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I’ve been journaling here. You guys got to do this stuff, man. You got a journal. It’s just one of the best ways to just get shit out of your brain because we’re so much in our own brain. Are we not? Are we not just so much in our own brain? I decided not to create a podcast-y format here. These pages are blank. The reason these pages are blank, guys is I just wanted to turn on the camera and talk to you guys. 

You see, I was inspired guys. I’m putting my notebooks away. I was inspired. I also really want to continue watching a show on Netflix. There’s a show and I’m not gonna talk about it because that’ll get you off track, but there’s a show on Netflix that I have I began watching. The first episode, not so good. There’s not enough data. Second episode, they break you down this way, guys. That’s how they break you down, right? Third episode, I was hooked. I was hooked. Third episode I’m hooked. Now, I’m in the second season and you just want to know. You just want to know what happens next. 

I was just inspired by a couple things that I was reading here and I was inspired by a couple things I was reading online about the future of blockchain technology. I started journaling. I started journaling and I was like, oh, man, I really want to watch the next episode of this show. This is the tension of life. The tension of life is to not take the opportunities to put in work. 

It’s hard. I want to watch this fucking Netflix show guys. I really do. I’m not even sitting down. I’m standing up because this situation has created this much tension. I don’t know if you guys ever struggle with this. Maybe this is just me, but now you get to hear me talk about this struggle. I get inspired and I want to work, but there’s entertainment opportunities on the other side. Even I struggle. 

I thought of this phrase instead of writing down what I was inspired about, which I’m gonna get to after this. The phrase that came to mind was the “cancer of inaction”. Let me ask you a very simple question. See this wood? If you’re listening in the podcast, I’m tapping on the desk. This wood is alive, guys. Did you know that? Did you know that this wood is alive? You say, well, Peter, it’s not alive. It’s dead. It’s chopped up trees. You were wrong, sir. You are wrong, madam. This wood is alive. 

How do we know? We know very simply, basics. We know that if we leave this wood here unattended by human hands and just let nature do its thing—now if we took this thing outside, nature would do its thing on this piece of wood faster. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s inside or outside, this piece of wood over time, if untouched by human hands, it will break down. It will break down it will turn into dust over many, many, many years. Can we all agree on that? 

If it will turn to dust after many, many years, then that means this thing is alive. That means this thing is alive. This thing is alive. This wallet is alive? Well what’s your definition of alive, Peter? The definition of alive, to me, is if it’s moving. You see, everything in the world is vibrating. Everything in the world is moving. You learn about molecules. You learn about what happens when they become a solid or liquid or gas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solid, liquid, or gas. It’s always moving. The entire universe, the entire flat plane that we live on guys is moving all the time. That’s what I define as alive. It’s all moving. Everything is moving. Everything that you see behind me, everything that you don’t see in front of me, it’s all moving and it’s all moving and changing in to different states slowly, but everything’s changing and everything’s moving everything to me. Therefore, it’s alive. 

The cancer of inaction is what I thought of. The cancer of inaction is to act like you’re not moving, to act sedentary, to be sedentary, to have a mind that’s dead, numb to the world, a mind that has lost its imagination, a mind that is shut off, a mind that is clamped down, a mind that is constrained. That’s what I’m talking about. 

When the mind is dead and the mind is just in a consumption state where it’s just consuming information, that’s what TV does to us, guys. That’s what entertainment does to us. It puts us in a very similar pattern of brain waves and brain activity like you’re dozing off, like you’re sleeping. You’re just sucking shit in through your two nuns to your two eyeballs guys. So the cancer of an action is to constantly choose to be in a state of non-moving of mind instead of being an individual of action. Everything is alive. Everything is moving. You should too. 

I think that is how I overcome the cancer of an action. I realize the world is moving, whether I choose to or not mentally and sit there, right there, which is super comfortable and I hold in my phone for 58 fuckin’ minutes and watch this next episode. I can do that I can go over there, I can down, and enjoy an episode for 58 minutes as the world is going, as the world is moving, as everything is moving, and everything is alive, and everything is moving and changing states, I’m choosing to sit there and be a blob. 

Now, am I knocking on entertainment and having downtime? No, what I’m saying is when you are faced with the opportunity to consume or the opportunity to act and you know it’s in your better interest to act because maybe there’s something in your gut that rises up and it says man I got to do this, then it’s time. Man, it’s been too long. You really should go. That’s what I’m talking about. When that gut feeling, when that gut idea, when that gut thing rises up and it’s telling you to do, get in tune with the world because the world is changing. The world is doing. The world is going whether you are not. 

There’s many things that I love about my international experience living abroad and working abroad and travelling abroad for work, no, I did not do a lot of vacation travelling. My travelling for work took me everywhere I needed to go and everywhere I wanted to go. One of the things that I love about international experience is the fact that it proves to you a very interesting alternate reality. 

The alternate reality I think for most people is an assumption that this reality exists. If you don’t have any international experience, you assume that country exists. You’ve seen it on TV. You have sufficient proof that this thing, this nation, this country, this place exists, but you don’t have any true proof that it exists. You say what, really? Yeah, you don’t because you’ve never been there. We’re moving into a world where everything’s fake. Fake news. It’s been fake for a long time guys. It’s just a show. We live in a world where what we see is not reality. 

One of the things that I love about my international experience is I have been able to prove to myself that these realities exist. I know what business looks like in Tokyo. I know what business looks like in Seoul. I know what business looks like in Beijing. I know what business looks like in Singapore. I know what business looks like—I’ve been all over. I know what business looks like in London. I know what business looks like Switzerland. I know the business looks like in Germany. I love Germany, guys. I spent a lot of time in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin. Great place, great food. I have been able to validate truthfully that these alternate realities exist and things are moving, businesses happen, and people are doing shit. 

Can I tell your story? Y’all don’t know this. Actually, I’m gonna stop it right now and I’m gonna bring it down. 

I’m back guys. Notice anything different? Look at this dude, guys. Look at this guy. This right here guys is my very own 3D printed model of me from 5 years ago, I think. But guys, look at this detail. Look at that guys look at guys. Look at that detail on those jeans. Look at that ass. Look at those Adidas shoes, guys. Look at the sexuality. Look at this thing, man. Isn’t it awesome? Isn’t this mini-me. 

I got this in Berlin, guys. I got this in Berlin. I was in a transition period between a start-up and I had an awesome opportunity. I was looking into 3D printing. This was 5-6 years ago guys. I was looking into 3D printing and I came across a company in Berlin that was the first company to do the most high definition, high-tech 3D printing of a human ever done before. You know me, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, find, get information, see how I can get in contact with them. Finally, get in contact with no website up yet. Actually, they’re in just in the process of actually building their website. 

I said I’m so interested in what you’re doing. I need to know and I’m so curious. I’m from Atlanta, a start-up guy. I’m an investor, a venture capitalist. I’m really curious about this. I don’t if you’re accepting people. It seems like you’re not yet, but I would love to come out to Berlin and I’d love to see you guys and to talk with you guys about this business that I’m I was really curious about at the time. 

Some of the coolest things happened. Long story short, they said, hell yeah. We’d love to bring you out and I was going to be the first person to test out their new software and their new rigs. I’m not gonna say anything because some of it might be proprietary. I mean, when I got in this thing like 5-6 years ago. When I got in this thing guys, it was like out of this world like gnarly, gnarly stuff. Then obviously like the quality, the quality, guys I mean the quality…

I have to ask add this. So I got there. I fly a fly to Berlin. I got there and you know I don’t have a whole lot of time. I mean I’m flying in, I think I had timed it so that when I flew in by that afternoon, I’d be in that area for a 2:00 appointment or something like that. It comes to pass that when I get to this nondescript door in someplace in Berlin, knock on it, lo and behold, as I get to that door—

I can tell you this. I had a little coffee break because I didn’t want to get there too early. It’s like the appointment was at 2:00 so I was like there at 1:30. I don’t want to be that dude that’s like hey, I’m here early. Let me bother you. I sat down and the food is so good. I love working out there for clients in Potsdam. But you know I sat there at a coffee shop, got coffee and some pastry. It was just such a wonderful moment to be alive, to see the world around you, to people watch for 30 minutes. 

They’re all speaking German. This is a different world. I love seeing that. I love experiencing a different culture and being able to soak in those sites and those feelings and those sounds and have a true validity that these places exist. 

So anyway, I spent my 30 minutes at the coffee shop. Go to the door, knock on it, and as I’m knocking on it, these other dudes starts walking up. He’s a reporter from like TechCrunch Italy. It’s all in another language though. He was a reporter that was also on a very similar mission. He was interested in the rise 3D printing and in the rise of retail opportunities and all that stuff. He was one of those dudes that was gonna be there too. 

I was supposed to be the first person on the planet to get this, but you know what? I let the reporter go first. I let him go first – for the story. He included me in this story because I’m gonna Atlanta entrepreneur that was also there. So I was second. I just wanted to boost his story there. I was second in the world getting this. I just love the people of Germany. I just love that culture. I love the food. I just love their hospitality. I love the way that they treat foreigners. I think it’s a great people. They’re smart people. Tons of smart people. 

If I told you the client that I work for, actually a huge contingency in Berlin of engineers and developers 200 are these suckers in this beautiful place, this beautiful office building, which was which was kind of one of those old office buildings from back in the old war days or whatever. That’s my story of how I got one of the coolest—look, I had a I had torn I had the torn jeans at the time. Look at that details, man. Amazing! That’s my story of that. 

Actually, what I just told you is me fully taking on the realities of action. Don’t allow for the cancer of inaction take a hold of you. If you’re inspired to do something like you’re interested and you’re inspired about a technology that you’re so curious about and then you dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig and you find the resources and you find people that can get you into and check it out do all that stuff. Don’t let the cancer of inaction remove opportunities, world opportunities like going to Germany, going to Berlin, validating that those alternate realities work, those out alternate realities exist.

And you know what this huge whole spiel of all of this was really one simple point. One thing that helps me get through the cancer of an action is thinking to my times in working in Berlin, working in Potsdam, working in German, working in Japan, working in Korea, working in China, like working all over the place because those motherfuckers are working while I’m sleeping. Those guys are grinding, while I’m chilling like literally. A lot of them are really serious about their start-up, are really serious about the work that they do. So while I’m literally sleeping, they’re literally working. So not to say that I need to be grinding 20-hour days all the time. 

Be active. Go for it. Do it. Go find your mini me. It’s what I’m really trying to say here guys. Go find your mini me because this right here guys, this mini me, this mini me that I search for and I got took a lot of work and a fucking flight. That shit ain’t cheap. 

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