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I really dislike it when people hold information close to the chest. You can tell. If you’re a people person, you know they aren’t giving you everything. There is a hesitancy in their responses, an unfamiliar thoughtfulness to their speech patterns. You see it. You’re not sure what to do with it. Regardless, it’s distracting. And Yes. People notice.

While this is important in certain situations, in most, it’s unnecessary. Everyone knows that you’re not doing yourself a favor by holding back. Let it out baby. Let’s get all of you.

Give us everything. Give us all of you. Be here, fully.

Open up the book to your soul. Give them everything.

Be at Your Best

‘Being at your best’ doesn’t mean that you clean up well for work, meetings, and events. ‘Being at your best’ means that you’re bringing your full self to the moment.

You’re honest. You’re candid. You’re vulnerable and real. You’re willing to be wrong. Willing to be corrected. Willing to have the tough conversations. You know when to shut up. You know when to listen, be empathetic, and just be present.

Being at your best means bringing all of (you) to the situation. For me, this means giving all you’ve got. Give them everything beyond what they paid for.

To Give is to Win

As an agile consultant, this is my secret sauce. Give it all away. Give them everything I’ve got. Why hold it back? What good would it do me to withhold value where it can give it? I do my very best to give my clients everything they’ve asked for and more. To be on the top of a client’s list of people to call when they need any assistance requires me to behave in such a manner that all of their other options are second. I make it a goal to bring more value to the relationship than I receive. 

As a founder, this is the standard I want to have in my company. I know for a fact that when everyone is exceeding expectations in the role they have and in the work they do, everyone wins: Customers win, users win, investors win, your team wins, and most importantly, you win.

Your entire service-package is this very idea of exceeding people’s expectations and over-giving all the juju. It has to be. 

When it comes to your profession, over-give:

You should always have a positive-can-do attitude. Not only is this a fantastic way to self-program positivity in your life, but it accrues interest as you learn the practice of positivity in all circumstances. 

The more you create relationship deposits into yourself (self-programming) and others, the more people enjoy being around you. You can’t control much in life, but you can manage your emotions and attitude. Go big in gratitude and generosity and exceed expectations on radical transparency and emotional maturity — model what you expect in others.

“How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be?” – Epictetus, Greek philosopher

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