Launching a stealth startup that’s been in the shadows for months is really fun. Here’s how I did it with

I essentially posted every day to my various social media platforms. Let the world know!

1 – Stealth #Crypto Startup – Hypotheses Validated with Our Alpha/Beta Users! Time for Reveal Soon!

2 – Official Partnership with HELIUM #Crypto to Help us Build THE GLOBAL IoT Network of the Future!

3 – The World First #HARDWAREDROP – We’ll Give You Our Product for FREE! – Be the First to Sign Up!

4 – Get into #Crypto for FREE Tomorrow at 9AM EST! The World’s First free #HardwareDrop is here!

5 – Get your FREE #HARDWAREDROP! – We’ve Launched!!! –

After we launched… well, we had a couple of issues. So +2 more videos 😉

6 – #Crypto Project Fails at Launching – Tar and Feathers are Next!

7 – New YouTube Channel for #TeamEmrit and Our Crypto/Ecosystem Project! Subscribe BELOW! 👇👇👇

Gotta give people a new YouTube channel for the company!

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