“In our own woundedness, we can become a source of life for others.”

I heard this saying the other day and it just clicked.

Those that have suffered greatly can leverage their experiences for others.

This is why prison ministry by those that have suffered the system, can help heal those inside the system. It is through experience in trials where wisdom comes. In some cases, an individuals greatest gift to the world emerges only through the crucible of pain. We all know the stories, we’ve all heard the tales. We know how the story ends.

And. It’s all true.

I’ve Suffered Greatly in Life

And so have you.

I’m only 4-decades deep, but yet at some points, I feel like I’ve lived an eternity. Have I suffered from good and bad decisions up and down the spectrum? Absolutely. This is the stochastic nature of reality. Topographical mappings of human potential are impossible to trace. Life sure seems random at times.

Let Me Count the Ways

I’m writing all of this because it’s important to my soul that I put it down in some format from my brain. I don’t mind the honesty of it, imperfect as it is. And frankly, since I’m well aware that there is nothing new under the sun, my experiences aren’t unique or even story-worthy. But. It’s (my) story. And. I don’t mind sharing.

And this is why I coach, teach, and train. It’s my way of giving life to others. It’s my interpretation of my gifts. It’s how I fulfill the destiny of the gods. It’s how I bring love to the world.

My greatest moments in life at work, home, play, or doing anything, were always a combination of two things:

This mutual understanding. This shared understanding. This deep knowing. It has allowed me to ask the right questions, provide the right context, and bring light to the moment in time.

I’ve seen this pattern time and time again. I’m blessed to have two children, who allow me to reflect my patience in understanding their growing pangs. 🙂 — I do very much enjoy conversing with my children. From what I understand, it ranks top function of parent that helps determine trajectory of progeny.

Building companies and investing in companies have allowed me the very quick feedback cycle of win or learn many times over the last decades of work. Oh, the suffering was great! But oh! The lessons learned were even tastier!

Isn’t life about relationships after all?

We all have gifts. How we interpret our gifts through the lens of our suffering will provide your gifts the deeper value you can provide to your family, friends, clients, or strangers.

TL;DR – I’ve suffered a lot in bad business relationships, not doing my homework, willingness to be honest (delivery has improved), and a worldview that I’m all alone, all the time. However, my superpower is my willingness to share my experiences through my work and life. It has allowed me deeper relationships that matter and helped me provided even better and deeper value to the people I serve.

I coach, train, and teach as a passion because that is the way I have leveraged my pain.

Your pains are your superpowers.

Give and gift of life to others.

All the best,