Since I do monthly ScrumMaster courses, I am often asked how one becomes a ScrumMaster. I’ve helped place hundreds of ScrumMasters over my decade+ of working as a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach. My help isn’t fancy, I merely supply my clients with people I’ve trained when they ask. The alignment makes sense.

For all the rest, I’ve received over 45 data points of individuals who have followed my guidance on how to get a job as a ScrumMaster. Thank you for sending me feedback!

Let’s hop to it. Frankly, you should be employing as much Scrum as you can where you are NOW, this is the first part of learning by doing!

Here are the five steps to get a job as a ScrumMaster (or any job for that matter):

1 – Add CSM or Certified ScrumMaster behind your name in LinkedIn, emails, blogs, and any other social media system you use. Simply put, you must begin attaching the agile/scrum world to your name. The googlebots are listening. Example: Joe Smith, CSM or Joseph Smith – Certified ScrumMaster

2 – Change your resume to reflect agile & scrum language. No, I’m not asking you to fake the funk. I’m asking you to really consider how much scrum and agile stuff you’ve already done and been doing for the past however-many-years.

If you are a Certified ScrumMaster, A-CSM, have deep project management experience and market experience, you can find a role as a ScrumMaster with the knowledge you have now. Don’t cheat yourself. You got this. Who cares if you “don’t have the experience.” – Go and do.

Also, recruiters are submitting your resume documentation to systems. These systems are proliferated throughout the internet. You want more scrum and agile language associated with you anyway!

3 – Join every single google group, yahoo group, meetup group, stack exchange, quora, reddit, linkedin, etc that you can. Why? Because networking is the way. Also, there are recruiters in those groups too. The game is a numbers game. You must join them all.

One example and feedback I got from a woman I helped get a SM role, she told me she had joined over 150 online agile/scrum/kanban/systems thinking groups!

4 – Sign up for every single free webinar on agile/scrum/kanban/design/product/startups/leadership/etc – You must go to these webinars. You must network. You must learn. Oh, and recruiters are generally in the crowd as well.

One example was that one person told me she was averaging 12 webinars a week!

It’s a numbers game. Hell, I even know of a ScrumMaster who is remote, living in Florida. He works for a German company as a ScrumMaster, from Florida. What?! Amazing. He loves it.

5 – Begin creating content. You must have the internet know who you are and the career/work information it needs to feed on. It is what it is my friends. The more prolific you are in creating content around your goals, you manifest it to the world.

I often ask my students at the end of a workshop or class whether they saw any of my videos before they signed up and whether it helped them make a decision. Don’t be surprised. People are searching video now more than ever before the meet someone. My %’s are large.

Do this for 90 days straight (we’ve talked about the value of this). Your grind will be rewarded.

All the best,