Want to learn about Bitcoin? No problem! Here are 10 videos to get you started in Bitcoin. These were created circa 2018 for an old startup community. Still relevant and fresh!

1. The History of Bitcoin – A Unique (and Hard to Believe) Origin Story

2. What is Bitcoin and What Makes It Different?

3. Bitcoin Mining and an Overview of the Blockchain

4. Getting Prepared to Buy Bitcoin – An Overview of Wallets

5. How to Get Your First Bitcoin, Safely and Securely

6. A Visual Walkthrough of Buying Bitcoin via an Online Exchange

7. Why Bitcoin Matters More Than Just the Currency

8. The Birth of the “Alternative Coin” (or AltCoin)

9. Investing in “Initial Coin Offerings” (or ICOs) and How to Avoid Scams

10. Final Thoughts on the Importance of Community

EXTRA – The old marketing video! 😉

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