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Now, it might seem weird but I actually really hesitated when it comes to this topic. I wrote down all these ideas, but I really hesitated to press the record button and there were a lot of reasons for that. A couple of reasons were is that like there’s just a lot of juicy stuff in here, like juicy secrets, I guess to success. In some ways, there’s a couple other points that are a little bit hokey, but in reality, well the reality is that the reason why I hesitated to press the record button is because I realized that what I’m about to talk about is just really hard. It’s really fucking hard. It’s so hard. 

I have no other measuring stick but myself here guys but I try hard on all of these and I’ll tell you I have a great fucking life. It’s because I work hard at these, but they’re hard. Let’s get into it. 

Today’s topic is exceeding expectations. Yep, you heard it right. Exceeding expectations. You know, as a consultant, I’d just jump into the secret sauce of this. As a consultant, that was my secret sauce. That was the reason why I succeeded as a consultant. And if I ever go back to consulting, I’m going to tell you right now, if you’re listening out there, and you might end up being one of my clients in the future, don’t care, I’m going to give you the secret to my success as a software development and organizational consultant. 

I give everything away. I give you my best. I’ll give you everything I know. Ask any of the 16,000—maybe not all of them. But have trained over 16,000 people in software development specifically Scrum and Agile software development through two-day, three-day, four-day training classes and handed out certificates of Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, these types of things. 

Now, not all of them liked me, but let’s just say the majority. Let’s say 15,000 out of the 16,000 plus people. I gave it my all. I put I left everything on the proverbial field. I gave them more information. I give them more help. I gave them more of my knowledge than I think anyone else in that particular setting. I gave them everything. 

The reason is is because there’s no need for me to ever hold back. Maybe that’s just my personality, maybe that’s just the way that I’m built, but for me, over giving, exceeding their expectations, giving them more than they’ll ever need, giving them my all, I always found that to be a secret to success when it comes to consulting. 

They’ll always want to call you back because you’ve given them so much of what you’ve given them requires even more context to apply and to execute against within their companies. I made it a goal! I made it a goal to give so much, give ridiculous amounts of value even on our first phone calls. When CTOs or CIOs or CEOs or leadership’s in companies would say, well, I heard about you from one of my colleagues who went to one of your classes or someone that you trained or I read your book your first or second book and I liked it and we’d like to have a conversation with you about helping us build our software faster, build our software better using Agile Scrum Systems Thinking and Organizational Design. 

Even in those first conversations, I would give them everything that I could possibly give them. I give them everything. So much so that I knew that they couldn’t take it all and execute against it. That was the secret sauce. Let me repeat that to you. Make it your goal to bring more value to the relationship than you receive. Let me repeat that. Exceeding expectations. Make it a goal to bring more value to the relationship than you receive. 

This is why I’m a terrible friend. You don’t want to be my friend. You don’t ever want to be my friend because I am unbearable. I am an unbearable friend. I just want to give. Most people, they don’t want to receive. They just want to chill the fuck out, hang out, just not think about work, not think about life, not think about doing or being or creating or growing. Most people when it comes to friendships, they just want to be. I’m a terrible friend because I never just want to be. I’m actually better online because then you can turn me off. 

Make it a goal to bring more value to the relationship than you receive. That is what exceeding expectations is all about. But I wrote down four important things, four important places in life to exceed expectations to your benefit. These come from hard work, years of work, experience from moi, from your main man, Peter today.


  1. Work. 

Work. Yes. No minimum requirements .It’s bullshit! Stop working for the minimum. Stop doing the minimum at your job. Work with excellence for fucks sake! I hate customer service. I hate customer service with a passion. You wanna know why I hate customer service? It’s because customer service today sucks. It sucks! Wherever I go, customer service sucks. They don’t want to be there. They don’t want to work there. They don’t want to serve you even though they’re blessed to be in the role that they are considering the economic times and the useless degrees that are being mounted up and being collected with dust. Useless degrees abound in America today.

Man! Just work with excellence. I can tell you companies that work with excellence that are around me. Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. They do cleanliness. They do the whole shopping experience with greatness, with excellence. Publix, I salute you! 

My first job—maybe I’m highly biased—at 15 years old in Jacksonville, Florida, Southside Bay Meadows Publix. Google it. That’s where I worked 15 years old. When I turned 15 years old, guys, my dad told me, “Get a job.” So you know what? I rode my bike to Publix Southside Bay Meadows in Jacksonville, Florida. I also applied to Winn-Dixie which is right there too. But Publix? They do customer service right. Racetrack? Please! Racetrack, excellent job. Excellent job. Gas station, guys, customer service. 

Work with excellence. Work with excellence! You know what happens when you work with excellence, when you do your best? It creates inquiry. It creates people who are interested in your motivations. They are curious about why you are working with excellence. People want to know! Why is this brother working so hard? Why is this sister working so hard? 

Frankly, when it comes to interviewing, this is always what I ask. I always talk about what motivates people? Why are you motivated to work with us? Why do you think our vision for our company, our vision for a product matters to you? Why do you want to couple yourself? Why do you want to sleep in the same bed as we are? Why do you care? What motivates you? 

If I see someone working hard, I want to understand. I had this conversation with my brother not too long ago. Because we have a great, exceptional company. It’s doing exceptionally well and we hired someone new and I was wondering what motivates this individual because he is crushing it. He’s killing it! One more to help me! Help me, brother. Help me understand why is this guy doing such a fucking excellent job? I need to know. I need to know the motivation. 

Once I understand, then I can use you effectively. I can mobilize you effectively because now I know what grinds your gears, what makes you want to win. I mean come on! Work with excellence. It facilitates advancement in your career. That’s what I’m trying to say. It facilitates advancement in your career. 

People like to reward. Bosses like to reward hard work. They like to reward people that are crushing it. They want to do that. It’s natural. Trust me. I’ve been a corporate boss, though I hate the term, a leader in a company. I’ve been there. I want to reward hard workers! If you’re crushing it, bro, bro tell me why. Help me help you more. What am I missing? Please tell me. How can I utilize you in your motivations in your natural inclinations even better for mutual benefit? 

It’s so funny when I talk to people guys. I talk to people who wanna who want to crush it. They want to go out on their own. They want to become a big baller. They want to start a new business. They want to try something new. I asked them—it’s very this is very, very telling guys—how are you doing at your current job? How are you doing at your current job? Are you crushing it there? Are you a number one sales person there? Are you a number one marketer there? Are you a number one manager there? Oh you’re not? 

Well, you know what? People only want to work with people who are crushing it. People only want to work with people who are making it big, who are working hard on their goals, on their destiny, on their design and crafted life that they want. I mean, be the best in a small pond. Prove it to me there, then let’s talk about your bigger vision because if you’re not responsible in the smaller levels, brother, please ain’t nobody gonna give you an opportunity when you can’t even be king of a small pond.

  1. Attitude.

Exceed expectations in your attitude, positive, can-do attitude. Please, it slays me, guys, when I see someone with a shitty attitude. What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you? Life is too fucking good to have a shitty attitude about where you are, about what you’re doing. You can improve that. You probably should start with your attitude. 

Exceed expectations in a positive, can-do attitude because what it does is it creates relationship deposits in you and others. Let’s break that down. Relationship deposits in you. What does that mean? Self-programming motherfucker. That’s what I’m talking about. Go back to any of my talks on programming. 

You have to deposit into yourself positive attitudes. You have to program yourself to think positive. You have to program yourself to vibrate at a higher level, a positive level. So you can attract higher level positive shit. And when you have a positive, can-do attitude, you infect others. Go back to my a talk on giving self esteem, gives you even more self esteem back. 

You can’t control jack shit in life! But you know the thing you can control? You can control your attitude. You can control your emotions. Go back to my podcast on controlling your emotions and mastering your emotions. 

Exceed expectations in an attitude of gratitude, of generosity, on generosity of time, and generosity of attitude. Be overly grateful. Be overly excited. Be overly involved. Be overly caring. Go overboard. What do you have to lose? You’re making relationship deposits in others and you’re making relationship deposits in yourself. 

Did you know that you can program yourself to be a better person? I’ve done it. You can literally program yourself to be a better fucking human being. It’s completely possible. 

  1. Go big.

Go big guys on relationships, marriage, and home life. Exceed expectations on all three. Now, this is where I didn’t want it to get too hokey, but I’ll tell you it’s fucking hard and it’s worth it. The goal is in the relationships in the home. Marriage in the home. The goal is to out serve the other. Period. Full stop. 

Out serve the other person. It’s your opportunity to show respect to that individual. You know, I don’t have these conversations that often, but I tell you, 99% of the time, when I have conversations with men and their failed relationships, in my eyes, it’s a 100% their fault. It’s a 100% their fault. You know why? Because they don’t respect their wife. They don’t respect their girlfriends. The reason they don’t respect them is because they did not work hard in out serving their special other, their wife. They didn’t work hard. They didn’t work hard out serve them. 

I can’t speak for a woman here guys, but imma tell you from my perspective. That woman that you wooed, that woman that you spent time datin and being a good person for during the courtship period or if you’re on the other side, you just wanted the poontan, fine, you just wanted the poontang, but you still had to be a better person than you are now to get it. You can’t be going in there with all your shits hanging out or your baggage hanging out. You had to be a better person. So what happened? Did you get the poon? Was it worth it? 

When guys tell me that their relationships fail with their wives, it’s because they have not worked to out serve their wives, thereby, respect their wives. You see, their wives are built to love them and to serve them and to want to be with them and to help them become better men. Likewise, that was hopefully the intention that you had going into that relationship, going to the marriage, to help them, to be there for them, to out serve them for fucks sake! That’s all I have to say. 

Your job as a man is to out serve the woman. Nobody complains about getting too much love and too much respect in a household. No one complains about that shit. Do the fucking dishes. Take out the trash. Do more. Do it. 

I can find you friends who can completely verify that I’ve told them. Fucking do the dishes. Fucking take out the trash. Be a better husband. Be a better man. Like I’ve literally told my friends that. Do it! Do it! Your wife, your girlfriend, your husband will never complain if you try to out serve them. 

People tell me that people sometimes qualify when they when they tell me about their relationship goals. They qualify it. Look, Peter, I know that you don’t suffer from this and then they’ll go into their little issue. Why do you even qualify it? Why do you even qualify it? The reason why you qualify it is because I’m willing to do the work, to love my wife, my queen like none other. Going on 10 years, strong motherfuckers. We’re going all the way. This is my greatest project. I’m not a quitter ever! I’m a finisher. We’re taking it all the way and if we’re gonna take it all the way, we’re gonna make it awesome! We’re gonna make this journey together the best damn time of our lives. Why would I want it to suck? Why would I want my relationships to suck? 

People tell me I have a perfect relationship. I do. What they don’t see is how much work we put into it. The home is a peaceful place. The home is a piece of harmony. The home is a piece of contentment. Exceed expectations in having your home be a home of peace, be home of harmony, be home of contentment. 

The world is fucked up! The world is angry! The world is messed up! The world is complicated, complex and hurting outside the walls of your home. Exceed expectations to make your home a home of peace, of harmony, and contentment. It’s all about the others. Carve out your own spot. Carve out your own spot in your own home. You need it. You need it. I got mine. You need it. Carve out that spot, but serve. Serve. 

Die to your own expectations so you can exceed your family’s expectations. Let me say that again. Die to your own expectations so you can exceed your families. You have kids? Here’s my only piece of advice. Give them what you did not. Give your kids what you did not have. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I know. I’ve heard it. I know. I know. You had a rough upbringing. You had a poor upbringing. Scrappy, food stamps, I get it. But, you overcame! You created something for yourself. It is your opportunity to change your family’s legacy, change your family’s trajectory. Poor no more! Make it happen. Exceed your family’s expectations. Work hard. If you’re a man, make it so. Your job is to serve your family. Change your family’s history. Change your family’s legacy. If you have got kids, give them everything that you did not which is simply this—the opportunities that you didn’t have.

  1. Yourself.

Last but not least exceed your own expectations for yourself. Set goals that you can’t achieve in this life. Set goals that you can’t achieve in this life. Think big! Be big! Dream big! Go back to my podcast on think big, dream big, be big. Do it! Do it bigly! Go out in flames but fucking live! Live! 

I find it so fascinating that no one, I’ve never met anyone, that has dreamed of a future of being alone. No one! I’ve never met anyone that said, you know what man, whenever I dream about the future, I dream about being alone. Never in the history of ever has that been heard by my ears. Maybe, I haven’t been talking to enough people.

Relationships and being with yourself and work and attitude pretty much what life is gonna be about. Work, attitude, relationships, home, and dealing with yourself. Exceed all expectations in all of those areas. Do it bigly. Live. 

I’ll end with the quote from one of my favorite Greek philosophers, Epictetus. Epictetus who was a slave that became a stoic Greek philosopher. He said this: “How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be?” How long how long can you afford to put off who you really want to be? Exceed expectations. Crush it at home. Make your family love you and respect you and want to do life with you for the rest of their lives. Have an attitude of gratitude! Fuck! Exceed expectations. Where do you need to exceed expectations? 

This is Peter, your Bitcoin Lambo. If you enjoyed this episode, feel free to subscribe, share, do whatever you want, but mostly I just want you to improve. Peace out guys. 

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