If you’re not working for your goals, you’re working for someone else’s. – AUDIO NSFW

Let’s just jump right in. I don’t need to mill over this. There’s a couple of things I want us to think about.  The first of which is it is time to take control of your life. Now is the time. I have no other time because now is the time. I have to take control of my own fucking life. 

I truly believe that most people are sleepwalking through life. How do I know this? Because I talked with them behind the corporate walls. Whenever I go into a client, the object lesson and slavery, lack of imagination, golden handcuffs in all the incentives to continue to sleepwalk through that life. I can tell you. I know when enough is enough for me, is when I can do something and not even think about it. 

It has been so ingrained into my muscle memory. It is so engrained into the patterns that have emerged and stuck with me as I go through the dysfunctional conversations that I have with leadership within large companies. 

This is all known. And I’m not the saviour of the corporate world. I don’t have all the answers but I understand complexity very well and I understand the constraints of complexity in large organizations very well because that was my playground for 10 plus years. 

I saw and I collect these patterns and it was time. It was time for me to regain control of my life because I could sleepwalk through a lot of these conversations. These are really important conversations. It’s not that I wasn’t highly engaged. I’m always highly engaged, but when I already know what the answer is going to be once they open their mouth, it’s like, “You know what? I can kind of turn off this side of my brain here because I already know what the answer is.” 

And it’s not always that I have the right answer, but I’ve said a lot of answers over many, many years and I collect them all and I understand which ones generally come up and generally farewell. That’s all it is. It’s just like Henderson’s law, right? Any significant time invested within an activity avails you higher levels of productivity in that activity and higher levels of efficiency within that activity. And that’s exactly what happened with consulting. 

Now was the time and I say it that way because that happened last year in March when I wrote the blog post. Now was the time. I think I understand why people go through crisis because I go a lot of through—I’ve been through a lot of crises myself. 

You can ask the Bowen’s. She’s been through several identity crisis of her husband. She understands it because I move fast. I build fast. I go hard. I get this shit done. And then you know what? When I started sleepwalking through it, it’s time to try again. 

So she’s been through that. So, you know, when the Americans have these midlife crisis, it’s them realizing that they’ve been sleepwalking through fucking life. They wake up and they realize that, fuck! Damn! I have done this for so fucking long. I no longer have to think. And let me tell you why that is so fucking pathetic! I’m gonna lean in because this is what I do, because I care about you guys, because this is what I care about. I care about you because I care about myself and I care about what I’m doing with my life and I want you to care about what you’re doing with your life because I want you to be great. 

I want you to have this life now! I’m not fucking Joel Osteen or whatever the fuck, prosperity gospel shit. I want you to have control your fucking life. Let me lean in. I’m gonna hurt your feelings now, but it’s important for you to know this because this is one of the core reasons why I left corporate America after being a slave for three-and-a-half years at a large Fortune 50 right out of college. 

Here it is. If you don’t have a goal, you’re working for someone else’s goal. You could fill in any synonym, you can talk about being a corporate slave or working for the man, but whatever you wanna put in that thing,a fucking lampshade. If you’re not working for your goals, you’re working for someone else’s. And I don’t care if those goals of someone else’s are well-intentioned because they ain’t my own goals. It’s not where I wanna go, that’s not who I want to be. 

I think I’ve been maybe meant for greater or maybe–you know what? Just maybe…I’m fine with it. I mean, actually, it brings up and I–I’ve actually had a conversation, guys. I’ve actually had a conversation with someone who messaged me and basically said,“Peter, you talked a lot about this change stuff but man, I’ll tell you, I’m in a great place.” 

And he told me all about his situation and he was like—but, you know, it’s not ideal and it’s not exactly where I wanna be but, you know, I’m okay with that, and I’ve been okay with that, and I think I could still be, you know, happy, you know, doing this, and–you know what my response to him was? My response to him was, “The fact that you’re messaging me about this means that you’re not following your fucking heart because you’d rather spend time DM-ing me and telling me who you don’t know from fuckingatom.” 

Your rationale and response to my Sunday sermon as to why you think where you are is exactly where you wanna be. And I know this is like black and, “So, Peter, there’s no grey here.” Well, you know what? I’m okay with that. Whatever. Giving me your excuses because you’d rather spend time giving me your fucking excuses than doing something about it. That’s fucking sad. That makes me sad. 

One of the best things about setting goals is you get to take control of your own life, why? Because if you’re not fulfilling your goals then guess what? You’re working on someone else’s goals, period. Full stop. 

The second thing that I think that is important for us to consider when it comes to now being the time and you start with these goals, is with any type of setting goals, setting some sort of vision for your life–we talked about this in B90X. Within setting goals you are able to maximize your games and say,“Peter, what the fuck does that mean? I get to maximize that Tron?” No, I’m talking about maximizing your results. 

I don’t need to tell you stories about all the top performers, all the top athletes, all the top innovators, all the top entrepreneurs, all the top—whatever. You already know who they are. They were able to achieve maximum results–those max games because they had a vision forward. Have you ever–have any of you ever heard of an accidental…professional athlete? Have you? 

I’ve never heard of any accidental professional athlete, I’ve never met any accidental millionaire, I’m that–I’ve never met any accidental anything because wherever you are I look at you exactly where you are because that’s where you is, brother. You ain’t nowhere else, you is where you is right now, your life created that. Welcome to the fucking show. 

But we celebrate the winners, we celebrate the big time so I don’t give a fucking about those people, celebrities, all that bullshit, I care about you, guys. I want you to maximize your results in this life that you can control, that you have autonomy over, that you have sovereignty over, that you have complete–the ability to say within every day–every minute of the day people say,“I fucking appreciate the fucking grind.” OrI appreciate where I’m at, or I appreciate this because, you know, I fucking earned it and I enjoy it. I love what I’ve been able to accomplish. I love that I’ve been able to do this. 

We don’t even need to think about material bullshit. Just be grateful for–and if you’re at that place, you’ve chosen that place to be content, to be appreciative of where you are but if there’s anything that’s bugging you, thatneeds to change, we wanna–we need to maximize those fucking results. 

We’ve never heard of an accidental athlete. I mean, this is our time. This is our time to go to the fucking moon. I mean, I don’t need to remind you if you listen to these Sunday Sermons I’m always bringing in that Bitcoin. This is the time. I love this period in time. This is the best time to fucking be alive. This is the Internet of money that we’re taking a part of–at least part of the social apparatus at a minimum. 

I’m trying to build some infrastructure but we’re trying to help build this spaceship that’s gonna go to the moon. We’re trying to build it. Yeah, oh—and you know what? Even if we don’t end up getting to the fucking moon, you know where we’re gonna end up? We’re gonna end up among the fucking stars and so I find that to be a significant win regardless. John Tesh says, “You are who you are in life is mostly because the decisions you made in the past.” Absolutely. This is no accident. 

PR says, “You’re not trying, you’re building quit. Try and just do it.” It’s time to fucking go. Even if we shoot to the moon and we don’t hit the moon, it’s all right. We’re gonna end up among the stars and so for me, it’s always worth taking control of your life, it’s setting these goals so you can maximize your results because you’re gonna–even if you don’t get to the moon, you’re still gonna end up among these glorious stars. 

Whatever that looks like for you, whatever that moon all is. You could still end up at a wonderful place controlled by you. That is your own, that you can be proud of. I think the moments in time in my life–so this is just me, but I think the moments in time when I do not feel appreciative of what I have, and what I’ve accomplished, and what I’ve been able to do, and the wonderful family I’ve made with my own loins, those loins though–I mean, if there any moment in which I do not feel fully appreciative of everything that I see–I know it, man, but for me, that’s the time for me to build because something’s missing. 

For me the answer is not to seek out what’s missing and so just building something, set some insignificant goal that you can achieve immediately. When you achieve it, do it again. You’re creating a mental discipline to achieve what you’d like to achieve. And you know what? You’d get better at it as you flex that muscle, that mental discipline. You’re the fucking moon. 

The third thing I think is loins, yow. Those loins, guys. The third thing I think is so important when it comes to setting these goals is it is–I’ve talked about it so much, is I believe above any politics, above any religion, above any spirituality, above anything, personal responsibility would change the fucking world. 

We can actually–probably be completely non-political in the country if everyone just took fucking personal responsibility for where they are, what they do, what they say, how they behave, how they think. That’s it. It’s not that hard to understand, it’s just hard to do. I can never complain about where I am, I can’t, because I am where I fucking am because of what I’ve done. 

If you wanna look at it in the negative, I don’t look at it in the negative, I look at the positive, I am here because I built it, I designed my life to be here. I cannot be not appreciative, I have to be. 

And in those weak moments that come over me that may just be more than just a, you know, a shitty day, they turned into a funk couple days then after a couple days it turns into–we’ve talked about this, turns into temperament. I am self-aware enough to know when dissatisfaction or non-appreciation in my life for what I have, what I’ve achieved, what I’ve been able to do, for me, the temperament phase for me I know I must build. 

I don’t know what it needs to be, all I know is I have to start building something because something’s missing and the only way that I’m going to find it is by sitting down if that’s what I needed to do it,it’s doing something, or pick up the phone, or text someone, or email, whatever, or just start flowcharting if I want to go a super fucking corporate, sit literally on my big whiteboard, just start diagram andshit. 

But that’s how I work. You don’t have to work that way but I’m big, guys. I’m big into this personal responsibility shit. It’s not just the talking, you’re actually obligated to fucking act. One of the things I always tell people if they want to change in life, I say, “You tell everybody now.” 

You wanna change your life? You wanna do something radical? It doesn’t have to be radical, it could be just starting out working out,it could be starting to think differently about how to approach your career, right? We’re not talking about jumping off the fucking cliff but maybe you do. 

Maybe you’ve been sleepwalking through life too long and it’s time to make a change so don’t come to me and say, “Oh, here’s all the reasons.” Okay. Great. Awesome. Appreciate it, bruh. Sweet. Okay. So you wanna do it? Okay. Now, tell everyone you know that you’re gonna do it. 

Tell everybody that you know that you’re gonna do it, tell your extended family who don’t give a fuck about you and be like, “Why are you emailing me for the first time in 15 years? I don’t give a fucking about you. Who you is again?” Email him anyway. Tell him you’re doing something wild. 

Tell him that that you need to get in shape and you’re fat as fuck and it’s time to go to the fucking gym. He’ll email you back and be like, “Bro, I kind of forgot that you were even alive but, you know, I appreciate the email because, you know, tobe honest, I’ve kind of need to do that myself. And I know we haven’t talked in 15 years man, I appreciate you kind of reminding me to get up off my ass.” 

That’s just one example. That could happen or not, I don’t know. Tell everybody. You’ll be surprised at the responses you receive. But I’ll tell you, overwhelmingly, it’ll always be more positive than you believe. You know why? Because most people want to change and when you say that you’re gonna change they project themselves on you and say, “Wow. Damn. This motherfucker, I’ve known him for 25 years. I can’t believe he’s doing this shit. Man, fuck. What have I done?” 

And he’s telling—he’s gonna start now, “Damn it, I haven’t even thought about where I need to be. Fuck this motherfucker.” I guarantee you, even if it’s small, like, just started working out or if you’re this small–saying that you wanna audit a new class at a university because you’re really interested in a new career and you just–you don’t wanna, you know, eat off, fight off the whole thing so you’ve done the research, you put in the time, and you’re just gonna go and audit a free class at a community college of a topic that you think is interesting that might–you might consider getting into. 

Just fucking do it. I mean, I could go on for the rest of the night giving you examples of what you could do. There’s a fucking billion things you could do. Tell everyone. Yes, stay positive. Yeah, be positive but be fucking real. Don’t lie to me, I don’t even know you. Don’t lie to me, bro. Like, I get messages sometimes and I really appreciate every message–trust me, I do. With some of them, they’re coming at me with like some bullshit. 

When they come out with no excuses, I was, like, “Well, first off, I don’t know–this is the first time you’ve ever DMed me so I don’t know you. Obviously, you know, you’ve watched me a lot and you think you know me and so you think that I can help you with this but this is the first time that I’ve engage with you and it seems like a lot of what you’re saying sounds like excuses to me.” 

And if I ever get that feel in my bones when this person is written me out of the blue for the first time. And the feeling I get when I read it is this guy’s making fucking excuses. “Bro, you’re done.” My answer to you is tell everyone you know because if you can’t tell everyone you know then you’re not serious. You ain’t serious. Ain’t nobody gonna be deceived here. This has to be it. 

I mean, this this has to be the time for the change–whatever it is. I’m not trying to impose this on you, guys. I just believe that I’m not that special, I can’t be this special because everyone that I know is fucked up just like me. They say dumb shit sometimes just like me. They’ve made mistakes just like me…and sometimes they’re not satisfied with life just like me so I have to believe in my heart that I’m not that crazy when I tell you that now’s the time. It has to be. 

I have to wake up every fucking day and do this. Oh, I love talking about the pain, guys. It is real because I don’t want anyone else controlling the time that I got. I mean, think about it. One year, where were you last year? And I’m passionate about maximizing your time on this fucking earth, that’s all I care about, that’s it. 

I got these two fucking measuring sticks, I’ve got these two walking talking fucking conscious–whatever the fucking they are, little doges running—walking, running, crying–they’re talking to me. They’re telling me shit. Man, it is–it’s too fast. There is a billion things that you could do in this life. Think about that for a second. 

There’s a billion things. A billion or more. So why not? Why not choose one of those multi-billion different things to do in life and try, I mean, you start small. Start small but set a goal to do it. Man, I have met so many people through this endeavour. People like you, guys. It’s been awesome, it’s been life-changing, and I appreciate every single moment but time is going by way too damn fast. 

Time is flying by way too fast. I see it every day, I count the gray hairs, I want to build,I can’t go fast enough, guys. The world is not enough for me and I don’t think the world is enough for you. If you’re like me which is what my grand hypothesis is through this six-week experiment, if you are like me then I assume that there might be something different that you need to do and now is the time, guys. Now is the time. I’m out. Peace. 

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