Without suffering we will never learn from our mistakes. – AUDIO NSFW

Guess what guys? I must become all things to all men so that I can tell them of the great news of dead Bitcoin. That’s what we got to do guys. I will suit up. I will suit up guys. We have to because I can’t rely on everyone. I’m just honest. I can’t rely on everyone. People let you down. People promise things. People promise things. People say stuff. People say, hey I can do this, I can do that. 

Guys, welcome to Sunday Sermon. Tonight’s conversation is on the topic of being miserable. That’s the perfect lead in. 

People will let you down. People will disappoint you. People will make promises. If you’ve ever been scammed online, you know what that’s like. The thing is is that regardless of the variability of hoomans, of us people we must yet persevere, we must yet persevere. My life depends on it. Our life depends on it. And it’s worth every minute trying. It’s worth every minute trying. 

Let’s talk guys in tonight’s Sunday Sermon. Let’s talk about the topic of being miserable. I’ve used this example before in Discord chat and it’s not a perfect example, but I can hope that you can understand my point. I truly believe that the people that could have been the most successful in the world, in their own life, in what they do are the people that you meet at the gym every fuckin’ day. I’ve used this example before and I think it has broad implications. The problem is transferring the gym and the discipline to go to the gym every bloody day to something that is life transforming if not it being just going to the gym. 

Some people go to the gym because that is the prime goal of life change. They are fat as fuck. Maybe so are you. Welcome to the show if you’re fat as fuck and it’s a priority for you to get healthy, guess what? The gym, that’s the altar that you need to be praying at every day. But if getting fit and getting your health right is not a priority, then that’s not the altar. That’s not the church for you. Don’t talk about telling me that you got to go back to the gym Justin Bosack. Time to just fuckin’ do it. 

Here’s the point. Going to in the gym is a mental discipline that these individuals have created. These individuals have created a mental discipline to go to the fuckin’ bloody gym early in the morning because you guys know, that’s when I go. It’s the worst time to go to the gym. The worst time to go to the gym is early in the morning because you have to wake yourself up, you have to get the fuck up and you have to go to the gym when it’s still cold out. It’s the worst time. There’s no worst time to go to the gym. But that’s when I go. 

And the people that I see there every time I go? Guys, these people have a mental discipline that surpasses 99% of humanity because they are choosing to be miserable. They are choosing to be miserable. And you know what? I’m choosing to be miserable. I wake up. I got so much shit to do every fuckin’ day. It’s Sunday guys. It’s the Lord’s Day, but I’m working. 

I hate fuckin’ waking up early in the morning. I hate interrupting my REM sleep. I hate interrupting my mind creating unrealities. It is fuckin’ torturous to wake up every day. It is torture for me to wake up every day early with the fuckin’ alarm. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it so much! There’s almost nothing within my daily routine that I hate more than that fuckin’ alarm. My wife hates it too. You know that boo hates that shit. It wakes her up! Then she’s up. I feel bad about that, but we’ve been married long enough where it’s like it is what it is. 

I’m cold. I’m uncomfortable. My body wants to be warm. So the physiology is working against me. My brain is working against me. It’s saying, Peter you need more sleep. It feels good being here. But you get up and they get up and they make the same fuckin’ routine. I don’t know what it is. I’ll tell you mine though. I get up. I go immediately downstairs and I make my wife coffee because I owe her that much for waking her up that early. I make the coffee. I go back upstairs. I put on my gym shit, go back downstairs, pour my cup of coffee, hock that shit and I get in the fuckin’ car and I go to the gym. 

At the gym, sometimes the coffee works through me fast and so I take a shit about 50% of the time. Guys, no pretense here. It is what it is. Then I drink a lot of water and I hang out in the hot sauna for 15 minutes flat. It’s a time box. After I’m sweating, everything that I had eaten the last night out into my shirt, I work out. I make it hard and I make it worth it. I don’t need to do cardio because I do two sets within one superset. I’m always moving. My heart’s always up. I’m sweating profusely and I smell like shit. Ain’t nobody brushed their teeth yet guys. After my workouts done, I drink my protein shake. I get back in the sauna, 15 minutes timebox, sweat all that fuckin’ off again. And then I head home and I get to work. 

But that entire experience guys is complete torture. People ask me, people will talk about stuff and you know what, maybe sometimes I even volunteer depending on how shitty of an attitude I have that morning. Some brother will be talking to me early in the morning, ain’t nobody want to talk brother. It is six fuckin’ thirty in the morning and I’m here with you. But we’ll engage in some friendly banter and then I’ll say something to the effect of brother, I’m telling you man. I fuckin’ hate being here but I’m here and I’m glad you’re here too. 

I know almost all the regulars in the morning. They they have answered the call. They have answered the call. Whatever that is. I don’t know what that motivating factor for them is, but they’ve answered the call. Anyone you volunteer for the call, you volunteer for a little slice of hell. 

You see, these people they choose to be miserable in the morning at the worst particular moment physiologically as well as psychologically. It’s the worst time to be doing this shit. Talk to any Marine, talk to any Special Ops, talk to any military servicemen who’s done more than 5 years in the military, they’ll tell you, they still wake up fuckin’ at 4:30 in the morning. It’s been ingrained into their discipline. They’ll all tell you that it’s worth every minute. And you’re like, brother, are you serious? Wake up at 4:30 every morning? Why?! Why is that worth it? Ask any serious military man and they’ll tell you. Yeah, it’s worth every minute of it. But they choose misery, they choose to be miserable. It’s a mental decision. It’s an intentional decision day after day after day after day. 

If you could think about it, in the entire universe of opportunities might make no difference, if you want to argue that way. But I don’t. I think it makes a world of difference. I think choosing to be miserable and slicing off a little slice of hell, I think is one of the keys it’s a greatness. Notice, I don’t say the keys to success. Fuck with that. I don’t even know what that is. But I think it’s one of the keys to personal greatness. 

In deGrasse masters says without suffering we will never learn from our mistakes. I mean I can get up at like 5:45 sometimes 6:15 if I’m really lazy. But they have chosen misery. When you choose misery, when you choose to be miserable…

Now, understand the meta here. Don’t miss the context. The context, I think is an abject discipline to utilize that misery. But when you choose to have a life of discipline, your diet will be isolation. It’ll be rejection. It’ll be self-doubt. It’ll be despair. It’ll be ridicule. It’ll be contempt. It’ll be humiliation. You say, Peter, how is that possible? We’re just going to the gym here, Peter. Where are you going with this? We’re not talking about going to the gym. We’re talking about changing your life. 

Look, how did I start this entire idea? It was very simple. The people at the gym have the greatest chance of being some of the most successful, greatest people in the entire world. The problem is the people that go to the gym, with that mental discipline, are not able to translate that mental discipline to suffer and choose pain and choose misery to an endeavor that could greater impact their life than just going to the gym. And if that’s you, you’re who I’m talking to. 

Whatever that goal is, we’ve already established that in the previous sermons. Whatever that goal is. Whatever that vision. You go through B90X, you’d even know more about it because we talk about the product vision and vision for your own life and then creating a mission for your own life. We’ve already talked about all this. That’s assumed that you understand that.

These people haven’t been able to translate that mental discipline of working out every day to changing their life whether it’s their career, whether it’s a new job, whether it’s a new risk, a new hobby—I don’t know what it is that you want to do. Make more money. That’s fine. It’s a great goal. To have a great family, to pay off that debt. I don’t know what it is for you. But please, don’t mistake this. This is not a war against whatever it is! It’s only one war. It’s only one war. You know who that’s against. 

We talked about that last sermon. The war’s against yourself. It’s always been against yourself. No one knows how to fight you like you. You’re the best at fighting yourself. You’re the best at rationalizing bullshit. You’re the best at lying to yourself. You’re the best telling yourself you don’t need to go today. You’re the best at telling yourself, eh, you can just take one more sip. You’re the best at saying whatever it takes for you to have a lack of discipline. It is a war against yourself! 

It is miserable to confront yourself. That’s the larger issue. The issue is not that the temporary psychological pain that it takes for you to get the fuck up and go to the gym or put that pen down and start writing because you’ve been wanting to write for fuckin’ 20 years. It’s time to go guys. Or to get to the keyboard and you start writing, typing, coding. Or maybe even just searching so you could learn more about the area in which you want to improve for the thing that you want to change in life. 

You are your own worst enemy. Absolutely! It is it is miserable to go through the temporary psychological pain inflicted in doing that. It is sometimes even accompanied with a little bit of physical or physiological pain. Wake the fuck up! Grow the fuck up! 

That’s not misery. That’s not miserable. You know what really is miserable? It is miserable to confront yourself. It is miserable to actually force yourself to do something that you don’t want to do. It is miserable—let me repeat this—it is miserable to confront yourself…because you’re a liar. I’m a liar. I lie to myself all the time. You’re a temptress. I’m a temptress. We tempt ourselves all the time. We’re all of that. 

It’s miserable to confront yourself. It is miserable to look yourself in the mirror and say, “Man, what the fuck has happened? How did I get here?” I have that I have that all the time. Maybe it’s because I try to stay woke? Maybe or maybe it’s just because I’m constantly looking at my fuckin’ self and the goals that I have in my mirror. So I’m forced to confront the realities of what I have chosen to do. I sometimes hate looking at that list in the mirror because it’s hard work! It is sometimes miserable to look at that list and have a flood of emotions up and down the entire spectrum. It is frustrating to see that. It is disparaging to see that. For all the reasons I could think of. 

If you have something that you want to do in life, you have to choose to be miserable. You know when I look at that mirror, man, it is frustrating sometimes to look at that mirror. Sometimes it’s just so frustrating. It’s not frustration that it’s not happening, it’s frustrating because it just takes time. I want time to move faster, but we talked about that earlier in today’s sermon. How fast fuckin’ time is going by. It’s amazing guys. Before you know it, it’ll be a fuckin’ June 24th again. I hope to see you guys here. I hope see here. I’ll still be here because I wrote it on my fuckin’ mirror. 

I know where I’m going, but it is miserable. It is miserable. It is terrible sometimes to confront yourself. And you say, well, Peter, you’re saying it’s hard to confront myself. What does that mean? What does that mean? Where you going with all this hyperbole? It’s bullshit! It’s nonsense! When I say you are confronting yourself, when I say that you are looking yourself straight in the fuckin’ nuns, straight in the fuckin’ eyes, and looking at yourself and you are dissatisfied, you are unhappy, there’s something staring right back at you that says man, something’s got to change. 

And it doesn’t have to be a negative. It could be a super positive. Something’s got to change. Everything’s great, but man, this could be better. Man, you’re in a great position. Go on with your bad self. Stop fuckin’ wasting time. If it’s already great, make it better! If that’s what your nuns, if that’s what your eyes are staring back at you and saying, so if your eyes are telling you something, they’re telling you something powerful. 

It’s weird but sometimes not very often, but sometimes I’ll even stare in the mirror, staring at my own eyes for so long, I’m actually just looking at my eyes. Ain’t no soul-searching here, guys. We’ve gotten beyond that. I’m just looking at my fuckin’ eyes and see if there’s like a black speck in there or if they look hungover. 

So let me explain what I mean when I say that you’re confronting yourself. You are confronting your fears. Why? Why are you confronting your fears? Why? I’ll tell you why. Here’s the end of the story. The end of the story is your greatest fear—I’m going to give you the end of the movie. It’s the fear of the consequences of following your own heart. That’s what it is. I just gave you the end of the sermon. The part of the end of this sermon is it’s the fear of following your own heart. That is I think the chief master fear of all. 

Okay, so let’s go through the tactical and strategic emotional and psychological fears. Yeah, we could do that. That’s easy. 


Let’s go through tactical—the fear of bankruptcy. Because you’re trying something new. The fear of poverty—you’re switching jobs. What if you just want to get the fuckin’ out of New York? You want to go somewhere else. No job prospects, just something new. Maybe a new side hustle. It’s gonna cost you a little bit of money to invest. If you ask my opinion on that, why make it a side hustle? Make it the main hustle because then your hearts in it, then you’ve jumped off the cliff. 

So the fear of bankruptcy, the fear of poverty, fear of insolvency. Fuck that. I’ve already been bankrupted, guys. Guess what I learned something. That you only buy stuff in cash because that way, you know that you earned it. Fuckin’ insolvency. Insolvency teaches you valuable lessons if you’re listening. 


The fear of grovelling, the fear of asking! The shame of failing. Heaven could crawl back to your old employer, crawl back to the uncle who loaned you $15,000 to get started. The shame, the grovelling, the apologies, the fear of being selfish, being looked as selfish, being a bad husband or wife or spouse, the fear of losing support of your family. 

Man! When I started this new journey I told my entire extended family how embarrassing is that. How embarrassing is that. I sent an email out to my entire extended family which, let me give you one context, let’s just say that my parents had lots and lots and lots of brothers and sisters. So we have a large ass extended family guys. Who cares? Most of them just say oh, it’s fuckin’ Petey doing that shit again! Just ignore it. Something we get interested for a second. But trust me, no one really cares. 


Fear of betraying people, fear of losing confidence from people, the fear of losing your status with your homies! Don’t gives a fuck about your homies?! You ain’t got no fuckin’ homies. You ain’t hood! You ain’t fuckin’ gangster! Fuck your homies! Fuck your set! Fuck your set trip! Fuck your crew! I don’t care! 

The fear of failing your race, the feel failing your political side, the fear of throwing away your education, the fear of throwing away years of service to a company that, frankly, doesn’t give a shit about you anyway. The fear of losing out on the training. The fear of losing all that world experience. The fear of not turning back, the fear of going too far. 

Trust me, when you follow your heart, you will go too far. Because that’s what your heart does. Your heart takes you to places that are ridiculously uncomfortable. And in many ways, permanently scarring. That’s what your heart fuckin’ does. Your brain is the rational entity within your system that is telling you that’s a risky bet to do that shit. But your heart, eh, your heart’s the one that’s always gonna take you too far. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! 

The fear of madness. The fear of insanity. Yeah, sometimes when I get an opportunity to set my ego aside and I hear myself talking, I kind of sound crazy, guys. I kind of sound crazy. I’m not even 40 years old yet and I think I’m already crazy. I think I’ve passed that, guys. I think I passed the fear of insanity and maybe even death. 

The best ones are always cray? You’re not crazy, young blood. When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you have to confront yourself the stark realities of your misshapen body, the health that you’ve neglected, the career that you hate, the boss that you completely despise, the industry that you support, and the compromises you’ve made, to be in that internal insanity. Do I sound hardcore? Do I sound crazy? Do I sound like I’ve lost my mind? Guys, I’ve said this before and it gets me passionate and it gets me psyched up almost to the point when I’m on the verge of either laughing out loud and sometimes crying inside. 

Your life depends on it. Your life depends on this moment. Your life depends on it because it’s all you fuckin’ got. It’s all you got. I’m asking you to choose misery in a short life. Am I missing a step here? No! That’s one of the keys to greatness! It’s choosing misery. It’s choosing a mental discipline. Let’s call it a mental discipline, choosing pain. 

The hammer is very appropriate. She brings the pain. I’m passionate about this crypto mom and I care deeply for you guys even though I’ve never met most of you except maybe one or two. I care because guess what guys, I’m not a fortune-teller, I’m not a soothsayer. I don’t know the fuckin’ future, but all I know is that everyone I see ends up dying and I expect that particular cycle to probably continue as a high chance of continuing with in my life. I think that’s the only constant I know. 

It’s the only consistent entity in which I can pivot and make informed decisions around within the fractal nature of this fucked up world with all its variability and unknown unknowns. The only thing that I do know is that it’ll end. So I’m asking you to choose a life of misery, a mental discipline, to live. Here’s the get: To live the life that you want. 

It is miserable! It is disdainful! It is hurtful! It is painful! It is suffering! To live the life that you want. It is miserable. It is suffering to choose the life that you want. It is suffering to live a life exactly the way you want because it was crafted by you. It was designed by you. It was chosen by you. You made it. You created it. It’s yours! No one else has any say over it. It is wholly yours! It’s yours! It’s awesome! Take it! Take it because when you command your life, when you choose your life, it bites back hard. Oh, it’s got some teeth on it. Oh, it’s got some teeth on it. Oh it’ll cut you to the bone. It’ll cut you to the bone! 

It’ll hurt in the worst ways. I promise you! I have been disappointed over and over and over and over again. The failure with people, with situations beyond my control, oh it hurts guys! I can think of a million ways. I can think of a million things that have happened. It’s the fear of following your own heart. 

And the fear that you’ll actually succeed. It’s the fear that you’ll finally find the power that you always thought you had and to become who you truly thought you were, I truly thought you are. It’s the fear of discovering that you were meant for more. It’s the fear that you wasted your life. It’s the fear that you might become a monster. It’s the fear that you might not know yourself. 

I’m gonna be around for a while guys. I made that promise to you and I make it to you almost every time whether we talk because it’s a reaffirmation of my commitment to this community, to the greater opportunities that exist. I’m building YEN. John and I are building something that we fundamentally believe will change the way people exchange value and in many other ways too. Fundamentally change the way that people interact, transact. 

I’m not fearful. I’m not fearful of that that dream. I’m not fearful of that desire that’s in my heart. I’m not fearful of any of that. If I’m honest, I’m just like you. I’m just like you. You know what I’m really scared about? I’m scared that we’ll succeed because if we succeed, then it’s only gonna get harder. My life is already hard. You know how hard it’s gonna be if we’re supporting 10-15 million people transacting tens maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars a day through our system? 

Guys, today is easy! Today is easy. It’s only gonna get harder. But it’s Sunday Sermon, guys. One thing that I have found in my life is that as hard as life gets, the Lord, my God has given me the perseverance to survive. I think if that’s a blessing from the universe, then let me leave you with that. 

I have found that in life, as hard as it gets and it gets harder every year guys, that I am given the strength to persevere regardless. And that universal truth for me, I would take a gander and say is probably applicable to you. Life just keeps getting harder guys. But you know what? You are given the strength to persevere. If that is the case, then maybe just maybe, it’s time to turn the dial up, to turn the dial up on that perseverance and choose to be miserable in whatever the desire that your heart desires in terms of some sort of change in your life. It’s time guys. It’s time to confront your fears. It’s time to confront yourself. It’s time to get over it. 

You know why? Today is the fuckin’ easiest day of your life. You’ve just have to decide! It only gets harder from there. When you get to a decision point, when you could do no other, and you’ll gird up that loins like a man, you will answer and you will be volunteering for hell. I promise you, it’s worth it. Because this is my life. I get to control it. I get to be the master of my own destiny! I get to do it on my time. I get to shoot squirrels all day protecting my house, building code for YEN, engaging with you guys, going on trips to see motherfuckers, and try to get business done. It is hard, but golly, I’m doing it for me. Guys, it’s time. Decide today. It’s time. Peace out.

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