StaaS Fund is the world’s first Venture Media fund, focusing on four indomitable vectors of profit generation:

platform-market-fit, person-market-fit, technology over financial wizardry, and community.

The GP, Peter Saddington, gives some pretty nice videos to his investors. Here is a collection of some of them!
StaaS Fund follows the Bitcoin cycles to maximize profit:

So far, StaaS Fund is a profitable enterprise, deploying $1.7M into revenue-generating Web3, staking, and mining:

#VentureMedia Deployed in 2022
I first wrote about #VentureMedia in 2019 after I had closed my $10M strategic fund for deployment into bitcoin mining and retail mining investments. The essential thesis was this:

“Venture media” is the industry of communicating the world of venture capital to a global audience using all available technology platforms – Me.

This initial thesis has now evolved over several years of angel investing and venture investing. As we have deployed our experiments into operators and startups, we have adjusted our model and learned amazing lessons through the Scrum and agile feedback loops we’ve created with our operators.

We have now curated and codified a model that is absolutely powerful. A new model to traditional venture investing, perfect for the digital economy and digital finance.

We now wield the power to give every startup entrepreneur exactly what they need to succeed. We now wield the global power of #VentureMedia:

“Venture media” is an alternative investment model that combines four indomitable vectors of profit generation: Platform Market Fit, People Market Fit, Technical Engineering over Financial Engineering, and a Global Community.

Peter Saddington says that NOW is the time (recorded in mid 2022) to invest in digital currencies as we are IN THE CHASM of the Bitcoin startup and digital currency innovation and growth.

If you look at Bitcoin as a startup, then you’ll recognize the pattern:

The Bitcoin Hash Ribbon indicator is a great measurement of when to buy MORE MINERS to increase profits in the next bull cycle.

Peter Saddington has purchased bitcoin miners at 80% discounts through the 2016 bear cycle, the 2019, and now the 2022. This allows him to mine 10x more during the run up… as well as be able to re-sell used miners at a higher-used-price during the bull.

Essentially, Peter buys miners when Bitcoin price is at it’s lowest…

Peter absolutely believes that we will see some of the greatest gains in digital currencies and Bitcoin in 2023-2025. He recorded his notes on video in August 2022.

He’s been here since 2011 and profited off of the last 3 cycles…

People like to ask Peter Saddington a popular question:


The answer is clear, do both:

Peter Saddington has recently given his investors a new look into the future of Bitcoin (recorded September 15, 2022).

What is powerful here is that the pattern (that Peter lived through), is not only real, but (knowable).
Peter is clearly taking advantage of the tell-tale signs of how to profit through digital currency cycles:

Here is an example of how the General Partner of StaaS Fund, Peter Saddington is willing to educate a bitcoin mining facility on the power and potential of converting their data-center into a Bitcoin Mining Facility.

A powerful insider’s view of how education always comes first.

Web3 is going to be absolutely amazing. Peter Saddington discusses how StaaS Fund will be deploying into Web3 in 2023 and beyond!

Remember the cycles! This is how we win!