I love video content. I truly do. Not only has it fundamentally changed the learning habits of many, it has fundamentally changed the world.

Let’s forget the meta for a bit and dig into why you should be creating content on video.

Video Shows You Possibility

Now, this post may not be for everyone, but, if you’re looking for any of the following, you should probably begin video content today:

  1. Looking to improve a craft, skill, or specialty.
  2. Looking to move yourself to up in your career.
  3. Looking to leave a small legacy.

On top of all of this, you get the added bonus of becoming a better speaker/communicator. Achievement unlocked.

Level Up

If you’re looking to improve a craft, skill, or specialty, creating video content will help you get there faster. Why?

  1. You’ll spend time looking up other videos on how to do it.
  2. You’ll create new relationships in the world you want to be in.
  3. You’ll find people who only found you online because you created video. They can help you, join you, or pay you.
  4. The forcing function of creating content forces you to be thinking more on the skill you want to improve. What we think about, we become.
  5. Opportunities abound when you create video content. Trust me. I know.
  6. You may even create/build/join a community. Then you’ll be moving even faster.
  7. You’ll learn to maybe even monetize your growing passion. There is money in learning.
  8. Video is the future. I wrote about it here. You’ll want to be prepared.

Learning to create content isn’t hard. You’re probably already doing it at some level already. Short clips are fine. Why change? You don’t have to go long form. Just post.

Career Up

If you want to move your career to the next place you want to be, then creating video content will accelerate that.

  1. Recruiters (will use) AI and machine learning to pull peripherally relevant information from content sources. Don’t you want to control what they pull? Forget the ethics. It is what it is man. I love the fact that if anyone searches me, they come up with thousands of videos that I’ve created on various topics that I love: Agile, Startups, Venture Capital, Bitcoin, Racing, Family. It’s kinda cool to be able to control what people find. Think on it.
  2. Creating video about the work you know well is great for learning to better communicate… what you do, or what you’re good at. There’s no harm in practicing your pitch.
  3. You’ll find people in your career field online because you’re creating content. They may join you, help you, or pay you.
  4. Create content around where you want to be. I love training Agile/Scrum for companies large and small. If you want to be in that world more, then create content about it!
  5. Video makes you a better communicator. You may end up joining another podcast. You may start one. Maybe you’ll end up speaking at a local or digital meetup. Maybe even… a conference.

If you want to be in a new place. You must be intentional with your work towards that goal. Creating video content serves a dual purpose. It forces you to focus more on your goal, and it creates content for a world that hasn’t heard your voice yet.


I love that creating video for my family and (of) my family will be forever alive as long as the internet is free and isn’t turned off. I have the added bonus of much of my content since 2017-18 is on blockchains so they will never be deleted.

I don’t know about you, but I think about death every day. I’m not sure when it began, or what trauma I received, but it’s a lingering present all the time.

I love my family. I love my kids. I’m proud that I can communicate well to them my thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Many people. Many men that I know, cannot express their inner most feelings to their loved ones. They just do not have the capacity to do so. I’ve trained for years in multiple mediums. Communication is my game. So I get it. But man. My heart bleeds for the men who cannot every truly say what is on their heart to those that they love. Learning to communicate better is loving. It is a worthy goal. Your words and video may be all they have left of you. Let’s do better instead of them laughing at you slipping and spilling your cereal on Instagram. There’s more to you than that.

So, I will die. And so will you. I want those that care to be able to watch me when I’m gone and hopefully, the kind words in truth and love, I’ve spoken.

That matters to me.

All the best,