Web3 is Radical Transparency

We provide all investors, LPs, and partners a live dashboard that shows fund health, revenue, and profitability of our two ALPHA focuses: Bitcoin Mining Platforms & Staking Platforms, both diversified across asset classes, geographies, and jurisdictions.

"In God we trust, everyone else bring data."
- Edwards Deming
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Bitcoin Mining Platforms

We strategically invest in distressed infrastructure with 82.7% off retail, and have two Bitcoin Table Investment Platforms (BTIP) that can be deployed in multiple locations across America with < $0.06 kWh PPA. Our clients appreciate consistent cash flow (monthly or quarterly) during economic uncertainty in the traditional markets. We can deploy capital into any type of entity vehicle structure.

We are here to compound yield and take advantage of the Bitcoin market cycles.

Many of our investors appreciate our flexibility of an 80/20 SPV that allows quarterly cash flow. The SPV is a 7-year contract in which 80% of the LLC is owned by the investors and after the contract ends, all assets are liquidated and paid out proportionally. Low volatility, known end date, ROI expectations of 8-12x (Base Case)!



360° VIEW

Global Bitcoin Revenue

  • The 5-year historical average annual Bitcoin revenue is $0.24/TH/Day.
  • BASE CASE average annual Bitcoin revenue at $0.16/TH/Day.
  • Terahash per day is the best metric to track the Bitcoin project since inception.
  • We’re profitable no matter the economic conditions.*

Yearly Average BTC Revenues:

  • 2018 – $0.42
  • 2019 – $0.21
  • 2020 – $0.12
  • 2021 – $0.31
  • 2022 – $0.15
  • BASE CASE – $0.16


Turnkey Infrastructure
Operator of Choice

Let us lead your Bitcoin mining operations into profitability and success.

Case Study- METAFI

StaaS Fund was engaged by METAFI to transform a 23 acre, 165,000 sq/ft data center into a 3MW Bitcoin mining facility with opportunity to scale to 100MW.

METAFI's vision for leading Mooresville, NC into the digital currency future was fully achieved in October 2022.

Do you have land, a Power Purchase Agreement, and funding? If so, we're your infrastructure operator of choice.


- Full turnkey mining solutions from over a decade of experience
- Containers, liquid cooling, hydro, or customized
- Established PPA & infrastructure partners


- Full-stack backend mining IT operations
- Secure digital asset solutions
- Top tier data center certification and PPA management


- Higher than industry average yield
- Leverage Venture Media global community
- Real-time data analytics of earnings



StaaS Fund is deeply invested in the success of all of our investments, partners, and community. Most venture funds can only give startups a funding check and then hope and pray. This is not the way.

An investment from StaaS Fund is more than money, it's manufactured traction, revenue, and growth:

- Seed investment of $100k-$450k
- Agile & Scrum training on how to build software/services fast (Certified ScrumMaster Certification with Scrum Alliance)
- Access to a global community of millions
- Instant feedback, revenue, and customers
- And more

Fundraise Videos for METAFI


Venture Media

We can bring the world of Web3 to your event or conference. Supercharge your attendees and mobilize your speakers & VIPs to socialize and support your event to their followers. We make it easy.

Our Door Is Always Open

We believe in radical transparency where all investments are fully auditable and viewable on blockchain explorers.

We're clearly making excellent returns. Contact us to explore co-building opportunities, partnerships, and thought-leadership.