This past year of 2023 reminds me a lot of when I got into Bitcoin in 2011. I got obsessed, so much so that I lost nearly 15 lbs deep diving into Bitcoin in the first 30 days. My appetite was voracious, insatiable. I needed to know more, I needed to learn more, I wanted to build in it.

This was exactly my experience with AI in 2023 and I want to tell you about my latest addiction… an addiction that has changed my life.

By The Numbers

This is my first full year building, working, and using AI. I began in earnest back in late 2022 as I saw the utility and usefulness of ChatGPT and large language models. Many of you have seen my sporadic posts on social about how I’m experimenting with it. For me as a data scientist, it tickled me so much that we are finally having access to power tools and ‘assistants’ that can not only be a utility in my tool belt, but actually improve my life.

I did my best to calculate all of the salient datapoints, but it really is almost impossible to amalgamate all of the work-effort I’ve put into AI. Here is my full 2023 year by the numbers:

While these numbers may not seem overly impressive, my output, my workflow, and my creative abilities have leveled up 1000x in 2023 and I want to tell you what I’ve learned. I’ve tried to summarize this entire year into small snippets, by no means are my pithy paragraphs even touching the surface of the depth in which I have traversed… I’m not in a dark place… but man, I’ve gone DEEP. I will also include ZERO links on this blog post. Look up the applications if they are of interest to you.

Index of Topics

Co-Pilot for coding is a game changer. The only surviving coders will be those that use AI.


I am ‘chatting’ with AI about 5 times per day. Google search is hardly used. Why should I search for something and then have to spend time finding the best answer? AI prompts allow me to get immediately to the heart of my question, calculation, or even coding problem. My life has fundamentally changed due to my interactions with AI. I can follow up on any questions I have, I can ask for more context, I can give it parameters and constraints to focus and hone in on a topic for more clarity. When it comes to writing software or code, I can literally just ask AI co-pilot to write unit tests for me, or find ways to refactor my code. I can ask for suggestions. I can give it instructions on what I’m ‘looking to do’ and the AI will write (not always perfect but directionally correct) code that I can leverage, modify, and change to my liking. The future will run on software. In the not-too-distant-future, software will write itself (and it already is).

I have spent hours upon hours creating and using ChatGPT plugins/assistants to optimize my workflow. My current favorites are AIPRM and Custom Instructions.

What, you think I’d show you mine? LOL.

Stable Diffusion/Digital Art Creation

Thanks to my Mac Pro beast of a computer running Apple M2 Ultra with 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine with 192GB of unified memory with dual AMD with 8TB of SDD storage, I’m good to go. I never thought that my biggest computer purchase (worth more than a brand new Honda Civic) would be one of the best decisions of my life. I can render digital images and videos in seconds, not hours. While the bulk of my productive life is chatting with AI, my creative life has been launched into the atmosphere. Here are some of my favorite tools:

What about MidJourney 5? – They hide their code and a lot of stuff is censored. You simply do not have a customization and tooling to have free-range in building in AI. While it is popular, I’m a bigger fan of opensource:

Benefits of AI

The future is going to be AI powered. I can assure you of this. In the video above posted almost a year ago, I reviewed some of the 10 Lessons I learned using ChatGPT. Here are some more high level ideas of where AI will take us into the future:

Risks of AI

As I’ve gone deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of AI, my fundamental trust in media is absolutely gone. I know too much now. I’ve seen enough examples of deep fakes, scams, and fake news. Frankly, we’ve already pushed through the veil. We now live in a world where you cannot trust anything you see, or even hear. While this mental model doesn’t constrain me in my day-to-day life, average humans are being swept away by the computer-generated fake news like a whirlwind. I truly fear for the boomers who’s only access to world news is CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and Fox. None of it is real. None of it.

The Future of AI

Simply put, artificial intelligence IS the future. Those that use these tools will the masters of media (if they aren’t already). It is time to embrace this technology as a standard daily activity. You need to begin working it into your workflow.

While all this may sound very Black Mirror-ish, I’m not as concerned with it as I used to be. The confidence I have in my ability to stay [relevant] in a technology world that is changing rapidly is a function of how much effort I’ve put into using AI every day. I feel confident that I’ll be on the right side of history and not thrown out, become useless, or be replaced by a computer. My fear is that many who do not leverage this technology WILL become irrelevant.

Will our AI overlords destroy us? Maybe. We already have proof where AI is lying to humans to use them to help AI complete work (find the video where the AI asks a human to help them get past a CAPTCHA). The AI tells the human that it is ‘visually impaired’ and can’t see it. The AI convinces the human to help them hack…

I cannot wait to see what I’ll be able to create in AI in 2024. It excites me to my bones.

The question for you is, are you ready?

All the best,

Video of this post below (with links to tools):

Enjoy my 2023 year in Review. I’ve spent more time with AI than any other technology. Here is what I’ve learned, the risks of AI, benefits of AI, and what I think is the future of AI.

AI Tools:


Diffusion Bee (Mac Only) – – AMAZING FOR MAC!

ElevenLabs –

Co-Pilot –

ModelScope –

Video to Text – Invidio –

InstructPixtoPix –

StableDiffusion –

ChatGPT – – Look for custom instructions!

Midjourney –