Never stop self-educating – AUDIO NSFW

Feel free to ask to ask questions or pop in at any time about any of this. This has been a long time coming guys. I’m going to be getting right into it here. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve missed it. That’s the plain and simple TL;DR. It took too long; did not read. Simply, I missed this, guys. I miss the interaction. For a lot of you guys, I just missed the fact that I know who you are—shaking your hand, giving you a hug, said what’s up in person, played some games, saw the future together. You know? It’s just nice to reconnect with my people.

This is one of those things that I think has just been a long time coming and I’m glad that I’m back. AgentSkull, Terri, crypto mom, John Jarash. Just like the old days. Yeah, Nemesis. I know. We missed it too. It’s great to engage with you guys like this and get serious because I’ve had a lot on my mind. I’ve had a lot on my mind, guys. 

Do you guys even know when the last time I did a Sunday Sermon? 2018! Over a year ago, guys. Over a year ago since my last a Sunday Sermon. But this Sunday Sermon guys was spur-of-the-moment. I will give some props because I did write some notes down here earlier. I wanted to make sure that I give props to moms and the reason is because moms and I talked about this a little bit on YEN. With the project, the experiment just completing, it has been amazing, kind of the whirlwind of opportunity that has arisen. 


It’s crazy and it’s exciting at the same time because when you tell people that your current project is completed or you tell people that something’s done and you’re like a free agent again. I was watching Jeremy Lin and his kind of sob story. I don’t know if any of you guys caught that on the news, but I saw that on the tweeters for all the freaking places. I saw it on the tweeters. Jeremy Lin sat on the sidelines during the finals but is an NBA champion. He is an NBA champion 100%. No one could ever take it from him. 

He’s going into the free agent land and apparently, no basketball franchises want to pick him up. But I’m on the other side of Jeremy Lin right now. Jeremy Lin is unfortunately not being picked up by all these franchises. He’s feeling bad. Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo! I respect him greatly. I have nothing against him. I could go on and on about how much I respect him in various different parts of his life and parts of his game. But I’m on the other side because I started telling people, guys. I started telling people because you guys know me! There’s no quit here. 

Where I started telling people, I said, “Hey, the project’s done.” And they’d say, oh, the project with you and so and so? “Yeah, yeah, it’s done.” And they’d say, “Oh why?” And I’d say, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.” We’re still great friends. There’s so much opportunity for him and me. But what’s real and what’s here is ME because I’m a free agent again. What has been so fun is the inbound. Oh! I love it guys. I love the inbound. Yeah Trilla. Absolutely Trilla! “Transitioning quickly?” Yeah, Nick. Absolutely! “Keeping the wind in the sails?” Ab-so-lutely! 

I could show you guys a fucking screenshot of a chingoo of mine, a friend of mine, who literally told me. He said, “Oh man! Just stop working for a little bit. Chill.” You’re going to come at me like that? You’re going to come at me like that? You’re going to tell me to chill? You’re going to tell me not work for a little bit? You got to be out of your mind! 

MTerry, “free Asian”. Yes! I pressed the button. I pressed the button and now you have five likes. Free Asian. But I have had people come out of the woodworks that say, oh damn! You’re free agent? And I say, “Hell yeah! I’m a free agent.” It is time to go. 


Now, for many of you guys in the know, obviously, you know that there is a huge, huge, huge thing, a massive monstrosity in the background and you guys know what that is. That’s yiggity YEN. And that’s never leaving. That is in full effect. I have been able to grease the wheels so that that can continue without my operational support. And for those of you guys who were at the retreat out in San Francisco, you guys know and I told you face-to-face that this was the plan. The plan was to go back out into the gray. The plan was to go back out into the wilderness. The plan was to go out and be once again in the unknown. 

“Frasian.” I like that I like that. I like that Corgie, Frasian. 

And so I’m back in the unknown. Gosh! I didn’t miss a day. We cleaned up the project on Thursday. Friday, I got back to work. It’s time. Here’s the thing. When I started telling people Friday, Saturday, and today, Sunday—as I started telling people slowly that I’m back out, I’m a frasian. I’m a free Asian, people coming out of the woodwork. But I wanted to serve you guys first. All you ticket huddlers. Y’all know who y’all are. I’m glad you guys are here. I’m glad that we can do this Sunday Sermon. I haven’t even started the sermon yet. Shite!


I wanted to serve you guys first because if you watch my video from yesterday about looking towards the future. I said that I’m in a place where all I want to do is just give, give, give, give. Because I have a lot to give and frankly, I’m a good communicator. And as a good communicator, I should be giving through the act of communicating what I know. It ain’t always going to be right. It ain’t always going to be perfect. There are no solutions here. There are only anecdotal experiences from one man who looks at the larger meta picture of my life because I can’t talk about your life. 

Man, I wanted to serve you guys. I felt so good having that moment. I felt so good having that revelation in my mind because Friday, I got my ass back into gear. I was driving the radical. You guys saw that. Driving the radical and then I decided to sit down and just put my thoughts to the other. You know what’s really crazy is as many times as I sat in front of this fuckin’ computer and this freakin’ web cam and all that stuff, I was nervous. I was nervous. I was like, man! The reason why I had a bit of nerves is because I knew I was serving people that I really cared about. I want you guys to know that because that matters to me. 

What’s up, Ghandi? 

It is just the tip. It is just the tip. You guys get to bare the first fruits because you guys have been with me the longest on my internet journey, if we want to call it that. The world isn’t getting my first fruits. It’s you guys. You guys are my #2 video coming back. I’m really excited to kind of share my heart out in the open. There have been some changes in me in the last couple years of doing this online YouTube stuff. I preach a lot of “Hey, let’s be authentic.” “Let’s be radically transparent.” “Let’s show as much as we can.” 

I had a good friend of mine not too long ago tell me. He said, “Peter you’re really good. You’re really good at being transparent online. Like people really get to know a real side of you.” But he said that there’s a deeper level that I’ve heard. He’s referring to the Sunday Sermons. He said there’s a deeper level that I heard. He said that is the better side. That is the side that he said is worth really listening to. He said, “If you could do that more, if you could just spit that game more, I think I’d listen to you every day, all day.” 

This is my friend, right? My friends don’t listen to me, guys, by the way. I mean a lot of you guys on here are my friends, but you know what I mean. So that just got me thinking. I was like you know what? I need to get down. I need to set up a server, get some of the OGs on it, and let’s just put it down. 

Let’s just, yes, that’s right. The locals. The local yokels. That’s right, Trilla Manila. The local yokels. 

So we’re going to be jumping right in here guys. It is the first Sunday Sermon. It is Sunday, July 28, 2019. I’m back guys. I want to do these more regularly. I want to share what I got in my heart. I want to share what I got in my soul. I want to share what I got in my mind. I want to share what’s going on, but I also want to share hopefully something that you’ll be able to extract from this conversation that you can take back to whatever you’re doing and improve it, make it better, spark something. So that you can level up, that you can get to that next level. That’s all I fuckin’ care about. You guys know because you guys have heard me do these Sunday Sermons years ago. You guys know that’s all I care about anyway. 


Locals. It’s been an awesome trip for sure. Levelling up together. Let’s get into this first Sunday Sermon. The title of today’s first Sunday sermon is Becoming Unstoppable. Becoming Unstoppable. 

I alluded to this in my last video guys if you had watched it. If not, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to repeat it right now. After my project ended, my brother asked me. He said so what did you learn? And I said, “It was easy. It was very quick.” It’s easy for me to respond because I knew exactly what I learned. I had simply reaffirmed the very simple fact that I, payta, your DogeLord, am able to do anything. And not only that, I can do it quickly. I can do it with excellence. I can do it with some semblance of quality. It doesn’t have the polish of a seasoned veteran, but to the untrained eye, I can get by. 

In 73 days, I was able to knock and create an entire infrastructure platform for an ecosystem of potential growth. It looked like an empire beginning to grow. I had punched out an iPhone app. I had punched out an Android app, websites, YouTube. I mean high quality stuff. All of this in 73 days. Getting advertisers to come in, interest, all these types of things. These are all possible. I reaffirmed this, guys. I reaffirmed that I can do anything. 


The reason is very simple. I’m a self-learning man. I want to dig in into this a lot more throughout these Sunday Sermons, but I’ll just give you guys a tip of it right now. I was telling my kids this not too long ago. I was telling them by saying hey, you don’t need school. We have you in school because there are some rudimentary basic things that are required for you to understand, to be socialized, and to be social. I didn’t use those words, guys. I used different words. But that’s essentially what I told my kids. I said, but you don’t need school. School is not something that we are looking as an assured path for you. 

The self-education route is what we desire for you. Chillins for you, kids. And it’s great! Both my kids are voracious readers. My daughter—an appetite second to none. She reads more than I do. She reads more than I did when I was her age. I said you are a gifted, talented, and endlessly hungry reader. That’s why you’re going to be successful, if you choose to apply it because you have an endless supply of material to read. So the question is merely what do you apply yourself to. 

My daughter is nearly taking the very similar approach that her Appa, her daddy, has taken. Three master’s degrees, trained scientist, worked for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, did government contract work, private consulting, corporate consulting, published two books, travelled the world, spoke at conferences, got into crypto, built applications. 

I am a self-learning man. I’m someone who reaches and expands himself so that I can understand the world around me and say, you know what, out of all the options that I have, what do I really want to do? The TL;DR and I’ll give you the end of the sermon, the TL;DR is how do you become unstoppable? You never stop self-educating. 

I learned so many things in this last 73-day project. I learned it once again what I am capable of when I apply myself 5,000%. I also understand what I’m willing to spend in a very quick, short amount of time to create the momentum necessary for continued success. This was not in cheap experience, my friends. This was an expensive experience. Tens of thousands of dollars went into it. But it’s because I go in. 

You guys know that I usually enjoy the 90-day experiment, but we made it 73 and that was just enough for me to extract exactly what I needed. I’ll tell you what it was. What I needed was to remember who I am. That’s it. Who I really am. 

I am a solopreneur. I’ve heard that term before. I believe I’ve used it the most out of anyone that I’ve ever met, but that is how I have encapsulated myself. And I’d like to use the word “carpreneur” these days because I like that word too because I like chess. I don’t like the cars, guys. 

But I’m a solopreneur. I can move with speed unmatched. I was sitting down with an individual. I was over at a wrap shop just two days ago because life moves fast. Two days ago, I was sitting down with an individual and I was telling him I’m a free agent and telling them about some of the ideas that were ruminating through my mind and things that I had considered and offers that had been crossed my desk already and individuals and entities that would like to partner. They’d say, hey, you know, let’s do X or let’s do Y, let’s do Z. 

And as I was sitting down with him and kind of explaining all of this, he had this puzzled look on his face. I’ll never forget. He had this puzzled look in his face and he looked at me and he said, “But why?” He said, “But why?” Why is all this happening? I said, “Because I live with intention. And I’m moving on. It’s time to go.” He said, “No, no.” I forget how he really paused at it, but he kind of paused and he’d kind of quipped again. Like why? You seemed to be doing all right. You don’t need to be like running this hard. You don’t need to be doing all this stuff. I mean… Chill. 

I appreciated that. A man who is successful, sitting in front of me, I mean looking at me to my face, he’s willing to tell me, not over the Internet, not over a text, just sitting there and looking at me straight in the face to say why? I think you need to chill the fuck out, Peter. And I appreciated that because it gave me an opportunity to tell him why and change his life. Ha-ha!

Because if you asked me a question, I’m going to give you a fantastic answer. So I lay in and I leaned in and I gave him a fantastic answer. I said I have come to a powerful understanding and this is actually when I began thinking about this sermon, I guess, subconsciously to you guys. I said to him I have found that I am unstoppable. That as a self-learned man, I can do whatever I want. I can create whatever I want. I can go wherever I want. I can’t meet whoever I want, but I know people who might just be able to get me a meeting with the people that I want to meet. And trust me guys, I don’t want to meet anyone famous. I’m more of a local vicinity type, hey-I’d-like-to-meet-you type of dude. 

I don’t have big aspirations to meet you know your Bill Gates or your Warren Buffett. That’s not my thing. I’m a local yokel guy, man. I like local roads as long as they’re smooth. I said to him, “I… have… no… time…to… waste.” And guys, this was one of the most poignant moments where had literally just spoken into my own heart as I was talking to him at that moment. Because it was like sometimes when you speak something out loud, you didn’t believe it or you didn’t speak it. It wasn’t true until you spoke it and then you spoke it to trueness? 

When I spoke out loud, “I have no time to waste because I am dying.” I said it and you guys know I’ve talked about the whole idea on death and how you can embrace the trueness of it and the truth of it and harness that. Maybe we’ll save that out for later. But what I said I’m dying like my heart like double pounded. You know like in the movies where they drop some special message or some special moment in the movie and it’s like ba-boom! And the big base hits and it’s like it sinks into the main character. You could see it all over their face. Their face turns ashy pale white. The blood drains from it. You could see their shoulders get slumped over and the realization of some new reality had just taken a hold of their present conscious and their present conscious is severely fucked up. That is the truth that I spoke. I said I am dying and it was like ba-boom! I was like dude, if I know that I’m unstoppable, if I know that I can do anything, then time is the most precious asset that I have. Period. Full stop. 

Mom says, “Building is satisfying. Why would anyone want to quit?” Dude! I’m like, you girl, you know! Ghandi said, “There’s no borders. Only obstacles.” “I want to take building, take on new things till I die.” I got you. I got you fam. I’m right there with you. 

It was wonderful. He loved the answer. He looked at me and he said, “Man, man, man, you make me feel, man. You’re inspiring me, dude. You’re inspiring me. There’s shit that I want to do.” I said, “Good! Go get it. Do it. Make it real. Make it happen.”

 When you wake up and you realize that time isn’t the only asset that really matters and that you truly have the ability to be whoever you want to be, to do whatever you want to do. Sub-context subtext. You have to learn that shit and you have to work your ass off learning that shit. Working harder than anyone else, but because you’re grounding your ass learning that shit, grinding that shit—

Trilla, I see you. Trilla, I see you. Trilla, imma say it again, I see you. I’m not ignoring these things, Trilla. I see you. Don’t fuckin’ quit. Don’t stop bro. I see you. You’re changing your life. Moms, I see you. I see you with your new gig, moms. I see you girl. Don’t quit. You’re unstoppable. Moms, Trilla, you’re both unstoppable. 


Who do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Let that sink in. That’s a question I had on my notes here right in front of me in preparation for today’s Sunday Sermon. I wrote it down. I said who… do… you… want… to… be? You know what’s so awesome about this particular idea? What’s so liberating about this particular idea is that I—and we’ve talked about this before, some of y’all who might listen to this later will take this out of context but y’all can take the backseat and shut the fuck up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. 

But the reason I can sit here guys and enjoy the fact that I literally have the world in front of me and I can be whoever I want to be because I earned the right to be able to have the luxury to sit here and craft my future narrative. Motherfuckers would take that out of context. It’s just because you haven’t earned the right to live the way that you want to live. But when you’ve earned the right and we’ve talked about this in previous Sunday Sermons years ago, when you’ve earned the right to live the life that you want, then you have at your disposal the margin to choose. 

And today, my friends, I am excited to tell you that I am unstoppable. I haven’t chosen yet what I want to do. But do you know what I really want to do? I want to share it with you guys. I want to keep talking. I want to tell you what’s on my mind. 

I want to tell you what not knowing what to climb next, what great game I want to win next, what market I’d like to conquer next. And you might say, well Peter, you got that yigitty YEN ain’t even out yet. Gah! You should have been at the retreat brother. You should have been at the retreat sister. Because golden words are not repeated, and unfortunately, those memories are locked and sealed. Some of them are trademarked and patent pending. I’m just going to do fine. I mean we’re still pushing hard, of course. 

Where do you want to be? Where do you want to be? 

WHO do you want to be? 

In it for the long bear market. Made strong hands, says Trilla. Hey boy, don’t stop that coding. Mom’s like work harder than everyone else. I have listened. I’ve learned. I am applying knowledge absolutely. Edwin, what’s up bro? I bet a net worth of $1 million be very tough. Once you achieve too many, it becomes easier. 

Bro, it only gets easier because once you have tasted what you are capable of—and I’m telling you guys this Sunday Sermon is an extraction of a re-verification of the power that I wield. It is amazing. I love that I’m able to communicate this to you guys here in this server. We don’t have too many people in here, but what I appreciate is you guys actually understand me for me. You guys have met me. You’ve spoken to me. You’ve shaking my hand. We’ve spent time together. We’ve played games together. We’ve eaten together. 

These are all things that we’ve done together. So you guys know that when I say that the world is… well, who do you want to be? I would challenge you in today’s sermon if you haven’t thought about it to think about it. Who do you want to be because it’s completely possible? It’s very simple. It’s completely possible. 


I’ll tell you the one risk, the one risk, the one risk and then we’ll go on to the a couple things that I think that might be able to help you. The one risk is you can’t become who you want to be if you’re too attached to who you are now. You are one of the biggest constraints, one of the biggest pieces of resistance. One of the things that’ll wake you up and remind you of how much you suck every day is going to be the past you. Who you’ve been is a better way of saying it. That’s how I should have said it. 

You can’t become who you want to be if you’re attached who you’ve been. I like that better. Who you been doesn’t matter! Get over that shit. Sometimes even, I, my friends, even I have moments where I have to just ask the doggone question and to make it real and to re-verify for myself that I’m not crazy.

I sat down with one of my friends after we finished this project. It was late at night over at his company because he’s a big baller and he has his own company. So whenever I go and meet him, I go over at his building and I sit in his office, big baller, but anyway. I went over and I talked with him late at night after all this had gone down. 

I just I needed—even I’m weak guys sometimes. So I just asked him the question. You know the question I asked him? I said, “Hey, you know me and I know you. Let me ask you this. If you had started a new project, if you had started a new project, and you had gone that project, let’s say, 100 days and then it crashed and burned after 100 days. You know for a fact that I would look at you no different. I’d say, bro, I’m sure you learned some. I’m sure you burned some money. I’m sure it hurts a little bit. But you’re going to move on. Let’s go kick ass.” And he looked at me. He’s like “Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s how you would respond to me, Peter.”

You know what I was doing guys? I was reaffirming my weak ass that he’s not looking at me and saying man, you fucked up. You spent tens of thousand dollars. You went hard. It didn’t work out. You’re a loser. Get out of my office. Get out of my building. No, because I was playing a passive game. I should have been more of a man, but I wasn’t. I played a passive game and I gave him a scenario of how he knew I would think about him. But he knew because he’s not stupid either. That what I was really saying is you don’t think less of me right, man? You don’t think less of me. I know he doesn’t. I needed that. I needed him to say that. I needed him to say that without saying it. 

See that’s why we don’t do that shit. See that’s why we don’t give you guys permissions because you could do stupid shit like that and call in and shit. I should ban your ass. It’s too bad I like you too much. Fuck man! 

You see, if I look back and I stay too attached to what just transpired, the project that didn’t work out, if I attach myself to that, then I will never be the next phase of me. You see how warped shit can be guys? Are you seeing this? You see how warped the mind can be? Listen, I’m going to give you the real short encapsulating thing. You can go into a project, crush it, fucking crush it. Put everything you got into it. 100 days. Fail. And you know what you learn when you come out of that? You learn that you’re unstoppable. You can do anything. You can create amazing things, but at the same time you’re worried about what people think still because you’re still human. And what’s so crazy is the paralyzing idea that what people think is greater than that which you had just accomplished which is learning by fire, throwing it all down, showing the world what you can do again.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome was. The process is what makes the man or moms. It’s the process. Who do you want to be? I already gave you the answer guys. Do you remember at the beginning of this? Who do you want to be? The answer is you want to be unstoppable. But the only way for you to be unstoppable is if you make sure that you’re not attached to who you’ve been, who you was, who you were. I’ll give you a couple tips.


  1. START NOW. You know what? After my project, it took me less than 12 hours to start again. It’s not hard. Start. Go. Do. Yeah, sucks! Man, sucks taking it. Just do. Why are you investing time now in the shit that you don’t want to be? Why invest in time now in things that you don’t want to do? Start taking the first step towards who you want to be. 

If you’re already on that path, work harder. Time is wasting. Don’t you realize? I was talking to this guy in the wrap shop. We go back to that guy who was asking these questions of me. Like when you realize, dude, that you are capable of anything on this planet, then you don’t want to waste your time on Netflix. I’m serious! You don’t want to waste your time. Okay, okay, guys, there’s some Netflix shows that you just have to watch. You have to watch Black Mirror. Okay? Just watch it. Fucking watch it. It’s the future guys. But most of the shit on Netflix is not worth a damn, okay? Time is wasting. Go. Do. Now. 

  1. DON’T GO ALONE. Don’t go alone. Guess what, guys? I’m a free agent again. I’m a free agent in life. So guess who I went to first? I went to you, guys. My online pals! The guys I started out with! Y’all have been down for the ride. It’s been amazing! 

I made my online entrance 3 years ago. I was a 12-year buttoned-up consultant. No need to be doing the online thing except blogging every day, which was a great discipline. It helped with the videos every day, certainly a discipline. But I mean I had never woken up to the Internet’s other than I was a consultant for deep tech. 

There’s no need to be spouting off where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, what I’ve been doing. None of that nonsense. But then I decided to go into the YouTube game. Some of you guys were right there and so now I’m coming back. What a wild ride! It’s exciting! 

So #1, start. We’ll talk more about that in the future. Of course, there are lots of ways to start. #2, don’t go alone. Find somebody. Somebody to keep you accountable. Let’s go. Let’s go to be who you want to be because time is wasting. You want to be unstoppable, don’t you? You want to be an unstoppable mess. 

  1. SHOW UP FOR WORK EVERY DAY. Show up for work every day. So many of you guys already know that I’m looking up the list right now that’s listening. I don’t even have to explain it. But I’ll be doing some more explaining in the future. 

So that’s the Sunday Sermon, guys. Who do you want to be? The answer is you want to be unstoppable. If that’s how you want to interpret this. I know personally that some of you guys aren’t in a position where that makes a whole lot of sense to you. I get it. I get it. But take it within your context and I’ll give you my best example that’s not work related but is life related. 

I told someone the other day that one of my goals in life is to be the best dad on the planet, which is why I choose to be home all the time. I want to be unstoppable in that. I want to be unstoppably the best dad on the fucking planet, on this entire flat plane. 

Take that as you will, guys, if you are in a position where worldly success does not matter. Go hard. Go deep as bit native would say. Go balls deep. I got you bit. I got you bro. Ha-ha-ha! “Sooooooo deeeeeep”, says Ghandi. Okay, so not like this, guys.

We’re going to end the Sunday Sermon right there, guys. For everyone out there, if you liked what you heard, smash the like button, subscribe, and share with anyone who you think should listen to this if it was helpful. Thanks so much and let me know in the comments section if there’s anything that you’d like me to talk about because… I’m free agent and I can talk about whatever the fuck I want. 

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