The Agile Change Agent – Understanding Change

As an Agile Coach, I have realized over time that cultural change is something not fully understood nor embraced enough during the process of bringing Agile into a company. Whether it is an Agile adoption, or moving towards transformation, we must take a deeper look into what change is for software development teams, departments, and enterprises alike.

I’ve decided to tackle this in a four part series, taken from my experience. Feel free to comment and let me know if I’ve missed anything 

Change is not an option, therefore …

We must recognize our role as “change agent.” We do not just keep the software development running smoothly and manage the day to day activities. We are more than that. We’re Agile coaches! We must recognize that change happens and we must be prepared to handle it or deal with or strategize with it. This means we must have certain skills.

6 Guidelines for Understanding and bringing about Change:

1. Be slow to make changes and take your time understanding the environment. Some ‘traditions’ and some ‘ceremonies’ of the current teams/departments/enterprises are useful. Listen, observe, first:

2. Recognize that changing people is more important than changing things:

3. Recognize that change begins at the point of greatest control:

4. Recognize that change is facilitated by wider participation and solid planning:

5. Suggest that change is directly related to the maturity of the group:

6. Change begins at the point of the most predictable result:

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