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Imagination—I will tell some personal stories within this, narrative of sorts, but the reason why my wife and I are so conscientious, we are so overly involved in our kids’ education is because we understand the value of education and I believe, the entire spectrum of what education is and I say that in equivocally.

The Bowens and I have like eight degrees between the two of us. We know what education is. We know what propaganda is. We know what messaging is. We know what the underpinning worldviews of these systems are. We’ve been in it, guys. My wife’s a fuckin lawyer, guys. You didn’t know? So you think I’m smart, guys. You haven’t met the Bowens. She ain’t just some beautiful bombshell that gets to hang off my arm, some beautiful expensive jewelry that I got. She more than that, guys.

”You’re the trophy husband.” No, I’m just here so I don’t get fined, guys. I’m just here so I don’t get fined, guys. 

But we know what education is. This is why we’re so deep into our kids’ education because we—and I write some vicious emails, guys, please believe. I could show you some emails, guys that I have written to administration, you see. “How old are your kids again?” that’s right, second-grade, motherfucker, shit’s real. Kindergarten, son, shit’s real. It’s fucking important to me that certain things are well understood. 

Don’t be don’t be bringing in that social justice warrior liberal bullshit. Don’t be bringing in that worldly shit. Don’t be bringing in that shit. I don’t know if I’ve told you, let’s just say, when you hire a Director of Diversity, you have immediately removed diversity from your school. You can argue with me, but you’re wrong. Once you hire a Director of Diversity at your school, all diversity from that school has now been squashed.

It is a fundamental flaw within the liberal idea that if we continue to fracture and identify fracture which is what Director of Diversity does is to say we are diverse. Let me count the ways. Oh, we seem to be underrepresented in a particular area which I feel is important to participate in this wonderful school. Oh, really? Oh, okay. Well, that’s your idea. Wonderful.

Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about someone who might have a dissenting idea. Albeit. It might be a tough conversation but a dissenting idea from someone like me. Because, I’m a young father and I’m overzealous for my children’s education because I got fucking three masters degrees, guys. I know what this stuff is. And you say, “Well Peter, why the huff and puff about education?” Because it is the schools that destroy imagination. It’s the school’s system that destroys imagination.

When your child in class might be looking out the window considering the world outside and wondering what is going on outside? What is going on? And the teacher goes, “Hey! Pay attention.” Get with the program. What that teacher is fundamentally doing is squashing this child’s most important mental faculty. You’re squashing my child’s imagination. You are crushing the imagination of someone who is clearly in a moment of flow even at a young five, six, seven, eight-year-old. 

In a moment of flow, we could see their eyes darting back and forth, staring blankly into something. Who knows what it is, but their imagination is running wild. Their mind is having a ball. It could be negative it. It could be positive. Watch them. Observe them. See what the child is reacting to. 

That is why my wife and I are so involved—hyper-involved—with our kids’ education because we want to ensure the educational experience is one that continues to support imagination. To allow for the creative to be creative. 

This is another reason why we don’t have TV in our house.The kids watch movies, yes. They watch pre-selected Disney movies, right now. We understand the mental programming that happens that with those but we have very powerful conversations with our daughter around what the differential is between what they’ve seen and what reality is without crushing the imagination. But that’s just a small piece of the part. We don’t have cable. We don’t have TV because we want our kids to imagine the world. We want our kids to explore. We want our kids to ride their bikes in the fucking street by themselves. Please let them go around the dadgum block. 

I want them to see the world as a fascinating and wonderful place. I want them to use that imagination. And many of us, including myself, we have lost it. We have lost it through the educational system. We have lost it through reinforcing roles within corporate systems. We have lost it within society itself, which demands hierarchy. It demands hierarchy. It demands function over form. It demands compliance. And we are highly compliant, are we not? 

I graciously allow the TSA agent, a unconstitutional entity within America, but I graciously allow the TSA agent to fondle my balls as I look down at him, distinctly. And as he gets up and meets my gaze, I say, “Sir, I feel like I owe you a tip. “ And yes, is that offensive? Absolutely! But I make sure that they know that I’m highly offended that this is happening within my country. Why you allowed to touch me?

So I want our kids to have imagination, not be compliant. And that’s what we’ve lost. So let’s talk about this. 

What is imagination? Imagination is imagining something different from the current reality in which you are in. Imagination is thinking of things differently. Imagination is thinking of things in the future. Imagination is anything that can be conjured up in the mind that is currently not nested in a reality right now. Imagination transcends reality. Imagination is the unreality.

An imagination stems from the mind. How do you conjure up such an imagination? Well, let me tell you the power of imagination before we talk about how we conjure this idea up because I think the argument is strongest when we understand the power and potential of imagination first. 

Did you know, as I said in the child, the child’s most important mental faculty in their entire life till the day they die will be their imagination? Why? Because it is the most unique mental faculty that you have. It’s all that you got that separates you from any other creature on this planet. A dog, a cat, a mouse, rhino, giraffe, whatever, an ant. These creatures lack imagination. That’s why they have very predictable life cycles. 

The human? We have unpredictable life cycles independently. We have somewhat predictable endpoints, depending on a multiplicity of factors including demographic, geography, genetics, etc. But we are the only creature on the planet that has this mental faculty which is imagination. And what’s even more powerful, please, this is, it what is even more powerful is that we are the only creatures in the world that can imagine something before it emerges. 

We’re the only creature on the planet that can build something before it’s built. I dream a lot, guys. I dream a lot. I dream a lot about this business, obviously. This is mostly what I think about. We can save that for another time about what I’m thinking about with the business. But you know what I think about a lot? And I’ll be honest, especially at night, when I’m trying to go to sleep, you know the thing that calms my mind before I go to sleep? The thing that allows me to finally clock out is I’d sit there with my eyes closed and I think about my garage. Not the garage that I’m currently in, but the garage that I want to build.

I am endlessly, tirelessly, almost every night, imagining the next garage. I built the garage I’m in right now. I love it! Guys, I wanna go bigger! I wanna go bigger! I don’t think there’s any shame with that. I don’t want to have car sitting outside, I don’t want to have cars in a warehouse. There’s a Korean word for it, (inaudible 11:52), it’s complicated. It just complicates life.

You might say, “Peter who gives a fuck about your material desires?” I do! It serves a multiplicity of purposes. It is not merely something that I am jealous or yearning for in incessantly with an emotionality that needs to be quenched. No! This is a rational imagination. I think that’s important. I think that’s important to highlight. This is an intentional act every night to help me go to sleep.

I intentionally think about the next future dojelord garage and it’s gonna be bigger and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to build this fucking thing! I love creating shit out of nothing, guys. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a garage that you built. I can’t complain about a dadgum thing in this garage because guess what? If I don’t like it, it’s my fault. So I better be dadgum fucking sure that this is exactly what I want and need right now. 

And I love hanging out in the garage with you, guys. I love sitting in my garage coding and drinkin’ secret sauce and just grinding the fuck out of work. And depending on the date, there’s different cars behind me. It’s great. It’s great. Mostly they’re only there temporarily, because we got the pragmatic cars right now, guys. We got to be very pragmatic, somewhat pragmatic.

But I intentionally, here’s the point guys, I intentionally engage in the active imagination every night. It is wonderful because it is something I really want. It is something I really am super excited about it guys and I’m gonna shut up about the details because guys can’t tell you details. The only detail I’ll give you right now, just to wet your palate, if you’re interested in a future story about it guys, is this garage is gonna be 3,500 square feet. I’m so excited!

But I intentionally engage in that active imagination and it is wonderful to drift off every night having that in the back of my brain because it is what I know I can achieve if I work harder than anyone else that I know.

We’ve talked about that. I know that I can achieve the garage that I want if I work harder than ever anyone else that I know. And so the active imagination is intentional. It’s something that we have to engage in and it could be anything. It doesn’t have to be stupid like a garage. It could be an education. It could be diapers. It could be building your first home. It could be whatever you want. I don’t care.

Whatever you want, you have to intentionally imagine a future of that want. This is the power of imagination, guys. This is the beginning of it because I truly believe that that driving force, that imagining a future in which you want, an idea in what you want—it doesn’t have to be future, it could just be an idea.

That, I think, the most important part of that intentional imagination is it creates a goal. A goal that you will think about every day. And if you think about it enough because it comes from your brain, the rest of the body kind of follows. So let me repeat that. 

We’ve talked about this and B90X. Whatever you think about all day is what your life is gonna turn into. Whatever you think about, all day, is what your life is going to be. Because it begins with the mind and it flows down to your artifices. It flows down to your momage. It flows down your body. It flows down to your actions, your behaviour, your speech changes everything. It starts with the mind.

And so, you can literally create your future and you see, “Peter that’s some of bullshit! Fuck that shit brother!” Brother, O ye of little faith, I’m living proof, guys. I built this house with sweat and blood. Just kidding! My wife built the house with my money.

But I got to build the garage. I worked hard for the money to be able to pay to build the custom house with a wonderful architect and even better builder. We built our dream home, guys. Just past 30. Just past 30 years old building my dream house, guys. I imagined this into reality years before we even be laid first brick. I imagined this. I imagined it every day for at least a couple years. I can do this. I can do this. I want this. This is possible. This isn’t extreme.

I’m not looking at a mansion. I’m looking at something that can be just mine. And I want these constraints, right? And the constraints create the property and you build up from there. So how much property am I gonna be able to work with within the constraints and requirements that I have? Our requirement is we needed to be by a creek. I need water in case the fucking zombie apocalypse happen. 

That was it. I need to be by a creek or a water source that I can access freely without permission. And that constrained the areas in which we could build and then that constrained even more so the properties that were existence that we could buy and afford within our constraints, our affordability. 

So this wasn’t an unreality. This is a rational imagination. Please follow. This is a rational imagination of a future that I know can be possible if I fuckin work harder than anyone else I know.

There’s many very superficial goals that I have had in life. Very superficial goals. I’m not ashamed to admit, it I’m human… but they all came from the imagination because I intentionally engage in the act future storytelling. And the life that I wanted to have… and at all. That’s the power of imagination, that’s it. Is that you can imagine a future, you can imagine a future that you can have… because I’m a walking example of that. I am a literal walking example of that. 

To be quite frank within my very small network of people, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know anyone that just passed 30 he’s able to build their dream home, with their dream cars in it, and that for me was a worldly piece of success. I loved every moment of it, I still love it every day because I am completely comfortable in my man cave. I loved every moment of it. And so that’s the power of imagination is that you can imagine a future but you have to intentionally engage with it and I keep repeating this because it’s important to repeat,  you have to intentionally engage in the act of imagination. 

You have to use it daily, it’s a daily function. That’s it, it’s a daily function. Did you know that 90% of your life is from visual cues? Think about that. 90% of your life is from visual cues. So you got to use that–all that other 10% to its max. That 10% is how can I on unimaginative round me and create one that’s new, create one that’s different. They’ve enhanced my perception of the world, get beyond my box.

What do I need to do? Get educated. Get educated in that area and then just begin imagining. You actually don’t even have to get educate, you will get educated if you just imagine something that requires that education you won’t emergently find that, you’ll need that education to get that which you imagine. So I, intentionally imagine all the time. And these are within reality, these are rational, intentional acts that I do. 

I’m gonna give you guys five tips and these are things that I actually had to write down for the first time ever cause these are things that just kind of have helped me as a consultant but also, helped me with in the world of helping my clients imagine a world different than their own. 

So I’m actually taking this from a consulting standpoint but it works effectively well with the imagination of your dreams, not just corporate goals. That’s shit. So whenever you’re at an endpoint, whenever you’re a decision point, whenever you’re at some sort of point in which you feel like you can go no further, there are five questions to kinda ask yourself that help me, as a consultant, help my clients think differently from the way that they’re thinking right now but this is great for imagination as well.


  1. What else is there?

And what I say is, imagine what else is there? What else is there? And you can take that permutation to nth degrees. What else? Is there negative? What else? Is there positive? What else? Just start with that. Imagine what else is there. Okay.

Let me give you a pragmatic example of how I built my mancave, the garage I’m sitting in right now. I started with the layout of the garage and I said what else is there? What else is there to do? Well I need to have choose doors, duh. And so it you go step by step by step and moves you in the right direction when you’re stuck… in imagination, or thinking about the future. 

  1. What’s missing? 

What’s missing from here? You could be similar to what else is there, but I think, what’s missing is very important. What’s missing from this equation? What do I need? What do I need to have to get what I want? And this isn’t selfish, you know, because people will look at you say, you know, to get what I want, you’re selfish, you’re egoistic or you’re—fuck you. This is reality. I want this thing, okay?

I want it and I need to consider what’s missing from getting what I want. I want to build this fucking garage. I’m so excited about it. What do I need? Well, let’s get practical, let’s get rational, let’s get reasonable, well I need capital. You need capital, okay? That’s very simple to point out. So what’s missing from that? That’s exactly right, self-centeredness is okay. Well it’s the same idea. You know, self-interest. 

  1. Where is the gap? 

Where’s the gap? There’s always a gap. There’s always something, there’s always a gap between one thing and another. Where’s the gap between X and Y?

  1. What is not yet happening? 

What needs to happen? What is not yet happening to the situation? And my favorite one, my favorite one to get me thinking differently about the current situation I’m in use my imagination using my brain is what would film the blank do. And I’m gonna give you my three go-to’s. I’m gonna give my three go-to’s, okay? 

My first is what would Jackie Chan do? And, that’s my first thought. Like within the situation, within this context or this problem that I have ortrying being stuck with this idea or this start-up of this thing I want to do, this whenever I want to get to, whenever I want to get to, what would Jack, for me, the first person I go to, is what would Jackie Chan do? 

This mother picks up anything and starts hitting people with it. Within the context of a fight because I’m fighting here. I’m fighting with myself but the ideas, the blockages. So I think what is within my reach, literally my reach, what is within my reach that I can use to combat this? For me being in the garage, it’s relatively simple. I could reach to my keyboard and begin to fucking type anyway, or begin to code anyway, just fuckin show up.

And the muse maybe will come. But she runs on her own time, she does whatever the fuck she wants. And so sometimes, I have to force the muse to show the fuck up and so you know what else is in reach? My car, I grab the Lambo and I say, “You know I am stuck, I need to get out.” And so within my reach is the keys to my car, that’s why I built it this way, guys. 

This is the thesis of some of these aesthetics of the keys to getting me unstuck in my imagination. I grab the keys to my fucking car, depends on how I feel. Sometimes I’ll drive to the other office and pick up the Porsche. But those things are within reach, and I tell you guys, 9 out of 10 times when I take the Lambo out, when I go over to my other office I get unstuck. I figure out the problem, I figure out what I need to do, I figure out what’s missing, I figure out what’s needs to happen next, I figure out who I need to reach out to, I figure out what I need to say.

So my first is, what would Jackie Chan do? He reaches out to the thing that’s within reach that he can grab to solve the problem. And mine is to sit here and fucking turn away at it or grab the car, it’s very simple. And I’m weak hextech. I’m weak, I’m weak hextech. I’m weak, I’m not like you. If I were upstairs, if my office was upstairs, now and I get stuck, I’m too fucking lazy to grab the keys to go downstairs the garage.

So I knew, that I needed to spend time in the office I built. It’s not being such a vagina, pansy, sitting in air-conditioned you know, office on the second level. What a fucking vagina. You know, because I’m too lazy, I’m too weak. So I’d rather–I’d sit there or then I just lay down or something like that, be lazy. Seriously, I’m too weak, guys.

Number one, what would Jackie Chan do, so I need to be within reach, that’s why I needed to use this office that I built as an office but I just was too fucking lazy to finish it. So now we sit in here and everything that inspires me can get me going, within reach guys, within reach, that’s my Jackie Chan. 

My second, is Leroy fuckin’ Jenkins. If you don’t know who Leroy Jenkins is, I pity the fool. You are an ignorant individual of social important ideas within the gaming community. So, my second is Leroy Jenkins. This motherfucker–he so–you know, I look at there’s more than just the end accent, you know, action itself, it’s the build-up.

Motherfucker was busy grinding. And you know what he was grinding on? He’s drowning on that food, he got chicken. Motherfucker was busy grinding, eating that chicken, getting ready for the battle, doing what he knows needs to really be done is to be fed. Not talk about statistics and about thirty three point three-three repeating, of course, percentage chance of success. 

And making sure that everything and we make sure that we fireball everything and put up divine shield and shit we and put you know, DPS on the dragon whelps and make sure that our al we healing gets popped off at the right time, and make sure that these brothers, somehow get the gear that they want to get.

Brother gate got no time for that nonsense. This motherfucker doing the thing that really is important which is eat. So he’s sitting there eating and you know what he says? He said,“chunks up, let’s do this. “ It’s like, I’m fuckin eatin’. What are y’all been doing? I’m fucking grinding on the most important thing that I need to do right now, which is fuckin eat. Because before battle, all those plans, don’t mean shit. 

They don’t mean shit. All your plans, all your plans. And you put down on paper and know that that’s all shit. When it comes to real life guys, things change. So sometimes, instead of planning, which is what we don’t do a lot around here guys, I’ll be honest with you, we do a lot of Leroy Jenkins shit. We got up, we go up, and say,“We go leave Roy fuckin Jenkins”, guys. 

Let’s do it. I don’t need to think about it. I just need to eat and get ready to code because we’re gonna build some shit here. We’re gonna build a module, we’re gonna build a feature, we’re gonna go to function. I don’t need to overanalyse it, I don’t need to get into analysis paralysis. So when I’m stuck in my imagination, I just sometimes, you just got to Leroy Jenkins it. And you’re not gonna come out on scarred, trust me.

You all leave, you always come out scarred. And so, this is an intentional act that help me get unstuck with in my imagination with what I’m trying to do. As I say, you know what? This is gonna hurt, but I probably need to do it anyway, and I do a lot of that. And it’s not just, oh–I’m just gonna start coding and I might forget eating or something or I might forget sleeping which happens a lot but I leave all Jenkins through some at night.

It’s the harder ones. Should I go to this conference? Should I fly out to the city? Should I pick up this client? Should I have this call? Is it worth it? I don’t know. Most of the time, I don’t know. So sometimes I just gotta say, “What would Leroy do?” Well Leroy would eat and so I eat and I choose the Leroy path. I eat grandma smoothie, get some motherfucker blueberry juice. And I just go, okay, we’re taking the flight. John’s on the fucking chat, he can attest to this. 

When I was in California, I was on my last leg and John was like,“Hey dude I need you to fly back up to fucking San Francisco from San Diego” Well you didn’t say I need to, he said “You know we had discussion about it”. That’s like fuck, man. I’m just motherfucker riding this train. All up in this motherfucker flights. All up in this bitch. Man, you don’t need to be there. Yeah, you’re right, I don’t need to be there. It’s like, but then I told John’s like,“I should be there” you know what? I don’t know if this is gonna be worth a damn. Getting this 800 fucking dollar ticket last-minute to go fuckin. 

So I went. I had one of most powerful conversations, guys, in that coffee shop with my brother flying last-minute straight up from San Diego through LA to San Francisco shook the hands of the men, guys, which you’ll know soon. Shook the hands of the men…who have gotten us into Korean and Japan. We’re playing with the big dogs now, guys. We’re playing with the big dogs. So was it worth it? Absofuckinglutely,but if I had chosen a different avatar in that situation, it might have turned out differently.

I don’t know, I think, I sometimes, just need to Leroy’s shit. So my first is Jackie Chan, the second person I go to is Leroy. What would Roy Jenkins do? You saddle up and you just execute. You saddle up and you just execute. Yeah that’s exactly what it is, it’s YOLO active block. It’s just, you know what? I don’t know, there’s no need to plan at this particular point in time it’s probably just better to learn on the fly, which is what all of you guys have done, don’t lie, all of you guys have done… in your life. 

Your first job, you didn’t know shit. You know what you did? You YOLO that shit. You YOLO that shit. And you know what guys? Levon Jenkins doesn’t always work out. You know what happened? He fucking killed everybody. So understand that you’re gonna get burned, it’s pragmatic reality within this, you know, this number two. 

The pragmatic reality is, if you live your Jenkins, expect some battle scars, expect to get hurt, expected to go beyond your usual limits coz it’s gonna stretch you because you’re basically just running into the unknown wailing you’re–you know? Flailing your sword and flashing your shield, hoping that you don’t get fuckin eaten. You know what my third is? My third is Balrog, from Street Fighter. Now what–now why would I choose Balrog for Street Fighter? Because this motherfucker, is the guy that I played with, in tournaments back in the day. 

That was Balrog in Street Fighter. I mean, ever since Evo, ever since Evo was it–what you was it man? Fuck. 2001? No, no, no. Anyway, I mean, I could go back in the gaming history but I’m not gonna go there. But what would Balrog do? Balrog is the boxer and he just wants to get paid, that’s all he wants to do. He wants to get paid. And this guy, let me let me analyze his character, this guy has through every iteration of the Street Fighter series.

He has moves that allow him to take punches to the face and keep on going, that’s his unique, that’s truly unique character trait, is that, he’ll take punches to the face and he will take damage. But he is sorted out his game. This motherfucker has built himself as a tank. But, you might say you know, you could say it could be like Zangief or T-Hawk if you want to go back to those days or the newest character in street fighters,you know? Five, the big motherfucker for his name. You say, “They take damage too” no, these guys are dumb animals.

Balrog is not dumb. He might sound ignorant, I can give you that. But he’s not dumb, he is chosen. He has chosen this profession, consider the context, he’s an ex-boxer. If he was really good at boxing, he could make a lot of money boxing, right? If you is good at boxing, he can be the best. He can make a lot of money. But he keeps telling us that he’s in it for the money. 

So you know what? The boxing ring, was too small. The boxing–no, no you completely get it wrong Florida water. He’s not a mag, he’s not a masochist. I’m building up. He’s not a masochist. He sees the world bigger. He sees the world bigger. Almost all of his quotes, he’s talking about getting that money. 

And if he was a great boxer in the ring, he could be like Floyd may-money Mayweather, making billion dollars. But he better than Floyd, he better than Floyd. The boxingwas too small for him. And so you know what he had to do? He had a goal in mind, he wants to get paid that the highest ex-boxer, kicked out boxer, excommunicate boxer, he don’t care. The federations don’t mean anything to him. He wants to be the best boxer in the world and the only way that he can have the best box fights is in the ultimate championship… of super street fighters.

This motherfucker is in it, to win it. And he says he’s about the money but and I kept repeating that but guys, trust me, it ain’t about the money. I think at heart of the matter and if you’ve actually watched like all the cartoons and the comics and you read into, I think there’s a fundamental side to Balrog that many people miss. In the fundamental side of Balrog is he ultimately like Lou. 

Like some of the more ethically and morally aligned with goodness and greatness and gracious and humility like we characters like Ryu. He’s actually at the highest level playing thinking as Ryu is. Ryu is in the game to challenge himself to find out what he’s made of within the Ultimate Fighting Championship. That’s what Balrog is too, but he’s also a pragmatist. And he realizes and I’m digging deep here guys, but I’ve thought about this a lot. These are my muses. 

Balrog realizes that not only is the pond that he’s into small he has to go into the bigger pond. But he’s a pragmatist he knows the money’s there if he does successfully. And what he does successfully is he builds his body like a tank so he withstand the blows so he can last and survive longer than everyone else. He has built himself, that’s the point guys. He has intentionally built himself…to withstand the blows that will come, when you’re trying to be something greater than yourself.

And so that’s my Balrog. That’s my third. What would Balrog do? What–how would Balrog have to shore himself up? How do I need to strengthen myself? How do I need to improve this? How do I need to learn more about that? How do I need to understand this? What am I missing here? Because the blows are gonna come. John and I can share stories with you, guys. 

Look at your stories with you guys, the blows will come… when you’re trying to be something better than what you’re what you are, when you try to do something bigger than what you are. So you have to fucking strengthen, you have to gird thyself, youhave to do… that’s from Job. The Lord says to Job, “Gird thyself, fine we’ll call on thee and you shall answer.” See? The Lord will call you, whatever your Lord is. 

Your Lord will call you. You know? Call you to a great day. He’ll call you for something greater yourself. He’ll give you the opportunity…and you shall answer. So you better gird thyself, you better gird thyself. You better gird thy loins, because it’ll come. Yeah you gotta dig deep in the heroes’ man deep in anime. You don’t game like that, gonna have to re-watch some shit man.

Dude, I think about this stuff. These are the people that are–these are muses, these are the avatars, these are the conjurer’s a fate, these are the individuals that helped me get through some hard moments of trying to create that which is out of nothing. See? Look at this motherfucker right there. A high def. Balrog thank you bit native. He’s an old man now in terms of temporary history, contemporary history. He’s an old man now.

This motherfucker has girded himself. He’s a tank. He’s still in the game, he survived guys, he survived. So, I know we’re past time, but that’s Sunday’s sermon, guys. Use your imagination, be intentional with using your imagination. Think about dreams, think about things…different whatever they are. I don’t care but I’ll tell you, you can make it reality. And if you’re stuck, ask yourself questions. What else is there? What’s missing? Where’s the gap? What does not yet happening and what would my main man motherfucker Balrog do? What would this motherfucker do? Peace out, guys. 

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