[The following is an interview format that I created for a client of mine for interviewing potential ScrumMaster candidates. The interview includes basic Agile questions, Agile experience, and 3 core exercises to see facilitation techniques and ability.]

The outline isn’t perfect, and many questions come up ad hoc through the conversations with the candidate. Some of the questions are hard, but not unreasonable. I would believe that a well versed, seasoned ScrumMaster would intuitively know the answer to most of the questions. I may be wrong, feedback is welcome!

Make sure to check out of the other resources as well!

Scrum Master Interview Questions

Experience – General

Experience – Agile specific



**Setup includes:

  1. 3-4 developers who have been coached to be certain roles during these mock-exercises
  2. 1 Product Owner who has been coached to be a certain role
  3. You – Facilitator to keep conversation moving in the right direction as needed

Mock Demonstrations

Again, feel free to use this when hiring a good ScrumMaster.

***Any extra questions you would ask? Feel free to post them in the comments!!!***

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