If you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you will be successful – AUDIO NSFW

What I love about this new format that I’m embarking on guys is it enables me to literally talk about whatever I want to talk about. I woke up this morning early before 6:00 and I don’t check my phone usually in the morning. But today, I did. I went to the bathroom and I’m like, you know what, it’s 5:00 whatever, let’s just check out the phone. So I checked out the phone this morning guys, and lo and behold, I found a guy named Roger Ver. 

Now, Roger Ver is a man who works and lives in the cryptocurrency space for those who don’t know. Now, cryptocurrency, you probably heard about it—Bitcoin, these types of things—is a new technology but many people have only heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from the financial perspective. But actually Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a technology first and that’s really where my interest lies. 

So on today, a particular day, August 1, 2019, Roger Ver created his own cryptocurrency as a copy of the original Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. He created this copy on August 1, 2017. Two years ago. Happy birthday, Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash. 

Now, here’s the point, two years ago, this is the first thing that I thought about when I woke up this morning. I checked my Twitter account. Roger Ver, who had created a copy of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash in August 1, 2017, setting the stage here guys, two years ago created a copy of Bitcoin and has since been derided, been chastised, been criticized, been told he’s every word under the sun, been fought against, been sued. I mean there is only one original Bitcoin, guys. It’s called Bitcoin and the ticker is BTC. That’s all you need to know. 

Everybody comes to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is BTC. Bitcoin. But this man, Roger Ver created a copy of Bitcoin and called it Bitcoin Cash and for two years, here’s the context guys, for two years, this man has been chastised, derided, put-down, told he can’t do it, told he shouldn’t do it. I mean…

This episode, this show today, guys, is to congratulate Roger Ver on his middle finger to the world. That’s what I respect the most about Roger Ver. Period. Try to remove your biases if you’re in the technology world of crypto. Try to remove all your biases. Try to remove all your preconceived notions of cryptocurrency and just consider a man who’s taken one of the most powerful pieces of technology ever conceived, Bitcoin, cloned it, and then created an entire business around it for himself and his community of supporters. 

I could have done this. Anybody with just a little bit of technological development chops could do this. It’s open-source code Bitcoin. You can copy it and paste it into a new document and call it whatever you want. So he did that. And people got pissed! And you know what he said finger to the world, imma do me because this is what I believe in. Children are dying. That’s one of his things. He wants to help feed the world. 

This is a man with a purpose. This is this is a man with a goal. This is a man with a designed life, a designed life by him. He knows where he needs to go. He knows what he needs to do every day. There is no question what bleeds through his veins. There is no question what guides him and leads him. There is no question what his muse is, what would keeps him going as he’s getting punched in the face from all sides. 

This type of vision, this type of persistence, this type of just hardened, hardiness, grit is what is absolutely required to be successful. 

I personally do not invest in Bitcoin Cash. It’s just not my thing. Do I take time to look into Bitcoin Cash tech? Not really. I know it all anyway because I know Bitcoin. I’ll probably never really spend much more time than that looking into it. 

But, you cannot knock the hustle, guys. You cannot knock the hustle. It’s only been 2 years guys. There’s only been two years since he split and created his own coin called Bitcoin Cash. Two years to the day today. To the day today. He survived and he’s successful. He’s growing multi-million dollar income streams from this, for himself. The hopes is that the work that he does, and I believe it will, will continue to help thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds, maybe even millions of people. He will get exceptionally wealthy for helping other people. 

Go on with your bad self Roger Ver. Keep doing it. Keep crushing it. Keep doing what you believe to be right and true for your life. You are helping more than you are hurting. Let me repeat that. You are helping more than you are hurting. 

Are you personally gaining a lot from this? Absolutely! You should. You earned it. Anyone out there that’s listening to this, forget the philosophical, the worldview, the biases you hold and merely consider the actions. When you do differently, when you go against the grain, when you put your finger to the world and say, “This is what the world expects of me? Imma do the opposite.” You will be rewarded. You will be successful. 

Peter, how can you know that? How is it possible for you to say that with such confidence? I say that with such confidence only under the direct assumption that you won’t quit. Because if you quit, well, I don’t need to explain that.

Some of you guys have heard me say this before. I’ll repeat it many times. I don’t mind repeating it because it’s such an important lesson my father always told me. He said look around look around at what everyone else is doing. If you do opposite of what everyone else is doing, you will be successful. If you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you will be successful. 

Roger Ver has done something two years ago that pissed off a lot of people. He took something that people believed was sacred to them. But they forgot was open source and they’ve made an idol of it. And when he took the idol and he said, ctrl-c, ctrl-v motherfuckers! Imma copy this shit. Imma roll my own and Imma call it Bitcoin Cash. Imma crate a tribe around it, supporters around it. We’re going to grow. We’re gonna create an ecosystem. We’re gonna create a community. We’re gonna create an entire marketplace. 

Roger Ver, keep going brother. Keep going, finger to the world, pedal to the metal, rubber on the road. Go on with your bad self. I’ve got you fam because I’m right there with you.

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