I’m currently averaging 13.7 meetings per day to raise money!

Thank you everyone who has supported my first ever Kickstarter campaign.

We’ve done so much work over the last year to prepare our systems for Launch Team members who want to help our project become a success after we launch public.

We’re learning so much through this experience!

Did you know that we’re staying true to our promises of daily updates? This means we’re updating the entire journey on our Kickstarter page with VIDEO UPDATES and posts! I didn’t want to inundate you all with daily newsletters, so if you’re interested in daily videos and updates on what we’re learning through our fundraising campaign, find your way over to our Kickstarter post page here.

In summary, fundraising is ASKING FOR MONEY. In many ways, this is a powerful mechanism for operator maturity. Meaning, if you’re going to do any type of fundraising for any type of project… you must humble yourself and ask your networks… every. single. day.

You will learn how to ask better. You will learn that asking is always free. You’ll learn that the success of your project is a function of your work-effort. You’ll realize that nobody will help you build your dreams unless you ask. You’ll learn that in order to build the life you want… you have to do it yourself.

People wrongly think that [if you build it, they will come]. This only happens in the field of dreams.

Nothing gets built without 1000% effort behind the scenes. Fundraising is a full-time job. It’s packed with uncertainty. One must gird up they loins for the grind.

It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

Thank you again for everyone giving digital and vocal support of my project.

I still need more to go! Would you be willing to send me $50 in support or let your network know your homie needs support?

I’d greatly appreciate it!

All the best,