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Do you know what happens when you are a mature individual and you’re relatively self-aware? Do you know what happens? You are reminded of your failings. You are reminded of the ways that you are incomplete. You are reminded of more than your failings. You’re reminded of your weaknesses. Because a self-aware person understands him or herself. Guys, I’m not saying that I’m the most woke person in the world, but brother and sister, I tell you, it is easy for me to pick out my own flaws. 

Today I want to talk with you guys about pride. There’s this idea that has been kind of ruminating in my mind for a while now, but I wanted to see if I could synthesize this idea of pride into something that I could communicate to you guys in about 15 to 20 minutes. What I came across and when wrote down in my notes here, how I formulated this idea is around the idea of forgetting. What I believe, in the heart of man, what pride does exceptionally well is it casts a shadow over your memory. What pride does is it makes you forget the good things in life. It makes you forget where you are, who you really are, and what your value really is.

You guys remember the books back in school? You remember that the books on pride? Pride before the fall? Any of you guys read some of the Greek mythology back in the day in high school around Icarus? Remember Icarus, the young lad who flew too close to the Sun? Do you remember this story? If you don’t remember, I’ll give you the TL:DR (it took too; long did not read) version. 

Essentially Icarus wanted to fly. It was every boy’s dream to fly. He wanted to fly and he wanted to fly away from the island of Crete. And so his father Daedalus gave him wings. He gave him wings and these wings were made out of feather and wax. It doesn’t matter, you already know the end of the story. It doesn’t matter how many times his father or his peers reminded him and warned him of the issue, the risks of flying too close to the Sun. So obviously, the long story short of it is that Icarus did not heed the warnings of his fellow peers. He did not heed the warnings of his father. He flew way too close to the Sun. The feathers burnt up. The wax melted and he fell to his death in the waters below. He drowned because of his pride. 

Here’s what I want you to think about when you think about this story of Icarus and the father Daedalus and the wings of wax and feather. What I want you to remember is that his father made this shit for him. If you remember from some of my previous podcasts about self-esteem, maybe you should go check that out, that it’s your parents who you up. You should go back and listen to that. But his father made him these wings. His father made him the feathers and the wax. And Icarus did not heed the warnings. Don’t go too close to the Sun, it’ll melt. 

You see, besides the whole idea that your parents you up, the real issue are the are the wings made of feather and wax. That’s what I want you to have in your mind right now. You and I, dear listener, dear listener, you and I have wings. You and I have wings of feather and wax. That’s what it is! You and I have wings of feather and wax! 

Let me describe what this means. You and I have wings of feather and wax. It means that we have fake support. We have fake security. Go back and listen to my podcast on security being a superstition. We have fake strength. It’s all fake. The support that you think you have, the security that you think you have, the skills the abilities, the strengths that you have—do you think these are your salvation? They’re not. 

All of this—your wings of wax—can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. Wake up people! There is no security. Your own strength, your own efforts can never save you from the imminence of variables that happens in this world. The crises that happens you could never prepare for. The death in your family, you could never prepare for. The bill that you could never prepared for. The illness you could never prepared for. The accident you could have never prepared for. 

You and I, all of us, have wings of wax and that is our pride. Our wings of wax is our pride. We think we can do it. We think we have it all figured out. We think we got it all done. Fake support. Fake security. Fake strength. It can all be taken away. 

None of you can argue with me on this especially if you’re a grown-ass adult. If you’re a grown-ass adult, you already know that everything, everything, everything under the Sun can be taken from you in a heartbeat. That is how fragile life really is. Pride forgets this. 

In today’s podcast, I want to remind you guys of four things that I’ve forgotten about pride and what pride helps me forget about. I want to remind you of these things because remember pride comes before the fall. Hopefully, a mature individual that I am and a self-aware individual that I am, I want to remind myself that pride is always before the fall. 

  1. Pride forgets.

What does pride forget? Pride forgets where you came from. I forget people where I came from, the humble beginnings that I came from. I came from nothing. I don’t need to explain this to you. I don’t need to explain this to anybody. I’ve explained it in another podcast. You should probably go back and understand the history behind me, if you’re so curious. But if you’re not curious, it don’t matter. We all come from humble beginnings. 

You were naked, bro! You were naked, sister! Coming into this life and you was leaving this life exactly in your birthday suit, naked, with nothing. Nothing that you have, nothing that you’ve achieved will go with you. All the cars that you’ve owned, all the houses that you’ve owned, all the things that you built, will be owned and operated by other people. 

Pride forgets where you came from. Pride forgets that you are dependent on others. You were dependent on others. Who contributed the question you have to ask yourself here? Who contributed to your success? Who contributed from getting you out of your humble beginnings? Was it your momma, your daddy, your uncle, your chingu, your friend, your colleague, your boss? Where is the real credit due? 

I think you could easily say that there’s a fine line with me between pride and confidence in self and self-assertiveness. There’s such a thin line there. Some people could say oh Peter, you’re pretty powerful! Well, I wouldn’t disagree with you. But I would also say that I’m highly self-confident in my abilities to do anything. I remember telling my wife just last night. I looked her in the face and I said, “I can do anything.” And she nodded because she knows it’s true.

Pride forgets. Pride forgets where you came from. Harken that you forget where you came from. Do not forget where you came from. You were nothing. You think you’re something now? You’re wings of wax, my friends, you’re wings of wax. Where’s the real credit due?

  1. Pride forgets family.

Guys, I will raise my hand and be the first to admit to you. This is one of my greatest failings in life. Period. It’s fascinating the cycle of decay that I talk about how your parents fucked you up and how if any of your kids are fucked up, it is 100% your fault. They spent more time with you than anybody else? It’s your fault your kids are fucked up. 

Now, I can eat my own dog food here guys! Family is what pride forgets. You’re too busy in work and play? You’re too busy in work and play? I tell you guys I know people who work in hospice. I know people who work with the people that are end-of-life, in the hospital, dying. I know these people! They always tell me a very simple truth about the stories of these people who are dying. None of them ever in history of ever on their deathbed have ever wished that they would work more, that they had worked more, that they’d spent more time at the office, that they had spent more time on business trips, that they had spent more time… Never! It never happened. 

On your deathbed, the last thing that you will care about is the amount of time you spent in the office. You will be only caring about how much time you wish you had fucking spent with your son, the amount of time you wish you had spent with your daughter, and certainly in the amount of time you wish you had spent with your life-partner. Guys, hastin’ that we forget that family provides the platform for your performance. Family provides the platform for your performance. Don’t forget their needs! Don’t forget their needs! Don’t ignore their feelings! Don’t ignore the small nuances of your family! 

Guys, I have to this to myself because I get caught up in the two things of the world—work and play. I’m telling you right now guys I am working on both. I’m not a perfect man. I will never be a perfect man, but I’m telling you because this is a personal podcast. I’m telling you guys as my limited and small audience that I am working on myself in a big way on my pride. Because pride forgets family. 

My biggest failure, I will admit it to you right now. My biggest failure in family was when I was a travelling consultant making millions of dollars a year over 12 years, I forfeited my family for the money. I did! I did! I did! I can’t ever get those 12 years back. I can’t ever get them. But golly, I’m so happy that I made the decision to stay at home when my kids were born. Golly! God bless my wife. Suffered me. I suffered her! I suffered her for the beginning years of our marriage, the beginning years of our kids. She’s left alone with two little knuckleheads while I was off gallivanting off into the fucking Europe and Asia and all over the world travelling, consulting, making great money. 

I mean, I can’t dig on that, but I’m telling you guys, I am saddened when I think about those 12 years of my life where I gave more to work than my family. My biggest failure, guys, my biggest struggle in life when it comes to pride forgetting things is always family. Mea culpa.

  1. Pride forgets others. 

Obviously, you forget your family, but you forget others. Humble men and women include others in the journey. They include others in success. I would even go farther, success is only valuable when it’s shared! Success is only when it’s shared. Who gives a if your successful and ain’t nobody know about it but you! That could be internal motivation. I get it. But don’t forget others in your pride. Don’t forget others in your work. Don’t take all the credit. You can’t take all the credit! 

One of the things that I find fascinating about haters—people hate on you, people who ghost you, who leave you, who don’t respond, who suddenly begin hating on you because you’re doing something in your life and they’re still stuck and they decide to not talk to you anymore? That’s pride. That’s pride. Pride discourages other people. Pride is not participatory. Pride is not helpful for others. Pride is discouraging. 

A humble man encourages others. A humble man encourages others and shares the credit, only takes the credit where credit is due, and shares in the successes. Pride forgets friends. Pride forgets others. Be humble. Be humble, guys. Be humble.

Do you know what else pride forgets? It forgets personal responsibility. When you have too much pride, you forget that you are 100% responsible for your actions, your behaviors, and what the fuck comes out of your mouth. You what pride does? It forgets the personal responsibility. Instead, people who are prideful, blame others. I think I’m pretty good at this. I don’t blame anybody, but myself. Actually, I go even farther. I’m my worst critic easily. Period. Full stop. I take more than full responsibility. If I had a like one of those cat-o’-nine-tails, I’ll whip my own back and make bleed to remind me of the suffering and the choices I’ve made, for the games that I want, and the future that I want.

  1. Pride forgets God.

You might not believe in God. I do. So I’ll fill it in. Pride forgets the universe. When you have pride, you forget your purpose. But I’m gonna summarize it this way. Pride forgets God. Where’s your place in eternity? Where’s your place in eternity? I’m not talking about salvation. Where’s your place in eternity? You is a speck, bro! You is a speck, girl! You are nothing in the span of eternity. Get over yourself. You a same flesh and blood as me. 

You know what I hate about? This will be just a little tidbit here. You know what I think is so stinking depressing and so stinking insidious is racism. Racism is an insidious idea. Do you know why? Because I’m telling you guys everyone’s pink inside. Everyone’s pink inside. When you die, you pink inside. All that pinkness in your body is gonna bleed out into the world. The worms and the maggots is gonna eat your nuns. They’re gonna eat your eyeballs, are gonna eat your tongue. 

Did you forget your place in eternity? Did I forget my place in the universe? I’m nothing. I’m a speck. I’m a vapor. I’m a shadow. I’m merely a visage of a human. Pft! When you have pride, you forget God. You forget to appreciate the unknown and the vast beyond that you are a part of. Golly! Wake the fuck up! 

As I sit here and I look into my garage and I look outside my garage, I got the cicadas singing. I could hear them. I only take up a 3×3 area right now in terms of space if I stand up. I’m a nobody in the vast expanse of beyond and the vast expanse of the unknown in the universe. Did you forget your place? Did I forget my place? You think you’re big shit because you got millions of followers? You think you’re a big shit because you got lots of likes and lots of comments? None of that is real bro! None of that is real! 

Pride forgets where you come from.

Pride forgets family.

Pride forgets others. 

Pride forgets God. 

Don’t be too busy in yourself. So what’s the antidote to pride? Well, it has to start with self-awareness. Being mature, self-aware, being able to see outside yourself. Part of being situationally aware and part of having mental maturity is to be able to look at situations without emotion, to look at situations objectively, and to look at yourself realistically who are you. Are you the greatest shit since sliced bread? Are you just pink inside like everybody else? You see, pride forgets. The antidote is that the humble remember. 

Today, guys, I remembered, which is why I wrote this all down. I’m putting it on paper and I’m podcasting it to you. I remember today guys. 

A humble man leaves no room for pride. A humble man remembers God’s faithfulness. A humble man remembers your deliverance, your good fortune in life, where you’re standing in life, the opportunities that you have, the air that you’re breathing, the food that you have, the shirt on your back, and the bed that you sleep in. 

Humble men and women remember the generosity of life, the patience of the universe. Holy crap! I can’t tell you how many times I have considered how patient the Lord is with me. Jesus! A humble man, a humble woman remembers to be thankful and grateful in all that they have because it can all be taken away. Last but not least, a humble man, a humble woman works for the good of others. They work for the good of others and not themselves, which is why I’m so glad I remember this today so I could give you guys my heart in considering and thinking about my own pride, my own failures, my own inadequacies to preach to myself to remember not to be prideful. I am nothing. I have wings of wax. Hastin that I forget that it’s all just wax and feathers. Guys what do you need to remember today ?

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