You’ll always see improvement in whatever you practice. – AUDIO NSFW

You know, I have the distinct privilege of watching my children, both of them, play outside every day. Let that sink in. I have the privilege of, literally, watching my children, both of them, every stinking day, every day. I get to watch my kids and engage with them outside every day. That is amazing. And the reason that is amazing–if you haven’t grasped, the reason it’s amazing is because we live in a time when kids don’t play outside every day. 

But I do. I’ve modelled that. I work outside every day in my garage, every day. I work and I play every day outside and that’s what I’ve modelled. And so that for me is natural, That makes sense to me but I’m also not unawares that watching and being able to engage and play with my children outside every day—weekend or week day after school, I get to watch them play every day outside, it’s awesome. 

And one of the things I also get to see every day is them riding their bikes every day. It is amazing. I used to ride my bike everywhere. I could tell you stories of riding over in New Jersey, Dunbar Drive. I don’t mind telling you the address, it doesn’t matter, Dunbar Drive, driving over to my friends, The Landers boys on my bike with my broham going all around the neighborhood, going all the way over to a completely other town or other townships back in the day on the bike. 

From—and then, I mean, riding bikes? The best. And I’ve talked about this before but I have encouraged and shown my kids how to do wheelies on their bikes. I’m one of those dads. I’m one of those guys who likes to push my kids to the limit. I like to challenge them do amazing things, different things. 

And so my son is always practicing these wheelies. He gets hurt, you know, and I’m always there because I’m always the first one to hear the crash, I’m getting really good especially, if I’m working here, I’m getting really good at hearing and getting off my ass, and getting out there, and making sure that I am within arm’s length if need be, right? But he’s constantly improving. 

I mean, my job is really just twofold. #1, to encourage him to lean into it. Don’t give up. Keep trying even if you get hurt. My job is to encourage him to continue, to keep trying but also to be there for the wins and the fails, right? The wins are important. Don’t get me wrong. The wins are important. It’s great but, man, the real lessons is through the tears. It’s through the pain, it’s through looking up at your Appa, looking up at your dad, when you’re in pain and seeing him look at you and say, “It’s okay, let’s do it again. You can do this.” 

Those are the moments that I enjoy the most with my kids. Giving them encouragement when they need to and giving them also a little bit of guidance when they need to. But anyway, my kid is loving love doing these wheelies, my wife comes out, I’m outside hanging out with the kids, right? And my wife comes outside and she notices how good my son is at doing these wheelies and she’s all shocked. She’s like, “Oh, wow. It’s awesome.”She busts out of her phone, taking video for over a minute, exclaiming the greatness of these wheelies, you know, lots of support. 

And, you know, just picture me, right? I’m standing there arms crossed, ironically so, right? As my wife’s busting out her phone, taking these videos, being like, “Oh, my gosh. It’s so awesome. Great.” And I’m standing there guys arms crossed, right? Raised eyebrow, you know, raised eyebrow, kind of, looking over her ahead her, out of the corner of my eye and I—and finally, I just looked at him and I’m like, Yeah, he’s been doing great. He’s practicing every day. I see him practice every day. I get to see him practice every day. 

It’s just so funny. It’s funny to me. Have you ever met an accidental superstar athlete? Have you ever met an accidental rock star? Have you ever met an accidental top of their game professional? You’ve never met an accidental anybody that’s successful. You have to believe they practice every day. 

I have had several occasions, guys. This is just always hilarious to me, this idea of, you know, I get to watch my son practice every dadgum stinking day and then my wife comes out and she’s like, “Oh, he’s so good!” It’s like, “Sister, he’s been practicing.” 

I have had at least two or three times in which I have busted out laughing like deep howling belly aching-like laughing man as I’m watching, like, an NFL draft or NBA Draft. I think there was twice during an NBA Draft and maybe once during an NFL Draft. 

I was watching and you might say, “Well, what are you talking about? Why are you laughing so hard at an NBA Draft or in NFL Draft?” And I’ll tell you why. The reason is is because I’m watching this NBA Draft and they’re going through speeches and they’re going through whatever, and they’re doing congratulations and the guy who has just been drafted is getting paid a hundred million dollars a year or whatever. 

You know, he gets up to the microphone and he says, “I just wanna let everybody know. I wanna thank my mama who’s been by my side.” And the camera cuts to his mom, right? And his mom’s going, “Yeah, that’s my boy! That’s my baby. That’s my baby. That’s my boy!” And she’s going crazy, she’s going nuts. And you look to the side and you see that dude, that guy. He’s part of the family. I never know who this guy is. It could be an uncle. It could be an estranged father. It could be the father. But you know what that guy is doing? He’s not doing what the mom is doing. 

The mom is going, “Oh, that’s my baby! That’s my boy! He’s gonna make that million!” She’s going crazy because the girl just got paid, guys. The girl just got paid. But the reason why I busted out laughing is because of the guy on the woman’s right. He’s going like this. Kind of, shaking his head, nodding his head, can you guys see that? Right. He’s nodding his head slowly, he’s clapping, he’s with it, he’s congratulating the boy. He’s congratulating that young man. And you look at that and you know what? Do you know what’s going through my mind immediately in that moment is that’s the brother who’s been watching that guy practice every day. He’s the one going, “Yeah, everyone’s excited. Congratulations man, but I was there. I was there everyday. I saw him practice every day. I was actually the one that drove him to the courts at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to get to practice early, to get those drills in. Yup, that was me.” 

That’s why I end up busting out laughing on these guys because I’m watching this NBA Draft and the mom’s going all crazy, she’s going wild, and you see this brother next to her going, “Yup.” That was me, guys. That was me.” I’m looking at my wife and I’m going, “Hmm.” Look. I’ve seen him practice every day.

You know, sometimes people ask me why I ship every day. Why do I produce content every day and ship it to the web. I mean, I’m not making any money on advertising. I mean, I’m doing this for free, right? And people ask me this question, like, “Why do you ship? Why do you do this?” And the answer is always ridiculously simple, this is my tradecraft. This is my craft. This is how I make money. I’m a communicator. I’m a communicator.

I’m a communicator of ideas. I’m a communicator of strategy. I’m a communicator of visions, of future realities. I’m a communicator of encouragement, of tough truths, of my reality, how I see it, how I see the world. Like, that’s what I do. I am someone who communicates, I think, pretty effectively the ideas that are in my mind and the things that I have seen, and conjured up, and be able to create the ideas that I wanna execute on, right?

My best skill is communicating what I have learned. Period. Full stop. That’s it, guys. Peter said, “My best skill is communicating what I have learned.” That’s it. I mean, whether through study or vision, right? There’s a lot of stuff just comes to my brain but I have studied hard. I have studied hard. 

And I must practice every day. That’s why I ship stuff. That’s why I create content. That’s why I talk into a microphone, ideas that I think are challenging, ideas that I think are worth thinking about.

#1, ideas that I think are worth struggling with, ideas that I think people aren’t generally willing to talk about.

#2, things that they might not even have thought about. 

#3, things that I thought about that I think…might…be helpful to other people. I must practice every day and even I can improve my communication, and I do. I mean, for those who have been with me through this journey–this communication journey–let’s put it that way.

For those who’ve been with me you’ve seen, right? I’m constantly trying to improve my communication in multiple different ways from doing interviews to doing, live interviews, to doing interviews on the web, to different formats, to memes, to storytelling, to sermons, to, you know, very operational talks to strategic ideas, I’ve changed so many different things.

I’m constantly trying to learn how to communicate better with different formats, different topics, editing, styles, mediums, themes. I mean, I’m a man of languages. Some of you guys don’t know what the languages I know and it might freak you out. But all of this stuff that I practice every day with communication, it all requires that I’d learn something new and lucky for me that I enjoy the process—keyword, process. I love the process of learning. I love it. I love going from a green bean status of knowing absolutely nothing to being able to effectively communicate what that idea is that I didn’t know anything about months ago to someone else and, say, this is something that you might be interested in learning about.

I think guys if I think about it right now many times I just want other people to be interested to what I’m learning about. I just want people to be interested in what I’m learning about because I love learning about new things. Here’s a saying and I’ll leave you with this, guys. I’ll leave you with this. I don’t know if anyone is quoted in saying this. I wrote this down. 

It came from my mind so it seemed fresh to me but I wrote this, I said, “You’ll always see improvement in whatever you practice.” It makes sense, duh. But it’s a nice reminder, right? “You will always see improvement in whatever you practice.” My hope for you guys is that you’re putting your time into the right things and not spending your time just being a consumer of goods and services. 

So here’s the question and you can leave a comment below, what’s your trade? What should you be practicing daily? This is Peter, the Bitcoin Lambo. If you enjoyed this episode, smash that like button, subscribe, and share with at least one person in your network who you think might benefit. By the way, we also have a podcast for so you can find us and then we’ll make all your favorite podcast platforms. Peace. 

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