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The last three years have been an incredible period of growth for our community. We’ve helped Helium become the fastest growing IoT network globally, deploying more gateways with our CoolSpot devices than any other community.

In turn, we’ve provided passive income to an army of #Emritans for hosting CoolSpots, paying nothing for the hardware. We want to thank all our hosts, large and small, for their support! Emrit is now the largest Helium miner in the world.

Demand for CoolSpots has been so strong we have a large backlog of orders. While we’re manufacturing and shipping devices every month, the global supply chain shortage persists. We want to be transparent with those patiently waiting; it will take months to clear our backlog.

Fortunately, we have a lot of CoolSpots on the way. Your enthusiasm to join the Emrit community is the fuel that will enable us to provide passive income to our community for a long time to come!

In this memo, we want to speak to a couple of things:

Building a Decentralized Web

As we look ahead, we’re excited to enter the next phase of our growth strategy. We’ve seen our pioneering earning-share business model become successful around the world. Providing low-cost hardware in exchange for hosting CoolSpots, has proved phenomenally effective at laying the groundwork for a decentralized internet.

We believe this model can drive mass adoption of blockchain technology, building the infrastructure required to bring a secure, decentralized web to reality. Think about it. A global network of hardware hosts, ready to deploy blockchain applications at the edge of the network. Unhackable, censorship-resistant, and dedicate to individual needs and safety. Now that’s powerful!

Thanks to our CoolSpot’s, Helium’s IoT network has grown into a safe peer network on which user data exchanged between home security devices remains anonymous and unhackable. And Helium is just the beginning for Emrit. 

As we begin executing the next phase of our strategy, we’re preparing to partner with leading utility-based blockchains, giving them access to our global network of CoolSpot hosts, offering completely decentralized turnkey distribution. The expansion of the CoolSpot system will prove a rich reward for loyal #Emritans.

We believe that strategy, in turn, will attract more blockchain communities to our vision, helping us to grow as a company and launch more specialized hardware.  Blockchain simply allows us to feel more secure in interactions with the digital world, especially when it comes to storing or exchanging personal data. 

Our goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the infrastructure of the digital world, from the internet of individual users to the internal servers of tech giants.

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Environmental Monitoring, 5G, and Beyond

We always knew CoolSpots would just be the first in a series of distributed infrastructure products. Our company is already hard at work developing the next phase of technology, even as we are expanding the uses and possibilities of CoolSpots.

Up next, Emrit is partnering with PlanetWatch, which is building a blockchain network for global air quality data. PlanetWatch is working to protect our environment and health in this era of accelerating global warming. Emrit is already deploying sensors in Europe and will expand to the U.S. soon.

We’re also working with Helium on their next project and will soon start helping build out their 5G wireless network in the U.S. using the CBRS spectrum band.

With new blockchain partners and projects come new opportunities for #Emritians to earn. We look forward to sharing more updates with all of you soon!

Overcoming Growing Pains

As our community knows, we strive to remain radically transparent. Part of that includes acknowledging that we’ve experienced growing pains in the past. We know that our hosts have occasionally felt those hiccups in the form of payment delays, for instance, and we apologize for any frustrations or inconveniences that may have been caused by those.

As our infrastructure continues to expand, we pledge to make every effort to make all payments timely, as well. We expect upcoming releases will go a long way to make these issues a thing of the past.

New Team, New Releases

To better manage Emrit’s explosive growth, we’ve been stacking our team with new talent in every sector – technology, product, partnership, marketing, and finance experts have joined Emrit recently. Critical among these additions is our new CEO Jiten Varu.

“We’re focused on executing our vision, and that includes enhancing our operational capabilities so we can provide the best experience possible for all Emritans.” –Jiten Varu, CEO, Emrit

Additionally, we are excited to announce a few key software releases right now. Our team has been working hard and is excited to announce:

We hope these additions to our digital portfolio are as exciting to all of you as they are to us. We can’t wait to make more exciting announcements in the near future. It’s a great time to be an #Emritan. And if you aren’t one yet, join us today!

From all of us at Emrit, we’re excited to be on this journey with our community of hosts. We look forward to a decentralized future where we are Sharing The Wealth, helping Emrit hosts earn passive income, invest in cryptocurrency, generate incremental revenue, or lower capex for their business.



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