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Are you tired or feeling overwhelmed? Are you tired of not having enough energy to engage in the day’s activities? Are you tired of not being able to have enough energy to engage with your friends, family, colleagues? You see, sometimes the best encouragement that I could ever give you guys is simply because life is kicking my ass. 

What I want to talk to you guys about today is forced rest or forced margin. Have you ever been forced to chill the fuck out? Have you ever been forced to chill the fuck out? I mean, sometimes we have to be forced to rest. Now, as you guys can probably imagine this is something that I struggled with extremely. This is something that is so antithetical, the antithesis of my being. Rest is something that, unfortunately, because of my behavior patterns and because of my history, I am always forced to rest. I am always forced to chill fuck the out. 

I started this podcast here with the question of are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Are you tired of not having enough energy to engage in the day’s activities? Are you tired of not having enough energy to engage with your friends and family in these types of things? This is something that I don’t struggle with. I have energy. I never feel overwhelmed. The world is overwhelming all the time actually. Maybe that’s the level that I live at. I always have enough energy to meet. I always have enough energy to talk and to engage and to encourage and inspire. 

For me, forced rest has always been something outside of me forcing me to chill the fuck out and remind me—and here’s the thing that’s important here—of the value of rest. You see, being forced to rest, being forced to chill the fuck out comes in many forms. In the beginning of life, it started with our parents. They forced us in timeout. They put us in place of forced rest. I remember going into timeout. I fuckin’ hated it. I had nothing to do! There were no toys in my room! I was stuck! 

After that, I grew up a little bit. Those who forced me to rest were teachers. Timeout, detention, forced rest. Soccer coaches telling me to chill the fuck out. Why are you trying to keep going for the knees? Why don’t you play like a regular human, Peter? Why do you always got to be trying to crush everybody? 

Guys, here’s a small anecdote. When I was a soccer player in middle school and high school, I had absolutely no qualms, no issues with taking your knees out. I was a savage guy on the on the field. 

Anyway, in the future, as you grow up, it could be a boss or an authority figure that makes you chill the fuck out. If you’re lucky, you might even have had a mentor tell you to chill fuck the out. 

Now, for me, parents, teachers, bosses, authority figures, mentors—these are not individuals that have usually told me to chill the fuck out, wait my turn, and put me into forced rest. You want to know what forces me to rest, guys? It’s health. It’s health. It’s always health for me. Now, you might look at me and say well Peter, dadgum you look like a pretty healthy guy. Hmmm… I would agree with you, but there’s three different aspects to health. There’s physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

You see, for me, what forces me to generally have to rest is because of physical issues. I have physiological issues for the amount of stress that I take on from all the things that I’m doing, all the things that I want to do, all the people I want to meet, all the things that I want to give to the world, all the things and I want to build. For me, it always culminates to this feeling of my body shutting down. 

For you guys, you might have experienced that. Some of you guys, forced rest can come in other forms more than just physical health or mental health or spiritual health. You can have forced rest from life events. You could have been fired. Shit changed. Life changed. Maybe you made some really poor decisions which forced you out of the workforce, forced you into a period of purgatory, forced you into a period where you were in limbo. 

Sometimes this comes in relationships. Poor relationships, bad relationships. Ever have any of those? I’m waving my hand. I certainly have. Whenever you come out of a bad relationship, it, in many ways, is kind of a forced rest. You just got over this bad breakup, this bad relationship and you are back at square one. 

But for me, it’s always health. It’s always been health. That’s why, if you go back into my other videos and podcast, you can check out my video on “the sauna” and the “value of fasting”. 

For me, it’s always health. It’s always the thing that just crushes me. It just hits me like a train and suddenly I’m just dead. I’m just dead! I’m just dead! I just wake up and I’m like I don’t think I could do anything. I can’t even move. This is not something that you’ll want to replicate, my friends. This is not something that you ever really want to experience. 

I have been paralyzed in my bed, total disconnection to any type of energy source, if that makes any sense. I wake up and there’s no energy source. There’s no battery. There’s no plug in. There’s no universe giving me energy. It’s just like I’m lying there and I’m dead and I’m dead. These are the moments in which I hit the wall and unfortunately, it generally takes me multiple days—2, 3, 4, sometimes 5 days—to get over it. 

I go to the sauna all of those days. I burn it with fire. I am forced to rest. It’s terrible! It drives me insane. What’s so crazy is I’ve done this so many times before! A brother should have learned by now. 

Here’s the thing, a life without real rest can become dull, demented, and distasteful. Dull, demented, and distasteful. I will tell you many times, life has become dull, it’s become demented, it’s become distasteful, and the reason is it’s because I simply do not appreciate the things of life. Because I’m working so hard. I’m never resting. The whole idea of stopping to smell the roses, smell the flowers, smell of roses, yeah, I get it. I get it! As much as I always want to go, go, go, go, go, part of the problem with that is when you go, go, go, go, go, life becomes dull, demented, and distasteful. 

And the body, well, thinks it can go. The body wants to go, but the spirit knows better. Your spirit knows better. You can fake it for a while. You can fake having energy for a while but at the end, you are done. You are exhausted. 

The worst part is when you are exhausted and you are super tired and you are being forced to rest because of emotional or physical or spiritual health issues, you are at your most vulnerable. It’s one of the worst parts. You are at your most vulnerable. You are weak. You’re susceptible to illness. You’re susceptible to sickness. You’re susceptible to poor decision-making when you’re ridiculously tired, when you’re ridiculously exhausted, when you’re overwhelmed with life! 

When you’re tired and your body is dying and you’re exhausted, you make terrible decisions, you’ll make emotional decisions, and you often end up getting even worse in sickness. I want to save us. I wrote some notes down here guys. I know I’m all over the place, but I wrote some notes down here. 

I want to save ourselves from burnout and discomfort by choosing to rest rather than waiting for the rope to burn. To be honest, I’m preaching this to myself because I’m currently going through, I think I’m on day four of some forced rest because I have been slamming myself against the wall and I’m done. My body gave up four days ago. Do I still deliver content? Of course I do! Because brother doesn’t quit. But the rest of my day, guys, I am dead. I am dead. I need to get back into a rhythm of rest. 

I wrote down 5 tips, 5 ways to save ourselves from burnout and discomfort by choosing to rest rather than waiting for the rope to burn. 

  1. Consistent good night’s sleep. Consistent nighttime routine.

Now, for me, especially people who have worked with me, they know. My nighttime routine starts at 5:00. My nighttime routine starts at 5:00 and it doesn’t end until about 8:30 or so. The reason is is because so much of my nighttime routine is with the kids. But after that nighttime routine of 8:30 with the kids, I move into my second nighttime routine, which is for myself and my wife. 

A consistent good night’s sleep is so crucial. I’m pretty dadgum good at this. I generally go to bed every day at almost exactly the same time. What’s great about having a consistent nighttime routine is it allows you to get consistent rest every bloody day. 

When I was younger, let’s be intellectually honest, guys, when I was younger, when you were younger, you thought it was cool to be up all night. You thought it was cool to party and do all sorts of shenanigans at night. Look, when you get older, staying up is cool? You know what’s even cooler guys? Getting a good night’s rest, getting a good night’s rest, waking up early, and beginning to crush the day.

I don’t know what it is with naiveté or youth, but in our youth, we thought it was cool to stay up. Guys, you know the coolest thing to do is? Wake up early. Get consistent rest. One of the things that I believe strongly in is that not a whole lot of good happens at night. You might as well just rest at night and catch up on that margin, catch up on that energy.

  1. Naps.

I take naps. That’s it. Take a nap. Try it. Experiment on it. Gosh, when I was a consultant, some of the best resting period is during lunch. It’s the best. You just pound down food in like 15-20 minutes and then the next 40, you just go to your car, pass the eff out. Take naps. Naps are great. I’m huge into naps. I’m sure you can go search on the internet for the value of napping.

  1. Say no more. 

Only say yes to those things that are absolutely necessary. The most productive people accomplish more by doing less. That almost seems like a lesson that I should cover in its own right. But it’s true. High performing people accomplish more by doing less. They say no more than they say yes. So practice that skill. Practice that skill of saying no. You know what? I’m feeling a little empty here. Maybe I shouldn’t take on that. Maybe I shouldn’t engage with you. Maybe I don’t need to do that event. 

  1. Solitude meditation.

I have an entire podcast on that. The Benefits Of Solitude— go check it out. But solitude, meditation, sitting and letting your body heal. This is what I do. I literally sit in solitude. I don’t meditate a whole lot. but I generally sit in solitude and let my mind go blank and feel my body feel the energy coming back in, taking in the vitamin D if I’m sitting outside on my porch, and just allowing myself to heal and to rest, forcing myself to sit there often sometimes for hours. It’s great. 

  1. Do not resist the rest you require.

Don’t resist it. Don’t fight it. I’m preaching to myself here guys. I’m the best at fighting rest. I’m the best at saying no, I don’t really need that sleep. I could do this! Don’t fight it. 

Life is additive. Life is additive. Sometimes we need to shed the bullshit. We need to shed the crap that we’ve accrued over the day, over the weeks, over the months. Don’t resist the rest you require when it’s coming up. 

You know what? Do yourself some good. I know a lot of this sounds like whoa, bro it’s hard to balance the whole thing of like go hard, crush your dreams, your life is short, you only got one life to live, go all out. But I’m telling you, I am useless, you are useless when you are dead, when you have no energy when you’re overwhelmed and you don’t have the ability to do your best work. 

Ask any athlete about the value of the rest and they’ll tell you, I bet they even have experiences and stories to tell you about games that they know they should have won, but they didn’t because they didn’t get enough rest and they were doing shenanigans the day before or something like that.

Let’s round it out. Sometimes guys, life forces us to rest. This is not something that is enjoyable! I hate it! I hate it when I’m overwhelmed and I don’t have energy to do what I want to do and I’m forced to chill the fuck out! Often because of health—emotional physical needs or life events. 

We can save ourselves. Five things real quick guys. We can save ourselves from that burnout

  1. Get a consistent night’s sleep. Create a nighttime routine that works.
  2. Naps. Nap it up guys. 
  3. Say no more. You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do anything! 
  4. Find times for solitude meditation and sitting and allowing your body to heal.
  5. Do not resist the rest that you require. 

So the question for you guys today is very simple. What rhythm of rest do you need today? 

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