t care who you are. That’s the desire of my heart. That’s what I wanna do. I am so lucky to be able to build stuff that can help me do that. But you know what I don’t wanna do? I don’t wanna wake up early every morning and I certainly don’t wanna stay up all fucking night and—yeah, it does it sound like I’m complaining, absolutely. I’m not–but please believe I’m not complaining. I’m telling you, this is from the heart, man. I don’t fucking wanna do it. 

Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work. Resistance is the ultimate deceiver. It will fabricate and falsify, it will bully you, it will embarrass you, it will cajole you, it will seduce you to an action. That’s what resistance is, it’s self-generated fabrication. It’s self-generated—lies. Going scientific for a second, resistance is like a protein. You know, it’ll assumeany form. For those there in hearthstone, it’s a faceless manipulator. It’ll take any form. It will give you the best reasons,it’ll become doctor, scientist in a heartbeat and then after doctor, scientist, it’ll immediately become Mr. Lawyer. 

And then the next day it’ll bully you like a 12th grader bullying a 9th grader on the playground or the–whatever the–do they have playgrounds in a fucking high school? Whatever. Resistance will take any form, my friends. Resistance will be anything that you–that it wants to be. 

Resistance doesn’t have a conscience. Resistance doesn’t give a shit about you. And I say this all the time. Most things in this world don’t give a shit about you. It’s just you. If you’re blessed, you have a family and if you’re even more blessed, you might even have a couple doges. And as your extended family dies–and even the ones that you didn’t really give a shit about anyway, at the end of the day, it’s just you, brother. It’s just you, sister. 

The resistance is from within. It would pledge anything to get a deal out of you. It will say anything. It will say anything to get you to not do what you need to do. This is the enemy. The enemy is resistance and so as we continue to discuss this idea I want you to think…

What is your resistance? What are you conjuring up? No. Please. We have the entire spectrum of individuals within this–in this dream. There’s some of you guys who are very satisfied. I’m very happy with your lives. I’m very happy that you’re happy. 

We have other people on the spectrum. You know, the people on the spectrum are people who are completely dissatisfied with their lives in the way that it’s going and the tired of the bullshit. The tired of the nonsense, the tired of the inaction. And so wherever you are on this spectrum–for those on the–my life is awesome and it cannot be changed, it’s the best shit since life’s spread then you just sit back and enjoy the show. But for anyone else within that spectrum essentially, you have some thinking to do. You have some retrospecting to do. 

If you wanna change anything, I mean, we talked about a lot of this. Let me remind you, if you are endeavouring on any type of art whether you’re painting, or music, or something creative art–let’s put it that way, any type of start-up, any type of new business. 

What if you’re trying to lose weight? Well, maybe you’re just trying to have a healthier lifestyle. What about the faith? The spiritual? What about an addiction? What about a bad habit? What about a moral or ethical conundrum that you’re dealing with now? I think I pretty much covered the gamut there. 

So if any of you guys have any of that then consider what is the resistance that comes from within…that creates the waiting, that creates, the inaction. Any endeavour I think one of the biggest pieces of resistance that you will find is the fear of the unknown. But let’s be intellectually honest, everything that you do every day is within the realm of the unknown. 

You don’t know what variable is gonna happen, you don’t know how that cars gonna cut you off today, you don’t know how your co-workers gonna say some shit today, you don’t know how your boss is gonna throw you under the bus, you don’t know how that food is gonna get spilled on your tie or your blouse at lunch, you don’t know how you’re gonna miss that meeting at 2:30, you don’t know that you’re gonna get back–stuck back in traffic and then have—then forget that you needed to pick up fucking milk from the grocery, you have no idea what’s gonna happen each and every day. 

And so I wrestle with that. It moves with an action. I’d rather do nothing sometimes then address the unknown and address that which is not clearly manifested right in front of me. So how do we deal with resistance? Well, I hope that you guys went through P90x. 

It could be the end of every sermon guys that you go through P90X but there’s lots of parts in the P90X about going pro, setting goals, having accountability, having conversations with others, being intentional—see you, Raven. Being intentional and that’s one of the things that I would love to see. 

I would love to see within this community that we have on Discord and the Bitcoin pub, is that you will never improve. You will never succeed. You will never get to that mile marker, you will never get to that milestone, you will never get to the end line, the goldmine, the finish line, you will never get to where you need to go, or where you really need to go, or you really wanna go if you are not intentional. 

And none of the ideas that you have are that good. None of the ideas that I have are that good. Frankly, most of my ideas are complete shite until I smashed them up against other people, until I asked my brother about the idea—and my brother could tell you, I’m thinking of ideas all the time. 

Sometimes he goes, “Peter, that is the next thing–the dog shit that you just told me. Why did you waste a fucking seven and a half minutes of my time?” Like–and you don’t think John say–doesn’t say that shit, he literally does because I will go on and on about this great idea that I think we should run an experiment on and he’ll say,“Peter, it’s been seven and a half minutes. It’s time to fucking–what is this?” 

But sometimes I’ll even impress a bitand he’ll say,“Damn, that was—it’s a really good idea.” Actually, if we did it like this—oh, now, we’re cooking with fire, guys. Now, we’re cooking with gasoline. So let’s round it out. No one’s waiting on you. Nobody is waiting on you. You is the only you who’s waiting on you. No one’s waiting on you. No one cares about what you wanna do. You is the only one waiting on yourself…and waiting comes–it’s a function that comes because of resistance in your life. 

So engage, be intentional. Your ideas aren’t that good. You don’t have everything right. Be intentional. And then you’ll say,“Peter, you keep saying that. What does that mean?” Use the pub. Use Discord. No one knows who you really are anyway. Use the resources that we have. 

I see all these people in this chat. You got a problem? You got resistance? Good. Welcome to the fucking show. Use discord. Let’s say, guys, you know what? I have an idea. Here it is, people will respond. People might say, “Well, that’sokay.” They might say, “Yeah, it’s a great idea.” When they sayit’s a great idea they don’t think it’s a good idea, they’re just saying that because they’ve been behaviourally programmed that within a text medium to say that’s a great idea even though they don’t think it’s a great idea. 

So when you say, “Hey, this is what I’m thinking about.” And the first three responses you get is, “Hey, that’s a great idea.” It’s not a great idea. Your idea sucks ass. So be intentional. Say, “Okay. Why?” Oh, now, you’re being intentional. But that’s what you have to do, you have to ask questions. We have a community now. Guess what, you wanna lose weight? Good, you’re fucking fat. 

You know it. You know you’re unhealthy. Good. Hit it up on the pub, hit it up on Discord. Say, “You know what? I’m fat as fuck and I need to get my shit together. And you know what? I don’t wanna get into disparage talk and I don’t wanna go through, you know, the hurt locker on myself and I don’t wanna make myself feel depressed but I’m telling you guys, I’m just gonna throw it up there. You know what? I’m fat as fuck and I need to do something about it.” Good. 

You know what? Someone else in here might DM you and say,“Wow.” You know,“I got this new thing that I’m going through, let’s do it together.” I don’t know, I’m making shit up. You might see–it doesn’t matter, we have a community of people that if you’re intentional with and merely ask the question you might have to ask it–guess what, you might have to ask it 20 times. Oh, you ask the question on the pub and you didn’t get a response? I’m sorry but it ain’t my fucking fault. 

Maybe you should’ve written some more context. Maybe you should’ve written a post that people would be naturally inclined to read. Maybe you should brush up on that Engrish. Oh,you tried to engage in Discord at 10:00 AM in the morning and no one answered your question? I’m sorry. 

Maybe people aren’t fucking answering questions at 10:00 in the morning but don’t DM me and tell me that,“Peter, no one’s responding to my question.” What am I supposed to do, motherfucker? Put it out on blast and let everyone know that your particular question needs a detailed response like right now? But ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Remember guys, this comes from a heart of love. The heart of love is very simple. If you want a new life, if you wanna  do something new, you wanna try something new, you wanna change your life, you wanna lose weight, you wanna try a new enterprise, you wanna try new creative art, you wanna try jumping off the cliff, you wanna go explore the unknown, whatever you wanna do, your ideas aren’t perfect. 

Your ideas aren’t great, my ideas aren’t great. You have to smash them up against other people. And so what’s the answer? Here you go. The TLDR of this entire sermon which by the way went over time. When you face resistance you must engage. And I’m trying to go by example, I got–I don’t get good sleep. I’m not as good of a time boxer as you guys believed me to be. 

I struggle with perfection because it moves me into an area of analysis paralysis where I’d rather not do anything at all. You know, I struggle with these things. These are things that I think I will continue to struggle with and so understand that. Now that you understand more about me you can empathize with me and I can empathize with you if you share with me but resistance–I think resistance in many ways will always be the battle. 

The manifestation is merely the waiting and trust me guys,ain’t nobody’s waiting for you. Ain’t nobody waiting for me. Trust me, there’s no one in the world waiting for me. Well, maybe you guys ‘cause you guys need the end so that’s maybe not necessarily true. Just kidding, you don’t even know if it ends are good. It is. 

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