Maybe being honest about my autism rubbed people the wrong way…The results are in. Lean in. Write more. Be fully personal and human. Ok.

First, I’m proud of the fact that I have 0 paid subscribers. Why would I?

What value could I provide you that would be worth paying $5-10/month for?

Moving on.

Remembering Agile/Scrum

One of the most obvious philosophical underpinnings of Agile and Scrum is deferring to execution. I like to say that Scrum is an execution framework, rooted in increasing the speed of learning through action. None of you have ever become an expert in something by reading a book, yeh?

Go and do. You’ll learn something. Run experiments. Timebox them. This ensures you have an end period. My favorite experiment timebox is 90 days. It’s just long enough so you actually get somewhat proficient at the trade, skill, or craft… and also just long enough to despise it (if that’s what you learn). If you’re doing it within your business or company, same same. Put the experiment together, get shared understanding and alignment/agreement from your team/management, and go.

Deciding to Execute

In my previous post about my life on the spectrum, I also said that I would write more. And so I have. Pushing out 3 newsletters within a week so far. Not bad. I think what ruined this experiment is the double goal:

The core of my logic was that I’d live-by-example and jump right in to something I’ve never written about before. It wasn’t my most polished writing. But it’s me. You get what you get.

Due to this dual goal, I’m not sure how to interpret the results. When I’m not writing, I gain around a new reader per week or so. When I do write, I always see a drop, but often the growth is much better. Regardless of the metrics, I need to write for (my sake). It’s part of my learning-to-love-myself-better mantra of this year. There are things I need to do for the peace in my soul. Time is ticking.

So, what could be better in your life?


What are you doing about it?

We can think about it all day. Maybe it’s just time to execute. I always find joy in the process of building. Especially new stuff. I have to imagine that it’s inside all of us. Maybe, what is really inside of us is simply the idea: self-improvement is important.

How about this? – Situation-improvement is important. Meaning, we all desire to improve our current situation in some way, correct (health, wealth, family, relationships, spiritual, career, passion, desire, and more)? This isn’t to say that you cannot be 100% content with your current situation. But two things can be true at the same time: You can be 100% content, and you can 100% desire to improve some aspect of your current situation. I believe I can capture 100% of the global market with this.

Everyone wants improvement, even in contentment.

I know the answer to this, and so do you.

All the best,