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All right, what’s up, guys? I just have to put this one down right now because something just happened to me, a situation guys. A situation just happened to me on my way home. Well, actually, I was on the way to something, but I just came home. I just had to talk about it guys and this was actually something that I wanted to talk about for a while. It’s this idea of never taking shit personally. 

I know I’ve talked about this or kind of talked around this maybe a couple of times in previous podcasts and previous shows of sorts, but guys, I just want to focus down on this because this was actually in my notes. I had a whole bunch of notes about this that I want to discuss with you guys and today is the day, my friends. Today is the day. 

Never take shit personally from anyone ever. Now why does this need to be reminded to us? Why does this need to be reiterated to us from time to time? The reason is we forget. We forget and I can easily say that a big part of these podcasts, of these shows that I do, is really me exercising the experience. Exercising and reminding myself of these truths. That these truths matter. These principles matter. These ideas matter. If you don’t remind yourself, you can easily get lost in the minutia of the day. You can easily get sucked back in the bad patterns of thinking. 

Let’s talk about it guys. Never take shit personally. Never take shit personally. Let me say it again. Never take shit personally. How people act, what they say, and they do is a reflection of them. Never you. It’s who they are. Never take shit personally. I’m building into this equation here. Never takes shit personally. How people act, what they say and do is reflection of them, never you. Never you. It’s who they are. Who are they? They are what they say and think that they are. 

Let’s go through this guys. I wrote this down in my notes here. Never take shit personally. How people act, what they say and they do is a reflection of them, not you. It’s who they are. Who are they? They are what they say and think that they are. They have programmed themselves this way. They have pre-programmed themselves to respond and react in this way. They have programmed themselves to behave this way. 

Let me tell you about why I’m talking about it today and I’m energized to do so. The reason is because as I was going to this store, I was driving my Mini Cooper—this Mini Cooper right behind me guys—and you know what? I didn’t want to go over a speed bump. I admit it. I didn’t want to go over a speed bump, guys. So I roll around the speed bump, not in a fast pace. Brother ain’t going fast. There’s no oncoming cars here guys. I’m a responsible driver. We just idling through this thing. 

I just went to do just a quick turn, just go around it real quick, you know? And this guy coming out of PetSmart with his kitty litter in his right hand and his keys in his left hand, jaw drops. I could see it and I knew exactly what was coming guys. It’s one of those moments where you see the future. You’re like I’ve seen this before. I know exactly what comes next in this episode. I know exactly what’s gonna happen next. 

Picture me guys, driving through the parking lot, no oncoming cars, me idling around a little speed bump here, man is walking towards the curb, he’s probably about 2-3 feet from the curb. Just got there, sees me, kitty litter in the right hand, keys in the left, jaw drops. He’s offended guys. He is enraged. He is angry guys. He has been provoked and I knew exactly what was coming up next. I knew it. I knew it. 

I just rolled right by him. I picked out his parking spot and I knew I was gonna get the wrath of this dude somehow, some way. So he jumps in his car and I back into this spot here and I’m coming out walking out of my spot and he rolls around. He rolls around. I know this is gonna sound like I’m being like demeaning of this individual, but I’m just gonna say it guys. He was rolling in a Saturn, okay? I don’t even know the make and the model, guys! I know Saturn’s but I know that they don’t make him no more, okay? 

So he rolls up and it’s just like this teal green and his window’s already down. I know I’m gonna get a chewing out, guys. I know I’m gonna get a chewing out. He just leans into me goes, you know you think that since you drive a nice car… It’s a Mini Cooper, dude. Yeah, it’s a rare one. It’s like an anniversary one. They only made like 500 of them in North America. Yeah, still just a Mini Cooper, bro. He’s just like “you think that since you drive a nice car, you can do then do these types of things and be unsafe on the road”. I’m all about the good juju, okay? 

So I literally looked at him. I probably should have taken my glasses off so he could see my eyes because the eyes tell more. I sit there and I stare at him and I go bro, I’m not about the bad energy. I’m not about the bad juju. My bad, I apologize. I know I went around it. Something like that. Pretty much like that. Glasses off. You know what he ends up saying to me? He goes, fuck you! Fuck you! Man, I apologized. What do you want me to do? I did not want him to let me to ruin my juju, to ruin this moment of life. 

You see, this man programmed himself or he has allowed himself to be programmed in a way in which this type of thing triggered him to the point of action in which he needed. It was essential for him to let me know how angry he was with my behavior. And the expectations of that were placed on me, unbeknownst to me by him, on how an individual should act and drive and even tried to make me feel bad by saying fuck you because this has not anything to do with me. 

Yes, okay, I added to the beginning of the equation. I idled through any speed bump. Mea culpa. I fucked up, okay? I fucked up! I drove through it, okay? Okay? But man, I’m telling you. I don’t take that shit seriously. I’m talking about it now because this brother, I’m telling you man, if you’re listening out there and I know you’re not, but if you’re out there and you’re listening to this message, man, I love you, dude. I love you, bro. Come back. Come back to the world. The world already has enough of that negative energy, bro. 

They have programmed themselves this way. They have allowed themselves to be programmed this way. Everyone has internal narratives, guys. Things they tell themselves about themselves. Things that they tell themselves about the world and the people around them. They have these internal narratives and unfortunately, those narratives are really limited and really narrow-minded if their narratives are mostly coming from the mainstream mockingbird media. We can go on talk about that for a long time, but here’s the point guys. Learn not to care about what people say or think about you. 

We’ve already talked about this before. Why not giving a fuck about what people think or say about you is one of the best ways to live. Learn in every instance and learn every circumstance of life. I just had one. I had a guy accost me and his teal green Saturn, guys. Told me to fuck you because I was driving around the speed bump.

Learn not to care. Learn in every experience. They’re not to care especially if they’re just going on that negative juju, on that negative energy. You don’t need any of that. Go away. Run away from that shit. Learn not to care about what people say or think about you because not that they really know anything about you anyway. They don’t know who you is. 

That man today certainly does not know who I am, not that I’m somebody. But he doesn’t know who I am. He doesn’t know where I’m from. He doesn’t know where my logic comes from, my thinking, my worldview, how I was raised, my spiritual life, my faith life, my aesthetic life, my married life, my kid’s life. He knows nothing about me! He knows nothing about me. So nothing that comes out of his mouth, nothing that comes out of a critic’s mouth especially if you guys got anybody in your life that want to spread that bad juju, they don’t know nothing about you. They know nothing about you really. So don’t worry about them. Everyone battles themselves and their own bad behavior. 

Everyone has a racket as one of my colleagues used to say. Mike, my cousin, he used to say this. He used to say everyone has a racket. That this racket goes into autopilot from time to time. It’s the internal narrative that they tell themselves when they know that they need to be patient, but instead they pop off. When they know they should forgive and instead they just dig a little bit deeper in the spleen. When you know that you should engage and be assertive, but instead you slink away. 

You see, these conflicting behaviors in all people are constantly in action and often people feel self-defeated because they once again caved to their carnal behaviors and not the better side of themselves. You see these internal narratives are what people program into themselves and they repeat it over and over and over and over again. It becomes who they are. But don’t get caught up in that game. 

Simply recognize that they whoever they are, especially if they’re spreading that bad juju, whoever they are they are just as shit up as you are in the inside. Frankly, you don’t know jack-shit about that person and they don’t know jack-shit about you. Stop trying to have everyone try to understand you. Your job isn’t to convince people of anything. Your job isn’t to convince them. You simply can’t, frankly. You can’t. You need to leave that up to the Lord, guys. 

I could not convince this guy. Trust me. I could not convince this man that I felt like I was not harming, nothing and nothing and nothing and I was just doing a little diddly around the speed bump. It’s not my job to convince him. It’s not my job to try to have him understand my position. That’s one thing that kills me when I see people like especially car shows and this is just because I used to go and I still go a lot of car shows and I’ve been around the crowds and I’ve been around the insecurity sometimes. It happens with this much money in one place. I’ve seen it. 

Let me be 100% honest. I used to have those feelings of insecurity when I used to not have what I have what I have now. I understand it. I get it. It’s part of humanity. People spend too much time sometimes in conversations and these types of shows trying to convince people, to help them understand you. It’s just too much guys. Your job isn’t to convince people that you’re X or Y or Z. They don’t know jack shit about you anyway. You can’t convince them. They’ve already made a preconceived notion of who you is once they met you. 

You can’t certainly change their mind in the moment. I certainly couldn’t change this guy in the teal green Saturn, guys. I couldn’t change his mind. In many cases, you’re just getting sucked into his or her vortex of unhappiness. That’s not a place that you ever want to be. I did not want to get sucked into this man’s vortex of unhappiness. 

When you step outside, the precious protection of your home guys, you’re entering the world of rackets, you’re entering the world of rackets, a world of hurt. You guys have heard me talk about this multiple times. That most people, they’re doing this, they’re just talking through their troubles. They’re talking through their trials. They’re talking through the pain. They’re communicating through their suffering. 

Well what does that mean? All it means is that people have been hurt, people have been burnt, people have been sometimes burnt to a crisp. They have been slayed. Their soul is weak. Their soul is hurting. Most people are just communicating through that pain. You just don’t know it. Everyone’s fucking suffering guys. 

This guy today with his cat litter in his right hand walking out of PetSmart, keys to his green, beat-up Saturn, this man and it might sound like I’m being judgmental here, but guys, I will tell you. He looked in a moment, in just a moment and we all probably looked like this in a moment of time. But he looked in that moment like a man defeated. He looked like a man defeated. He’s just communicating through that pain. He’s picking up the fucking cat litter guys. 

Know that you can be the south that soothes their pain by either just ignoring them as I did with this guy or maybe lending a kind word if appropriate. But if people aren’t willing to lend a kind word in their moments of pain, talking through or arguing or yelling at me through his pain, I just ignored them. 

You could be the south that soothes it. But you know what most of the time it’s better just to ignore it. Never take shit personally guys. That’s today’s message. This is something that that frankly is somewhat anti-school. This is this is certainly something that you don’t learn in school because in middle school, high school, it’s all about validation. It’s all about being part of the clique, being part of the group. It’s all about ensuring that people know that you exist. That you have some sort of value. Frankly, it’s still that way after high school. It’s all the way to the day you die. We are all looking for validation and some semblance of value in our lives. 

Now, we are valuable to somebody something. Isn’t that what kind of the innermost desire is of the heart? But at the end of the day guys, never take shit personally from anyone else. It’s never you. Do you want to know why you should never take shit personally because it’s never your problem? Do you want to know why? Because you’re just not that special. 

Thanks for joining me. I enjoyed talking about this, guys. It’s something you certainly don’t learn in school and it’s certainly something that is important. Stay positive. 

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