I have found it exceptionally important to be radically transparent about who I am for those that work with me. Creating a User Manual or User Guide is generally part of the onboarding process to my startups as it is one of the few documents that are really required. The People User Manual is an impetus for conversation, so we can dig deeper into the “what did you mean when you said” ideas that come from this thoughtful approach to personality discovery. Feel free to leverage this type of document for your startup!


Peter Saddington

My Style

What is your style and how do you use it?

What do I get energy from?

What I Value

How you behave reveals what you value

What drives my decisions/actions? 

What I Don’t Have the Patience For

We all have things that annoy us…

What behaviors do I find counter-productive?

How Best to Communicate with Me 

Communication styles vary!

What are the ways people can connect with me?

How to Help Me

Ain’t nobody perfect here! Let us know how!

What are some of my struggles?

How Do I Make Decisions?

What is required for you to make a decision?

What is required of me to feel good about a decision?


We’re all special, therefore, nobody is.

What unusual behavior will you witness?

Final Thoughts

How I communicate overall is usually a reflection of my mood. Remember, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve as much as I allow. I don’t shy away from tough conversations and tough questions, and I tend to think of myself as an individual who has strong opinions and is open to discourse and correction. I tend to speak confidently because I’m confident in who I am and I know exactly what the big vision is for the company or product. This doesn’t mean that I know exactly how to get there, I just know the answer is always through.

I enjoy working with all types of people who are willing to challenge the way I think or do things. I move fast, so having an appetite for speed-of-execution is a big plus. I’m no ‘manager,’ but tend to act in the role of a facilitator. I’m very comfortable in this spot.

[Last updated: 2020.01.28]

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