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What’s up guys? What’s up behind-the-scenes community members! Isn’t that cool? Behind-the-scenes community members of TheBitcoinLambo | Things You Didn’t Learn in School. Now you guys know that I’m asking you to ask me questions about anything. I want to be helpful and I want to give you guys obviously the first fruits of my thoughts. 

Now, none of this stuff is ever really planned out, but what I love is the ability to just engage with you from a video format perspective and be able to answer your questions how random as they can be. So I’m gonna answer three questions today. Let’s just get started. Let’s just jump right in. Let’s just jump right in. 

The first question here comes from Nick:

What strategies have you found work to keep your mind “in the moment” when you’re doing activities that do not require your full spirit?

Now, this is an interestingly written question, Nick. I know you and I know exactly where you’re going with this. What you’re basically saying is hey look there are there is work that has to be done, for example these podcasts like these podcasts and the podcasts that I do with all of my notes, like I’m really involved. My heart my soul is involved with writing all these notes down to make sure that I can create some sort of format and put out my ideas and be able to communicate them effectively through the podcast medium. These require my full spirit. These require my full heart. 

However, there are administrative things that I have to do every day to keep the ship moving, to keep the world going, at least in the YENiverse and obviously with TheBitcoinLambo podcast. With those things, the easiest way to keep myself in the moment is to make sure that I have set goals. Set goals for the day, the administrivia things.

I’ll give you an example. Many of you guys know this. Every week, we load in new coins, new cryptocurrency coins into Yen IQ. It happens every weekend. I do it every weekend and I publish it on Monday on DCTV as you guys well know, but this is administrivia. This isn’t stuff that I enjoy like really enjoy doing. It is it is manual. It is copy/paste. Throw the tweet in. Write the context down. Make sure it’s added into the sheets, added into The Bitcoin Pub. These are things that are just they have to get done. 

The only way that I can stay in it and make sure that I get that stuff is if I set the goals for the day. You guys know I got these sticky notes. I always write my goals down in the morning or in my journal here as to what I need to get done. That’s the best strategy. The best strategy is to set goals for the things that don’t require your full heart, the administrivia, the administrative things, the logistical things, that kind of my minutia crap that you have to do throughout the day. Make sure that you’ve written down a goal to complete that because once you get that stuff done, man, it just feels good. 

Now, another analogy and you guys have probably heard this before is the analogy of like the different size rocks and like a jar. Someone will go and say, hey you know let’s put the rocks in and you put the small pebbles in. You put the medium-sized and then you put the large rocks in and it doesn’t all fit. Obviously, the answer is put the large rocks in first, fill in the medium ones and then sprinkle in the small ones and then all the rocks can fit in the jar. You get this analogy. 

The whole idea is get the highest priority things done first, nick, that you’ve written down in for the day. Get those things done. Be accomplished to feel great about achieving those things. Especially like for me, that one of the biggest things obviously every day is to knock out my podcast. This is a full 4-hour endeavor. Thinking of the idea, writing the idea down on notes, creating some sort of framework for my logic and my thinking, getting on recording it for 20-25 minutes, going into post-processing for podcasts, post-processing for video, and then for distribution. This is like a four-and-a-half-hour process every single day. That’s my big rock every day, Nick. 

After that, all the other goals of making sure that I do the 20-coin loader, follow-up with 200 fucking people or you know punch this out or do this video or even this video. This video that I’m doing to you guys was a lower priority than my number one priority today which was to do my podcast. So when it comes to strategy that I found to keep my mind in the moment when I’m doing activities that do not fully require my full spirit, I make sure that I write them down as a goal for the day so that mental accountability keeps me doing it. Does that make sense? I hope that was helpful. 

Next question comes from Gundy: 

With all the work in all the everything, what’s your top ways to blow off steam? 

Easy. Driving, sauna, take a walk, go outside and play with my kids or something like that. That’s basically it. Since you guys know that I’m always here in the garage, always grinding away on content, code, product development, all sorts of stuff. The best way for me is take the car out, take the race car out, take a drive. The best time is after the kids are down so that I can have free moments. 

The sauna, I’ve talked about the sauna. I think one of my podcasts on discipline and pain. I talked a lot about the sound and how going to the sauna and burning everything with fire and making sure it’s like a resurrection moment coming out of the sauna and feeling brand new. 

These are things that keep me going. Obviously, I have the opportunity which is great. I have the opportunity all the time to just walk outside, grab some fresh air, kind of reset, mess around a little bit, listen to some music, write some ideas down on my notes, and then get back to work. 

One thing that I would look up is the Pareto timebox thing where like you work for 40 minutes and then you take a 20-minute rest. Work for 40 minutes, take a 20-minute rest. Time box. Time box your work is what I’m saying. 

The third question for today’s video comes from Marty: 

What’s your podcasting rig look like? 

If you guys want, I also answered Marty in my other behind-the-scenes group, my other community group in on podcasting. I also answered a similar question, but I’ll answer the question now for TheBitcoinLambo behind-the-scenes group and community here on YEN. What’s your podcasting rig look like? Mic, software, publishing. 

Well mic—pretty simple guys. I’m running a Yeti blue mic. It’s great. It’s plug-and-play. You don’t need a receiver. It’s USB. Just plug it in. It works. I’ve gone through three of these, I believe and they’re just work exceptionally well. 

Software—I use OBS. I’m recording off of OBS right now. You can check out OBS website for that. It’s free on Mac and it’s free on Windows. It’s great for podcasting and it’s great for video obviously. 

Publishing—I went hardcore. I didn’t go with any of the Mac software. I went straight to Adobe and I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which I believe is $45 a month and it’s totally worth it. The reason is because by learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC, you literally have access to the entire spectrum of moviemaking and podcasting. 

Now is Adobe Premiere Pro CC for podcasting probably overkill? Probably, but I’m telling you, going into Adobe Premiere Pro CC the website and go to the tutorials, if you’re willing to spend the time going through them and doing the tutorials, it will open up your mind to opportunities to create. That’s what I that’s what I love about Adobe Premiere. There’s just so many options to create full movies, to create great podcasts, great episodes, great shows. They can teach you how to do all the animations, all the transitions, all the overlays and all that stuff. 

I kind of like the fact that you have to pay so much. You know $45 a month or whatever because it’s like I’m paying $50 a month for this thing? I better freakin’ learn how to use that. I better be able to learn how to use it to its max.

Now, there are other options out there for podcasting, but Adobe Premiere Pro CC is what I use. It’s certainly not built for podcasting, but if you’re recording off of OBS, you don’t really need anything else. You don’t really need anything else.

I hope that was helpful Marty and I hope that was helpful everyone out there in TheBitcoinLambo: Things I Didn’t Learn in School behind-the-scenes community on Make sure that you invite your friends to this cool community, guys. I’m really going to be spending a lot of time helping and giving back to this because I really believe that communities are where a life change happens and not just a posting feed.

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