Can You Be Faithful To Yourself?

We’ve been discussing integrity over the last weeks [Part 1 / Part 2], something that I believe we can test in ourselves all of the time.

One of the best tests of internal consistency in action is setting goals for yourself. One of the best goals to have is to learn something new, or do something new.

This is the power of time-boxes psychologically. What’s great about time-boxes is that there is a defined end date. Experiments (like waterfall projects) are endless death-marches with no hope in sight.

If you scrum your experiments, there will always be a time-box. There will always be a time when it’s done, so that you can retrospect, review, and improve.

Or… for many of my experiments, you learn just enough to become proficient… and know whether you want to continue.

I’ve run many experiments in content. I’ve just completed my longest daily grind ever: 366 videos, one per day, for a year.

I’ve loved going deeper into the stoic literature. If you want to learn more about how to have a balanced life, the stoics are for you. Many of the comments and feedback have been great.

Feel free to begin your stoic journey here. Short videos to start your day.

See the full 366 video playlist of The Daily Stoic here.

Bad Advice?

I did another experiment years ago of 70 lessons that I didn’t learn in school. You’ll find these (much longer form videos) touch on topics such as:

There is language too, since a lot of these were tailored to my MasterMind group years ago. NSFW!

See the full 72 video playlist of Things You Didn’t Learn in School here.

Ready for Another?

I have many different ideas for content experiments that I’d like to do.

I’m curious though, what do you think I should discuss next? Leave a comment!

All the bsst,