I’ve been meditating harder these days on this entire idea of ‘authenticity’ and ‘a full human being.’ – For some of you, you may have heard me say these things before. I believe that all of us are spiritual beings, sitting inside meatbags, on a spiritual journey of discovery.

For many, they never fully realize their full potential. They squander their limited time. They self-constrain due to excuses. They never become fully, them.

I often say the silent part out loud.

I’m on the spectrum, now officially labeled ASD (autism spectrum disorder (level 1)) and the medical bodies are slowly removing the classification ‘high functional autism.’ Not that any of you care, but it’s something that has been useful for me in explaining why I am who I am. This week, I’ve decided on two things:

Super Human? – No, Extreme Coping Mechanisms

High functioning autism doesn’t mean that you have less problems than anyone else. It just means that we’ve learned to create complex coping mechanisms to look like we’re ‘normal.’ For high functioning autists, imagine a duck, sailing smoothly across the water. What you don’t see is how frantic his little legs are paddling to just keep shit straight. This is me in a nutshell. I’m always on edge. I’m almost always running 12 cylinders at 110%.

My greatest struggles?

Things Are Moving Faster Now…

The world is moving faster now than it ever has before. In some ways, it seems like things could be spinning out of control. The social apparatus being marketed to us makes it feel like the world is going insane. Maybe it always has been. Regardless, being true to yourself is more and more important as social institutions are eroding away, social constructs are being flexed and fractured, and the ideas of identity are hitting the mainstream.

I’m also almost finished with my 365 Stoic Devotional series on YouTube. It’s about time to pick up another series, experiment, and backlog item. I’ve had a great time creating 366 videos for this. It was a great amount of focus. It required my greatest perseverance on a topic, and I’m thankful we’re at the end. While I was thinking about what next subject to do, I figured I should unshackle myself from my own self-constraint of only making this newsletter long-form. I considered that I may lose some of the 23k wonderful people who have subscribed so far. This is fine. I believe it may be more valuable for me to just write when I have the urge to write. Not forcing myself to make it a whole narrative story.

I’ll be ok, if you’ll be ok with it.

What is authenticity?

Be more of yourself this year. Embrace who you are. Love who you are.

I’m learning to do that better with you.

All the best,