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Now doesn’t this seem like a true Sunday Sermon, is it not? My wife always tells me not to read in the dark. She’s right. Bad for the eyes. I got lots of fake lighting here, guys. I want to talk about a no-reserve life. I experienced something absolutely life-changing. It was life-changing! And I’m not going to circle around it. I experienced something life-changing. I sold a possession of mine that I put two years of work into. I was able to create my best image of a car that I absolutely was fond of in my in my younger years, in my youth – a Formula One car. 

I was able to create this thing—re-creation of my own hand, my own mind, my own brain, my own thinking, my own thoughts. I was able to recreate this thing with the canvas that I had. Not a perfect canvas, but a canvas nonetheless. I built it over two years, over two years created some great content, created some great memories, met some amazing people, created some amazing lifelong relationships—I hope, if not, it’s okay, because people move on. 

This has been a great project and so I sold this car. I sold this car and I decided to challenge myself. I decided to challenge myself by putting this car up for auction with a no-reserve auction. Now, if you’ve ever been in the auction world, having a reserve takes the fun out of the game because people aren’t stupid especially when you’re selling these high-performance exotic cars. 

People aren’t stupid. They do the math. They understand the market. Some of them know the car market better than your average sports lunatic knows sports. I’m telling you guys. I know some guys. I know some people who could tell you, you’d say, hey here’s the car I’m looking at, here’s the car I want, it’s this year, it’s this many miles, it … all the details and this guy could literally by memory, be like that’s worth X. Then I’ll ask you some questions does it have this trim this trim or that trim or does it have this options or it doesn’t have this bespoke? What additions have you made or whatever. I mean who asked you the question by the end the day, like he’s spot-on with the market. He knows exactly. There are guys like this, guys. They’re guys who know exactly the value of these cars. 

My point is that when you put a reserve on an auto auction, you lose all the fun. You lose all the fun because people aren’t stupid. They’ll say, okay, you’re auctioning off an X car with Y miles with Z looks and features, market says within a couple grand differential, it’s gonna be about this much. If the individual’s price to sell, the reserve is gonna be a little bit lower than that. If this is not something serious and clearly by their communication, they reveal that this is their car, their jam and you’re just privileged to be able to purchase it with that type of attitude, then you know they’re the reserve is gonna be relatively within the average marks of a car of that particular stature within the exotic car world.

So having a reserve just takes all the fun out of it. I’ve never done an auto auction like this before and so I put up a two-year build, a passion in heart, from a childhood memory of a Formula 1 car and I’d transformed this car into something just like it. Two years of work and passion. It also had many firsts in my opinion in the world. Now, I have to qualify with my opinion because ain’t nobody showing up with any Guinness Book of World Records here. This is just me being me being me and one of the grand things about being me is that everything I do is first. You should think that way too. 

I created this thing and I put my heart and soul into it and I sold it and I sold it at no reserve. I sold it at no reserve because I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to experience an experience that I had never experienced before. I wanted to open myself up to massive risk, okay? I mean a no-reserve auction avails you the opportunity of the excitement of the game, some of the psychology and mental strategies of bidding and beating the timer, some individuals use bots to place bids at last second intervals to beat someone out. 

I mean there are strategies and there are technologies used in these reserve auctions which can make for quite a show. I’ve been a lurker in these auction in the car auction world for years. I understood that. I understood that game. You have the opportunity on another reserve to making absorbent amount of money if you have created the appeal necessary for that particular exotic car to appeal to what you would hope is a targeted demographic that you know exists and is willing to pay above premium for that type of car. 

You also run the risk of making far less than what the average or the market usually are a willing or can take on the burden of. That’s the fun. The fun is the risk-reward. The fun is the opportunity to make lots of money, obviously with any type of gamble, any type of bet. There’s the opportunity to lose your ass. I wanted to experience this. 

One of the pieces of guidance that was given to me by the individuals holding the auction was they said engage with the community in the comments because if you engage with the community in the comments, generally your auction will fare better. Here’s the thing, what the individual on the other end of that email didn’t realize is that they were talking to me. You know what? I was built to engage especially on the Internet’s. I love it! It’s my place. It’s my playground. I enjoy it. 

I’m all about testing waters. I’m all about testing new communities, new groups of people where you have to earn the respect and so I engaged. I engaged, in my opinion, probably far better than anyone had ever experienced on this particular auction site before. Individual replies, contextually sensitive remarks, explanations that made sense, no shortness, a little bit of sassiness, and just a smidge of humor. Though sometimes on the internet, your humor can be seen off as being an which is unfortunate but it is what it is.

So I engaged and I had a lot of fun doing it. It was great because this was of the ending process. Let’s call it be the grieving process. That’s what I’m talking about. This is part of the grieving process of giving away a two-year build that I had so much fun in, had so many great experiences, went to so many unique places, and met so many different people. 

For anyone out there that’s not a car person, this might mean nothing to you, but recontextualize it to something that matters to you. For me, it’s cars. The personalization of cars and the experiences of where it takes me and the people I meet especially. So this is part of the grieving process and I wanted to be fully engaged in the death of this experience, the end of the show, the end of the chapter in this particular build’s life. 

I have grown into an individual who’s willing to share it online, to a small select few of individuals within my community. It doesn’t need to be mass appeal. It only needs to be for those who care and want to listen. So we did it and I engaged and we had a grand ol’ time. And the finale, we even had what I believe to be is a world first live stream of the auction in the final 10 minutes of the auction. I had lots of fun. 

Here’s what’s really I need to say before I forget is that I experienced a nervousness and butterflies in my heart and gut that I hadn’t experienced in years, guys. I am a confident individual with who I am, of how I portray myself online and how I portray myself in the world. I don’t give two fucks what the internet says. I just do as I do and I’m glad you guys are here to listen and I really do respect you guys, if you’re willing to grind and make your life worth something. 

Man, I’ll tell you guys. What an experience! What an experience this was. A no-reserve auction. A no-reserve auction where I got to experience it fully. It had a great finale. You know what, we ended up selling it and I had those butterflies that I haven’t experienced in years. Those butterflies brought me alive. They brought me alive! They brought me alive! I mean I was nervous! Guys, I don’t get nervous. 

For those of you guys who’ve known me from my previous life before this online stuff, I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people and on the international stage. For me doing something online by my honja, by myself, by my lonesome in my own garage of comfort, selling a car? Come on! Here’s what my color commentary here belies, what it belies is the fact that my butterflies and my nervousness was due to the gravity of how important this car was to me during two fantastic formulative years of my life and that I think is powerful. I think that’s worth understanding. I think that’s worth diving into, which is why I’m talking about it to you today – a no-reserve life. 

You know what no reserve life avails you? A no reserve life avails you the opportunity to experience butterflies and nervousness and new experiences that you never would have experienced before because you got the guards rails off, you’re willing to fail, you’re willing to eat the cost of that failure and you’re willing to also be prepared to reap the rewards on the other side of it and my hopes for you guys, I hope that you win more than you lose. 

I’ll tell you guys, I open myself up to losing because even in the loss, even in the L taking the big L to the face, there are feelings and experiences that are worth leaning into. Today, I realize and I wrote it down here in my notes that having my first ever no reserve auction on a car that I deeply cared for and I enjoyed immensely, no shits, I took this thing out to the max, guys. It’s awesome. I did everything I possibly could to push this thing to the max in every way that I could dream of. 

I sucked all the fun out of it. I sucked all the fun out of it. And then it’s time to move on and you know what when you move on, you can move on safely. You know you can do? You can put it back together. You can make it look clean and you can sell it at the market rate. No problem. Or you could give yourself the opportunity to tell the story. To tell the story you have why it looks like what it looks like and why that mean something to you in your life. 

For me, as you guys could probably imagine, I appreciate the story of life. I appreciate what you do in life. I appreciate how you apply yourself in life. I appreciate that you, if you’re willing to take the guardrails off, the safety rails off, the floaties off, then you will experience life fully. You will! 

I will tell you before the auction began, I had butterflies and a nervousness that made me pace. I don’t pace, okay? I’m a solid thinker. I sit and think. I sit here and write. I’m very focused. I don’t pace, guys. I paced in and out of my garage like 10 minutes straight. I mean, come on! Is that experience worth it? Hell yeah, it was! 

Because once the auction ended and the experience was lived, I could tell you this story. I could tell you this story of why it’s so important to have a no-reserve life. It’s so that I can experience just a little bit more of the spectrum of life. 

I was just talking with a friend that was just sitting down with me here. He just got off work and he hit me up. I must have been giving off the right vibration, guys because this is one of my only friends. He hit me up he’s like hey, man can I stop by after work? I was like, bro, abso-fucking-lutely. So we talked for 2-3 hours. It’s great. It was awesome. We reminded each other of why having a no-reserve life is so important, of why being open to the experience of life—good or bad. You will fucking survive. You will survive. You’ll survive it and you’ll be able to tell a story. 

You’ll be able to grow into areas of life. Man. This is the best part. This is it. I’m all about communities and relationships. When you have a no-reserve life, you get to meet people. You get to meet people out in the world that have different perspectives on life, a different leaning in life, a different worldview in life, a different way of doing things in life. They will challenge you for good or bad, take it. I hope that as you get more mature with age as I am, I hope that I learn how to take everything with the good and the good only and only allow the bad that I can’t control to be meditated on and then moved on from. 

Have a no-reserve life. It’s the only way that you can have a life worth living is having a no-reserve life. A life that is full especially with people, especially with experiences. Man, people, experiences ,places you could go, things you could do, things you could eat. Let me just be honest guys, like come on, one of the best parts about like experiencing the world is you get to eat awesome food. 

Can I just interject for a second guys? Go eat other cultural food please. You don’t know what delicious is. You don’t know what delicious is if your palate is limited to something that is good enough. I get good enough because I’m all about good enough. Just execute, learn, don’t overthink it. I get it. Good enough has its place contextually. Guys, fuckin’ go try different cultural food. The farther you move away from your native food choices, the better because you haven’t experienced what delicious is yet. I promise you. 

I’ve travelled the world, my friends. And I still don’t believe that I’ve truly experienced food heaven. What happens when you experience different foods? You invariably clash with other traditions, cultures people, languages, behaviors, nuances, aesthetics, and idiosyncrasies. Good! Have a no-reserve life. Start with food. It’s a great example of where to go.

I experienced life. I experienced life when I did this no-reserve option. It was awesome guys. I’m glad that I’m able to tell you about it. I’m glad that I’m cogent enough to be able to communicate it to you guys. It’s awesome! You know what? I got paid regardless of whether it was with market rate or whether it was significantly lower than expected. But you know what, I got market rate for how I modified this car. Let’s just put it that way. It’s got my fingerprint on it. 

So you know what? You purchasing the Petey style. You purchasing the Petey style kind of car. Guys, have a no-reserve life. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. But you’ll experience something, you’ll learn something, and it’ll be fun. Go for those experiences. Meet those people. Do those things. What other life you got to have to do it? 

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